What Does Vanilla Extract Do? All The Facts You Need To Know


Have you ever asked yourself this question, what does vanilla extract do with recipes? I bet you have, especially if you love cooking, because this ingredient is usually needed in almost all baking recipes.

From cookies to cakes, and even smoothies, vanilla extract is often used for flavor and aroma. Keep on reading as I provide more details about the wonders of vanilla extract.

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The Best Flour Sifter: Here Are What I Recommend


If you’re into baking, you probably know how important it is to sift your flour and other dry ingredients to mix evenly. This is why you need a flour sifter in your kitchen. If you’re planning to buy one, you’re lucky because I’ll be helping you find the best flour sifter on the market today.

Not all flour sifters are made the same. There are some features that make each sifter different from one another, like the design, capacity, and construction material. But what features should we look for? Check the guide and reviews before you buy a new flour sifter for your baking needs.

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Want the Best Dijon Mustard Substitute? Try These!


Looking for a Dijon mustard substitute? This article will give you some alternative suggestions that you can use if you run out of ingredients, or if you’re simply looking to experiment with different flavors.

My search for a Dijon mustard substitute started when I was working on a recipe <an emulsion> that called for a tablespoon of it. I was already halfway through prepping when I realized that I didn’t have Dijon on hand, so I started doing research.

Let me share with you what I’ve learned! If you’re out of Dijon mustard, these are some of the best items that you can replace it with.

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Want a Substitute for Peanut Oil? Here Are the Top 7 Alternatives


If you’re searching for an ingredient that you can substitute for peanut oil, this article may have the answers you’re looking for! Below are seven other peanut oil alternatives that you can choose from.

I love cooking with peanut oil—it’s amazing for frying, and it tastes excellent when drizzled on salads. Sometimes, I choose to use alternatives instead, because peanut oil isn’t cheap, and I like experiment with different flavors in different dishes.

In no particular order, here are seven oils that you can use if you don’t have or don’t want to use peanut oil <or if you’re allergic>. I’ll be discussing topics like flavors, smoke points, and ingredient pairings. I have used most of these ingredients myself!

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Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder: All You Need To Know


Are you into baking? What are you usually using? Have you ever tried using baking soda or baking powder? They might sound the same, but, there is a great difference between these two. Here, we will discuss baking soda vs. baking powder to know when to use them especially if you are into baking.

So, what’s the difference between these two? Continue reading to learn more!

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Best Bakeware Sets: The Only Guide You Need To Know


If you’re serious into baking then you should own a good bakeware set. However, buying this set can be difficult if you don’t know how to chose. Lucky for you I’ll be reviewing five of the best bakeware sets on the market today.

A bakeware set is considered an important accessory in baking because it can help produce delicious baked products. The best bakeware set should be durable, user-friendly, and offers consistent results. Read on to discover which of the five brands will meet your needs.

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