6 Tips to Help You Become a Better Cook

Everyone loves food, but sadly not everyone cooks well. Some people don’t even like cooking. Each of us has something that we are good at. Some of us are good at baking; others are great at whipping up exotic salads dishes, making a good curry is also something that takes practice. In this article, I will provide you with 6 tips to help you become a better cook.


The Right Tools


Have you ever tried to knock a nail in with a shoe? I have my favorite shoe with a broken heel to prove it.

Cooking is the same. You have to have the right kitchen appliance . Cooking is a skill made easier with the right kitchen appliance.

Use a blender to ensure a smooth gravy or sauce. Use the correct pot or pan ensures your masterpiece cooks to perfection. Don’t use a pot that is too small or too big. A small pot will cause overcrowding and not all the ingredients will cook evenly and properly.

Also Using sous vide machine is very moderate and simple, to begin with sous vide cooking. Sous vide is a preparing strategy that heats food with water. Sous vide is the procedure of vacuum-fixing food in plastic pockets and afterward cooking it gradually in a temperature-controlled water shower. This requires the utilization of a machine called an inundation circulator to keep the water at the proper temperature so the food cooks slowly and at a low temperature.

This attention to the minor details will ensure cooking success.

Read Your Recipe


Always read the recipe in full. This allows you to understand each step. It also gives you a chance to prepare certain things before you start cooking.

If you are making chutney, for example, puree the tomatoes in advance will save you from switching off the heat to do this or even worse burning what’s already in the pan.

 Measure out your ingredients and have them ready. Have your utensils on hand. So you don’t have to walk around fetching things.

Another reason to read it through is to see if there might be a cooking method that you aren’t familiar with. You can quickly look it up.

Stirring Constantly

Unless a recipe asks you to stir constantly, avoid doing this.In order for anything to cook, you need for your ingredients to be on the heat. While stirring is necessary to ensure everything gets cooked, constant stirring will not allow the ingredients to cook properly.

 When baking you also need to pay close attention to whether the ingredients need to be stirred in or folded in. These various methods allow for your baking to incorporate the correct amount of air. Too much or too little air will result in a flop!


Become a better cook

The best way to tell if something is cooked is to taste it. Please don’t double dip. Tasting means that you can adjust or fix any issues. Add a bit more salt or pepper. If you have added too much, there may be a way to adjust it.

 While some ingredients cook quickly, others may need to cook longer. I was once served a dish with only half the potatoes cooked properly. Taste testing could have saved my friend from this embarrassing situation. If the taste is a bit bland, I have a remedy in my next tip.

Use Herbs and Spices

become a better cook

Your ordinary meal can be turned into something exotic just by adding a few herbs and spices. These are healthy too. I would suggest, if possible for you to plant a herb garden. It does not have to be fancy or a huge space. A few of your most common spices and herbs will suffice. Thyme will grow beautifully in a little pot. The smell will be divine as well.

 Herbs lose their potency after a while. Having them fresh is the better option and will save you in the long run. When herbs and spices are used in a dish, it adds color, aroma and a different taste to a dish. Everyone loves a dish that not only tastes good but looks and smells good too. Those compliments will be rolling in.


The best tip we would ever give anyone about most things in life is to enjoy the experience.

 Do not look at cooking as something dreadful or something that you have to do — having everything prepared in advance will help you to be more organized and relaxed

You don’t want to be rushing around trying to find things while your food is cooking. If the dish doesn’t come out perfect, please don’t be hard on yourself.

There could be many reasons why a dish will fail. The recipe, the heat, miscalculated ingredient and so on are just a few of the reasons. It’s important not to give up. Try it out again. Read through the recipe again.

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Final Thoughts

We trust that you have a few ideas now on how to prepare better meals and to start enjoying the cooking experience. Our secret is music. Just don’t lose track of what ingredients you have put in already.


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