About Me

Hi There! Welcome to Cooking Is Passio where I can tell you the things I love. My name is Vivian Carpenter. I am not only a foodie at heart but also passionate about cooking.

I rely on the support of other cooking blogs like mine to get new cooking tips as well as new recipes. This blog is a great way to share my experience and my love of cooking with others.


Vivian is a graduate of Roosevelt University. She is a freelance food writer. She loves to write about various recipes. Vivian and his son David carpenter own a blog Cookingisbelleza.com.

What I Write & Where you Can Find Them

In the Blog section, I have written about the taste of various foods, fruits, and vegetables. You can check out now.

In the Recipe section, You will find the newest and most delicious recipes I have ever made.

In the How to” section, I have discussed the problems and the finest solution, you may face in the kitchen or while cooking.

In the Substitute section, You will come to know about the alternatives of various ingredients. I personally tasted those alternatives. So don’t be worried about my recommendations.

In the Review section, I have written about my experiences with the products, I have tasted in my kitchen.

Or, you can read my full writing here.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Since 2001, I am blogging in the kitchen niche. As I am a home cook, it wasn’t tough to start writing about cooking. My husband told me the queen of the kitchen. I never thought my career will move toward blogging until I met Joshua. I spend an average of 4 hours per day researching various recipes in my kitchen and almost 3 hours testing various kitchen tools like Knives, Cookware, Bakeware, Ovens, and other small appliances.

My Co-partner Joshua helps me to review various kitchen utensils. He is an expert in reviewing products. His kitchen is his laboratory.

I hope this blog can help you and the cooking lovers like me. I will be glad if you share your experience as well. Till then, Happy cooking!

About CookingisPassio

We eat food every single day. Most of us want to eat healthy food in a short time every day. Our schedules are a little bit busy whether you are a student or with a full-time job. Yes, we do care about what you eat. We have targeted to achieve 10,000+ recipes for your quick meal, family meal, and social gatherings.

We see you, fellow chefs, because we aren’t simply food writers; we are you. Yes, we have experience working in publishing, kitchens in restaurants, TV studios, grocers, and meal kit businesses. But like you, we are also homeowners, commuters, dog walkers, parents, and individuals who love food as much as we do.

We are trustworthy friend who cooks beside you while demonstrating step-by-step how a recipe is to be executed. We’re responding to your inquiries. When you need a soft-boiled egg, when you’re perfecting pilau, when you’re on a budget but throwing a party anyway, when you’re 11 and in need of a snack, when you’ve recently moved in with vegans, when someone gives you an Instant Pot, and when you’re resolving to eat less of this and more of that, we’re here to help.

So get back to Cookingispassio.com to know about the various recipes you want to have.