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3 Simple and Easy Ways on How to Reheat Tamales


Tamales are not exactly easy to make, as it takes quite a long process. Many cooks actually make a big batch and just freeze them for later consumption. If you’re looking for ways on how to reheat tamales, this article has answers!

A Mexican dish made of corn-based dough steamed in corn husks, a tamale is a Mesoamerican dish that’s filled with ingredients like meats, vegetables, chili, beans, and cheeses. It’s wrapped in either corn husks or banana leaves.

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Need a Thyme Substitute? Here Are The Best Herbs To Replace It With


One will not be able to fully imitate the exact flavors of thyme. It is a unique herb that has a flavor and aroma that cannot be replicated. However, there are herbs that can come close to it. Looking for a thyme substitute? Look no further!

Used in many Middle Eastern and Western dishes, thyme has an earthy and peppery fragrance. It’s also known to be a type of herb that can enhance the flavor herbs without overpowering them.

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The Best Vegetable Chopper for Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes!


Who does not need a fast and easy task in the kitchen? That is why we are featuring the newest and best vegetable chopper around to help you realize that dream. An equipment that offers you the convenience and fun while working, it is just like buying a machine and a kitchen buddy into one!

Are you willing to explore the possibilities? Before I present to you the best vegetable choppers in the market today, let us know some important facts first, for a better point of view.

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7 Amazing Ingredients That Will Make A Good Substitute For Celery


Celery is an acquired taste. Some people don’t like its texture, while others don’t like the flavor. What do you do if you’re cooking for someone who doesn’t like it? If you’re looking for a substitute for celery, you’ve come to the right place!

I like celery a lot, but there are some people in my family who can’t stand it. This is why I always look for alternatives. As much as I enjoy eating it, I sometimes need to adjust my recipes to make sure that everyone enjoys the food.

Below are ideas that you can use if you or someone you’re cooking for wants to skip celery—tips on how to pull off similar textures and flavors.I hope you find the information below helpful!

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Does Sugar Go Bad ? Amazing Answer That Will Surprise You


We all know the fact that sugar is one of the components which could be found in almost every house. It has numbers of uses as well. And because of its importance, you might worry whether how long it lasts. Along with that, you would want to know how to store it properly, how to determine whether it is bad or not and even how to restore sugar as well. But, does sugar go bad? Continue reading and learn the answer now.

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