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The Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker Of 2017: A Complete Guide


Are you looking for an efficient 4-cup coffee maker? If so, then you better check our reviews and guide, so you get the best value for your money. I’ve gathered five models and highlight each feature to choose the best 4 cup coffee maker.

A 4-cup coffee maker is just the right size to fill two travel cups or large mugs. You get coffee in a short amount of time as it brews faster than a large drip coffee maker. Now, to get you started, keep on reading.

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The Best Masa Harina Substitute: 8 Great Alternatives


Looking for a masa harina substitute? This post will discuss some of the best alternatives to this delicious Mexican ingredient. Check out the items below if you’re out of masa harina or simply want to experiment on other flavors and textures!

Mexican food is a staple in my house. The whole family always looks forward to having our taco nights! This is why I always make sure to have masa harina—the ingredient that I use when I make tortillas from scratch—in my pantry.

What does one do when masa harina runs out? Read on! Below are some of the alternatives that you can use. 

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What Does Lamb Taste Like? You Should Know This First!


For those who haven’t eaten lamb meat yet, I’m sure you want to know what does lamb taste like. How could you describe its taste? Can you compare it with other types of meat? What could be the nearest meat that tastes like lamb meat?

Perhaps, you have already tasted the beef. If yes, and you became too adept of beef, you might have lamb meat as your healthier alternative. You will love the taste of lamb and might want to consume it over other types of meat out there. 

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Vietnamese Rainbow Tapioca Pearls: How to Make It at Home!


Looking for new desserts to make? In this post, I’ll provide new ways on how you can satisfy your sweet tooth, and teach you new cooking processes as well! Here, I’ll be concentrating on a Vietnamese dessert Rainbow Tapioca Pearls with Grass Jelly.

All of the ingredients will not be available in big supermarkets, so I strongly suggest that you make a trip to the smaller Asian or Vietnamese stores <it’s not as hard as it looks—most of these ingredients should be available in these stores>.

Below, we’ll be making a Vietnamese Rainbow Tapioca Pearls with Grass Jelly, made with ingredients like mung bean paste, grass jelly, and coconut milk, and tapioca pearls.

These are popular Vietnamese desserts, so you’re assured of wonderful layers of textures and flavors. Good luck!

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Need a Cream Cheese Substitute? These Are the Best Alternatives!


Last week, I needed to cook with cream cheese for a potluck, but needed to make adjustments because my daughter doesn’t like it. I did my research to see if I there are alternatives, and I got so many new ideas! Looking for a cream cheese substitute? Read on!

Cream cheese is one of my favorite things to eat and cook with. I simply love the silky texture and mild flavor! this is one of the ingredients that I almost always have at home--I use it in both sweet and savory dishes. What does one do when there’s a need to substitute?

Whether you’re like me who needs to cook for someone who doesn’t like cream cheese, or simply looking to experiment on new ideas, here are some great cream cheese substitute ingredients that taste just as delicious.

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