Best Air Fryer For The Money : You Will Be Amazed!


There is no doubt that you will feel that some foods are great when fried, but it is always better when you choose to pick the right amount of oil for frying. Too much oil just makes the food unhealthy for consumption. So you may want to figure out how the air fryer works then? It’s quite simple, an air fryer pushed hot air into the inner chamber to make sure your food become crunchier and crispier.

So it should be in a position to help you enjoy some nice meals without worrying about the amount of fat in the meals. Some models would only require a tablespoon of the oil to fry the whole food. If you are now interested in getting yourself an air fryer, then you should read some of the best air fryers for the money reviews below to know more about the product.

Top 5 Air Fryer For The Money Reviews

1. Philips HD9220/28 Air Fryer with Bonus Recipe Cookbook

Being a model that is Gordon Ramsay approved, it should then be great for different types of cooking. Gordon Ramsay is one of the leading chefs in the world, so approval is a sure way of knowing that you are getting the best product on the market.

Some people think that the taste of the food cooked in an air dryer is not the best. Well, that changes when you get to test the food that comes from this type of air fryer. It comes with patented starfish design important for cooking the food evenly. Having food cooked evenly should help you enjoy it all the time.

The manufacturer also sells you the model with a free cookbook. The cookbook comes with over 150 recipes for you to try out. All the recipes are designed to make the frying with oil to a minimum. When using this air dryer, you get to use 75 percent less fat.


1. It can do multiple cooking applications
2. It is Gordon Ramsay approved
3. It is dishwasher safe
4. It comes with a recipe cookbook


1. It may take long to cook simple meals

2. Philips XL Airfryer HD9240/94, The Original Airfryer

This is another top Philips air fryer review of a great product you could use today. With the ability to use up to 75 percent less fat for each recipe, then you are on the forefront of introducing fewer calories to your meals. Whenever you cook with this air fryer, you only get to use the right amount that you need for each food.

Frying your favorite meals now will only require a tablespoon of oil. That is not something common with most people expecting to use up more oil for frying. With this model, it is not about frying alone but also grilling baking, and roasting of food.

The best part about this model of the air fryer is that it is still recommended by Gordon Ramsay. Being a recommendation from a star, anyone would feel comfortable using such a product.


1. It can fry, grill, roast, and bake
2. It comes with a timer
3. It has a recipe book
4. It is dishwasher safe


1. The digital display may tends to fail after a while

3. GoWISE USA Electric Air Fryer 4th Generation GW22621

If you are a person who does not like adding more calories to the food by using more oil, then this is the model for you. For those who thought food cooked with less oil is not great with flavor, then you must check out this air fryer.

The model can easily be controlled by a touch screen present on the model. You can manually change the cooking time or select the preset modes from the model. You can choose one for chips, steak, fish, shrimp, and chicken. As you can see, there is a lot you could cook with this type of air fryer. You still get a button guard important for preventing the accidental detachment of the basket.

The model has another control for the temperature range. You can change the temperature from 175 degrees F to 400 degrees F. The possibility of varying the temperature is great when it comes to preparing different meal types, which might need different types of temperature for preparation.

Having a detachable basket is great as it makes the transfer of the food to the plate to be easier.


1. It comes with a cooking timer
2. It has smart programs for cooking
3. It has a wide temperature range control


1. The basket coating may not last for long

4. Power Air Fryer XL (3.4 QT, Red)

This type of air fryer is what you need when it comes to handling different types of cooking applications. The manufacturer made it have 6-in-1 cooking features you could use at home. The use of the rapid air technology helps with roasting, baking, steaming, sauté applications, and grilling. You simply have to choose the application and get it done with the fryer.

The control options are easy to handle with the one-touch panel. You have all the settings in a central place so that you get to cook with a breeze. As for the amount of oil you get to use, the technology allows for less oil. This is better as compared to frying with the conventional fryer at home. You can even cook healthy meals without oil or butter.

The air fryer is designed to cook up to 400 degrees. You can easily fry and cook anything that you like to enjoy yourself while relaxing at home.


1. It comes with 6-in-1 cooking features
2. You get to use less oil
3. It has rapid air technology


1. It may hard to remove the basket

5.Nutrichef PKAIRFR48.5 Air Fryer

This model will help you achieve the best and healthiest meals by frying with less oil. Many people today are conscious about the amount of oil they get to use in their meals, well, for this model you get to use about 70 percent less oil compared to the conventional fryer. You can accomplish several things with this type of air fryers such as frying, roasting, grilling, and baking.

The manufacturer understands that you have to make the best meals, so you get exclusive cookbooks. The cookbooks come with many recipes that will help you with handling the first few food types before coming up with your recipes. The cookbook is filled with nutritious and delicious recipes you can easily handle at home.

For those looking to give a friend a gift for a special event, then you can opt for this model. With many people being satisfied with the amount of performance it can deliver, you can also be sure that even your friend will like it.

Since the model is dishwasher safe, then washing it will be easier than other models that are not designed to be dishwasher safe.


1. It maintains the food flavor
2. Multiple applications
3. It is dishwasher safe
4. It is great for a gift


1. The inside may tends to peel off

How To Choose Best Air Fryer For The Money 

The size of the unit

The size of the air fryer will often determine where you get to put it. Check the dimensions of the fryer and find the appropriate one that can fit on your counter. For someone with a bigger kitchen, then you should have no problem getting any size as you can even leave it on the counter and not feel the kitchen it crowded.

The capacity

The capacity is essential when it comes to cooking meals. You want a model that has enough capacity for preparing enough meals for the family. Check out the manufacturer description to understand the capacity that your air fryer might have.

Any recipe book

A recipe book would be great for anyone looking to buy the air fryer. Maybe you do not know what to fry in the air fryer, so you get to pick one with a recipe to help you out. Most of the time, the recipe book will have over 150 recipes for you to try out before coming up with your recipes later.

The console

This is where you get to make settings and adjustments to your air fryer. You need a console that you be easy to use at any given time. With a great console, you should easily make the necessary changes to the fryer to handle different types of foods.

Ease of cleaning

It would be great if you end up having a model that is easy to clean once you are done with the cooking. Take the time to check out what other people are saying before buying. Most of the time, some models would be dishwasher safe, so cleaning will not be an issue.

Final Thoughts

If you are always conscious about the amount of fat that you eat, then it is time that you took a step and opted for an air fryer. All the air fryer reviews mentioned above show how important an air fryer is to your life right now. You can now eat the healthy food that you have always wanted.

When it comes to picking the right air fryer, you need to consider the option of which is the best. The Philips HD9220/28 Air Fryer with Bonus Recipe Cookbook seems to be the best from the five models listed above. It is affordable and will still help you save on the amount of fat need for frying the food.

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