4 Best Knife For Cutting Ribs: Updated Buying Guide In 2023

Best Knife For Cutting Ribs

Cutting Ribs is really easy but sensitive; it needs a long and sharp blade knife. Without cutting with a sharped and well-shaped knife, the rib slice will look odd and won’t fit your plate.

To cut ribs in a perfectly square shape, I choose some really good knives, which are not very costly. So, let’s give you some of the best knife for cutting ribs that I have researched and used personally.

Best Knife For Cutting Ribs

I got the 4 best knives for cutting Ribs; those are well shaped, sharped, handy, and easily fit on your budget.

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PAUDIN Premium Slicing Carving Knife

PAUDIN 12 Inch Carving Knife, Premium Slicing Knife with Granton Blade for Cutting Smoked Brisket, BBQ Meat, Turkey - Ergonomic G10 Handle

The PAUDIN BBQ carving knife is a really long knife from PAUDIN. It comes in a thin blade to cut large sizes of meat into thin slices. It’s a really popular and favorite knife for professionals or home chefs. Let’s get more about why it is the best.

PAUDIN Premium Slicing Carving Knife is a 12inch long knife. The blade is made with high-carbon German stainless steel. It is rust-free and remains razor-sharp for a long time. The narrow blade helps to cut large pieces of meat with minimal force.

For the durable and strong blade, they designed a grantor blade edge. It ensures the food does not slick with the blade. The blade’s edge is ultra-sharp for easier to cut thin slices, and the blade tip point is rounded.

They used G10 fiberglass and three alloy steel rivets on the handle of the knife. It ensures better grip and durability. The ergonomic handle shape ensures maximum comfort, and for just 9.7ounces, it is handy to use for a long time.

Looking at its 58+ hardness, durability, blade quality, and lifetime warranty, I think it is one of the best knives to cut ribs at this price.

What we like

  • Ultra-sharp long, and handy blade.
  • Rustproof and easy to clean
  • 58+ durable hardness ratings
  • Easy to cut large pieces of meat
  • Ergonomic handle for maximum comfort
  • Granton blade edge
  • Dish detergent can be used for cleaning

What we don’t like

  • No hanging holes.

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TUO Slicing Black Hawk Series Cutting Knife

TUO Slicing Knife - 12 inch Slicing Carving Meat Cutting Knife - Bread Knife - German HC Steel - Full Tang Pakkawood Handle - BLACK HAWK SERIES with Gift Box

TUO Slicing Knife is a durable, long knife. It comes in 56+ Rockwell Hardness blades. This knife is loved by professional and home chefs. You can even check its popularity on Amazon. Let’s get more details about it.

This Black Hawk Series comes with a 12inch long blade. It is designed to cut long pieces of meat into slices. They used high-quality German carbon stainless steel material to make this blade. It is tough and rustproof.

The blade is really thin. They did vacuum heat treatment and nitrogen cryogenic tempering to get 56+ hardness ratings, making this blade durable and sharp to cut any material. Also, they did the 8 to 12-degree angles using the 3 step Honbazuke method to provide great sharp edges.

The full tang handle is made with Pakkawood, and they used triple rivets to make the handle more durable and do not lose the handle. The handle grips well and provides great comfort.

I assure you this hand polish blade is sharp and durable with quality material. Also, they provide a money-back guarantee and lifetime exemplary service to give the customers overall satisfaction.

What we like

  • Hand polished blade
  • 56+ Rockwell Hardness rating
  • Rustproof and easy to clean
  • Lightweight, durable design
  • Perfect for cutting or thin slices ribs
  • Affordable with quality materials

What we don’t like

  • Does not give hang hole
  • Need some refinement in the handle

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Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

Victorinox-Swiss-Army- 47645 Cutlery Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife, Granton Blade, Black, 12-Inch

Victorinox has been selling knives since 1937. Since then, they have made multiple quality knives; Victorinox Swiss Army is one of them. Any cooking lover loves the solid straight body and sharpness.

Victorinox-Swiss-Army- 47645 is a 12inch razor-sharp Granton blade knife. The shape is straight-rounded. It is made with high-carbon stainless steel. It doesn’t rust easily and won’t lose its sharpness fast.

The shaping and the tipping point are rounded and good. The blade does prevent food from sticking and easily slice both soft and firm meats. Also, the knife looks great in the kitchen.

The handle is made with Thermoplastic Rubber material, and it comes in black color. The handle material is hard but grips well, and it is comfortable. The whole weight of this knife is just 1 pound. The balance of the handle and blade is perfect to work for long times.

Victorinox-Swiss-Army- 47645 is a kind of knife loved by both professionals and home chefs. It grips, cuts well, and makes cleaning by hands very much easy. I get it very handy while cutting ribs; that’s why it is on the list.

What we like

  • Lightweight and high-quality steel
  • Rarely needs sharpening
  • Great for soft and firm meats slicing
  • Generate less friction to prevent sticking
  • Non Slippery design handle
  • Easy to clean with hand and dishwasher
  • Perfectly balanced to slice ribs

What we don’t like

  • Short handle for long-handed people.

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Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife

Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife, 10-Inch Blade

Hickory Butcher Knife is a modern design wooden handle knife that feels like an ancient knife. Old Hickory knives are affordable and durable. It is not just good to add collections to your kitchen, but it perfectly cuts ribs or others things very well.

Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife is a 10inch plain blade knife. They used a carbon steel blade to build this knife. It is razor-sharp and rarely needs sharpening. The blade does not cause rust easily, or if it rusts using vegetable oil and steel wool, it looks new.

The shape of the blade is straight, and the tip of the blade is sharp as the nail. The blade surface has really good textures, and the down to the blade is really thin to cut anything easily, especially ribs.

The handle is made of wood, and it comes in brown color. The handle is plain, but it does not slip and provides a great grip for being wood. The handle stuck the blade tight with the two pins on the handle. The whole weight of the knife is just 8.8ounces; it’s handy and easy to use.

This knife is perfect in every section as its brand name reputation. Also, you can visit amazon to see its reviews and ratings; you will know why this is too good and a favorite for people.

What we like

  • Rarely needs sharpening
  • Great grippy wooden handle
  • Clean easily with hands
  • Less heavy and perfectly balanced knife
  • Affordable and good to cut ribs
  • Long and well-shaped blade

What we don’t like

  • The blade will rust if it lest wet
  • Not washable in dishwasher

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Buying Guide [Read Before You Buy!]

For professionals or home chefs, a perfect rib-cutting knife is really important. Look at the details and make yourself Pro to choose a perfect knife for cutting ribs.


Material is really important for a knife to cut vegetables or others, especially ribs. For cutting ribs, the knife material should be stainless steel. This material is the best among the others. It is durable, flexible, rustproof, and keeps sharp for a long time.


While slicing ribs, you don’t have to apply huge force or grip, but a knife needs to have a better grip. A plastic material handle is important for the best rib cutting knife; it provides more grip and doesn’t slip much.


size matters most among the others. Long knives really help or make the rib cut easy. Choosing the best rib cutting knife should be 12inch, or you can buy a 10inch knife, but 12inch will help you cut in every possible way.


Heavyweight knives need less force to cut ribs, and lightweight needs more force. But cutting in better angle and technique, it both feels the same. But it mainly depends on the customer’s preference, which one they like.


Sometimes cheap knives come with better than expensive knives. You have to know the techniques or see what I gave you earlier to choose the Best knife for cutting ribs.

From my chosen four knives, I assure you this PAUDIN Premium Slicing Carving Knife and TUO Slicing Black Hawk Series Cutting Knife won’t let you down while cutting ribs. These have all the qualities I mentioned earlier.


As I told you, you need a sharp and long blade to cut a perfect rib slice. Also, it should be durable and grippy. I found these qualities in these four knives I reviewed, and those knives always help cut a perfect slice of rib.

I hope you like one of those and choose one cutting the perfect slice of rib. Thank you.

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