6 Best Meal Prep Bags In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

Metal Prep Bags Reviews

Whether you’re on a diet or simply want to save money on food, nothing can beat the taste of a home-cooked meal. Compared to fast-food restaurants and canteens, a home-cooked meal is more wholesome and you exactly know the ingredients that you put in the meal. But the challenge lies in how you can keep the food fresh and insulated while on the road.

Introducing, the meal prep bags. They’re used to keep your food fresh and insulated while you’re on the go. They usually come with multiple microwave-safe containers to allow you to bring several courses of a meal anywhere.

If you want to find the best meal prep bag for your needs, check out my top 6 reviews below.

6 Best Meal Prep Bags

Editor’s Pick- Evolutionize EDC Meal Prep Bag

Evolutionize Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Bag - Meal Prep Cooler Bag Patented Lunch Box includes Portion Control Meal Prep Containers + Ice Pack (3 Meal, Black)

Looking for a clean, healthy lunch? Say goodbye to plastic bags and hauling pre-made lunches with our Evolutionize Meal Prep insulated lunch box designed with Insulating foam insulation. Your food will stay fresh and cold up to 3x longer than the traditional hard cooler pack! Bring on restaurant taste in your own heat and cool climate! Perfectly sized for food packages larger than 8 x 12 inches, this large bag also includes 2 side mesh pockets made of durable fabric. The exterior features comfortable rubberized grip handles that are easy to carry during travel. Durable construction was designed with an innovative overlap zipper truck function that is watertight from top to bottom plus 4 sturdy nylon core straps.

The EDC comes with three meal prep containers that are spill-proof, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. We also included a patent gel pack to help keep the food fresh when you’re out for long periods of time.

The cooler bag is compact in size so there is no need to worry if it fits into your workspace or other tight spaces like backpacks, suitcases (fits perfectly under airplane seats), or car trunks! With its flexible design, we were able to include more storage room inside – up to four meal containers including two extra-large ones or high capacity snacks such as yogurt, fruits, etc., all separately insulated from one another.

The EDC Meal Prep Bag is a compact lunch box that can insulate up to three meals in the main compartment. An optional 4th container will allow you to carry foods at a controlled temperature. The elastic mesh at the back can hold a 28-ounce water bottle or protein shaker.

While the side canvas pocket can hold fruits, bars, and snacks, the side zippered pocket can store your valuable items, like car keys and cellphones. As a whole, you will get a container for 4 meals and you can keep 2 protein shaker cups, an outer mesh pocket, and of course one outer private pocket.

And don’t be worried about its material. A thick ultra-strong polyester surrounds the inner material that keeps food away from any kind of contamination.

The bag is made of ultra-strong waxed canvas fabric and strong zippers. It includes three reusable BPA-free containers that are safe to be used in the freezer, and microwave. It also comes with a large non-toxic gel ice pack to keep your food cold. You will find it one of the best versatile meal management solutions.


  • Compact, yet has a sufficient capacity
  • Made of durable materials
  • Has two insulated compartments for meals, fruits, and snacks
  • Can hold a full water bottle or protein shaker
  • Includes three BPA-free containers and an ice pack
  • 5-star experience guarantee


  • The bag itself is good, but the containers easily crack
  • The handle is a bit flimsy

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Runner Up/ Alternative Pick – Sable Insulated Lunch Bag

No products found.

The Sable Insulated Lunch Bag offers a space that can fit a five-course meal. It has compartments for cutlery, water bottle, and napkins as well. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Looking for lunch bags that will help you pack fresh, flavorful sandwiches for the workday? You’ll love Sable Lunch Bag. This insulated box is big enough to take yogurt or an apple along with your meal. It has two compartments, which are thermally delineated on both sides of the bag and held together via double-sided velcro. With materials made only from quality fabrics like 600 Oxford fabric and free PVC, durable stitching, and a sturdy handle (and waterproof lining–more comprehensive info lower), this stylish tuxedo-inspired sack can hold up against anything in your lunchbox!

Swimmingly insulated by BPA and PVC-free thermal leak-proof lining that makes packing an easy task of piecing together delicious meals from anything available in the freezer section! The heavy-duty polyester fabric is just as pleasing to look at with modern cuts allowing room for more grower than average sizes take on space.

Our dual compartment insulated lunch bag is perfect for those hot days when you’re hoping to maintain your food’s cooling temperature. With 10.8L*8.3W*11.2H inches, it has enough space for even the big work lunches that never seem to fit into the fridge! The interior lining is made of high-quality 600D polyester fabric and reinforced zippers, ensuring maximum durability on these long workdays where spills come in their (sometimes unavoidable) own halfway through them! This Sable Lunch Bag isn’t just there as some pretty accessory. It keeps our favorite meal fresh cool or warm all day long while also looking good with two stylish colors and an eloquent design!

Go ahead and pack it all up with this two-compartment insulated lunch bag. You’ll get the best of both worlds when using our wide-open design, so you’re sure to have content on hand for any situation! Yes, your food will stay as fresh and cool (or warm) as a sardine while you live your life to its fullest extent.

You can carry it in two ways: hand-carry it with the handle or wear the single strap over your shoulder. This bag offers a lifetime guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with it, you can ask for a replacement or refund.


  • Made of waterproof fabric
  • Has two compartments to keep food warm and cold
  • Features a lifetime warranty
  • Can be carried by hand or over your shoulder
  • Has compartments for the water bottle, cutlery, and other essentials


  • Doesn’t come with containers
  • The bag, especially the zippers, are weakly constructed

No products found.

Budget Pick – F40C4TMP Insulated Lunch Box Bag

F40C4TMP Lunch Cooler Bag, 9L (10 Cans) Insulated Lunch Bag for Men Work, Black Lunch Box Heavy Duty with Shoulder Strap, Soft Small Cooler Freezable for Women Kids

F40C4TMP  is a high-quality lunch bag manufacturer that has a range of stylish options to keep you cool and refreshed throughout the day. Their ergonomic designs use strong nylon, foam, and E.V.A for maximum durability and insulation. You don’t have to worry about leaks since F40C4TMP uses proper sealing technology to avoid food from spilling out each time you access your lunch box from the top or side opening. Pack your snacks with ease in this 12-can cooler!

We’re your one-stop destination for insulated bags designed by professionals who know how important it is for emergency workers like yourself (or guess anyone) to pack their meals away without worrying about them getting ruined.

Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly lunch bag or one that will keep your food cool, this is the perfect product! The insulation can protect your food both hot and cold for hours on end, whether it’s a summer day out at the park or iced coffee to get through Sunday morning. This friendly cooler lunch bag even comes with an exclusive inside mesh pocket to hold all of life’s essentials; think pencils, lip balm, and keys. They also come in 5 different colors—so you’ll be able to find one that matches your personality. Snag yours before they’re gone!

Bring this lunch bag into your world and pack your days with the best food. Find yourself stuffing meat weiners and macaroni in one compartment, leaving broccoli-cheese soup next to egg salad on a wholewheat wrap. With 2 carrying styles to choose from, find the right tank for you! The versatility of going home, bringing it to work or school all with ease. With unsurpassed quality and protection against defects from our customer care providers so that you can get 6 months after the purchase date (and email not responded), this reusable man-sized or woman-sized lunch bag must have been made just for YOU!

If you like a large lunch box at a very affordable price, then the F40C4TMP is a good deal. This lunch box bag has a large capacity that can accommodate up to nine cans of soft drinks, fruits, and packed lunches. It’s designed with a handle and a single strap so you can carry it either by hand or over your shoulder.

The bag is heavily insulated with 5mm EPE foam and EVA lining to prevent leakage and keep the food fresh longer. The durable side pockets can hold a large water bottle and have a curve design for security. The front pocket is zipped to keep extra things, like cutlery and medicine.


  • Heavily insulated to keep food warm or cold
  • The side mesh pockets are designed to secure the water bottles
  • Offers carrying versatility
  • Made of durable YKK zippers
  • Waterproof and leakproof
  • Has a good price


  • Doesn’t include containers and other accessories
  • The seams at the zipper easily come apart

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Upgrade Pick – Isobag 3 Meal Reverse Pink/Black

F40C4TMP Double Leaves Lunch Box for Men, Insulated Lunch Bag Large Adults, 12L Reusable Black Lunchbox Cooler Bag for Work Picnic School

The Isobag is a large meal prep bag for Men. Its 18 cans insulated lunchbox is big enough to pack whatever you need for a long day at work. Keep your food cool and fresh throughout the day with this durable leakproof 18 can lunch box.

The weight of the container guarantees that it won’t interfere with your comfort on long walks or while jogging. It is the perfect choice for businessmen who are looking to add just a little bit more nutrition and energy into their diet. You’ll never have to worry about those pesky spills again because this leakproof insulated lunch box has been crafted using materials that will sustain all types of bumps and drops.

Lunchtime usually looks like chaos, but not anymore. Pack all your food neatly with our cold lunch boxes for adults with no fumbling or mess.

Easily identifiable with its large capacity of 18 cans it is designed to hold 9 bottles and 4 containers at a time so they’re perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, kids who bring their own meal from home, and hard-working employees who need nourishment on the go. Bring snacks, fruit salad in one compartment while packing sandwiches filled with ham in another.

With an insulation layer of thermal thick foam and EVA, this insulated lunch bag keeps food and drinks cool or warm for hours. The seamless waterproof lining allows you to add bare ice without worrying about leaking water. With adjustable straps that make for comfortable carrying on the shoulder, this soft cooler offers convenience with style in every detail.

The Isobag 3 Meal is made of six compartments for all your essential needs. The front-loading compartment keeps your stackable food containers while the top compartment provides storage for cutlery, protein bars, and more. The two insulated side pockets and two mesh pockets offer easy access to several items, such as keys, phones, and water bottles.

This bag includes six containers of different sizes and two ice bricks that you can place in the designated pocket inside the main compartment. It comes with a padded shoulder strap and a molded handle for dual portability. The zippers and stitching come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Comes with many essential accessories
  • Designed with many compartments
  • Offers a lifetime warranty on its stitching and zippers
  • Made of heavy insulation to keep food warm and cold longer
  • Can be hand-carried or thrown over your shoulder


  • Slightly expensive
  • The handle easily falls apart

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Fitpacker Large Meal Prep Lunch Bag

The Fitpacker Meal Prep Lunch Bag looks very sleek, yet functional. It comes with an adjustable side bottle holder to hold your water bottle or protein shaker. On the other side, you can find a mesh pocket to hold other nonperishable items, such as snacks, protein bars, or other bottles.

The exterior of the bag is made of 600D polyester while the interior is made of nylon for perfect insulation. It comes with four meal prep containers to store your portion meals. They offer 100% customer satisfaction so if you think the product falls below your expectations, you can ask for a refund.


  • Made of durable 600D polyester exterior
  • Available in colorful designs
  • Includes four containers
  • Offers secure compartments for water bottles, snack bars, and other essentials
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • The containers easily get destroyed
  • The seams and handle easily get loose

Fitmark Transporter Backpack Lunch Bag

If you like a large bag that can fit your food and other times, then the Fitmark Transporter Backpack is a good option. It’s a backpack so it’s very comfortable to wear on long walks and travels.

You can even fit your notebooks, laptop, and other personal items inside so it’s also a perfect bag for students and travel enthusiasts.

The bag includes two 32-ounces leak-proof containers and two ice packs. It’s made of polyester and nylon for maximum durability. Whenever you run into any issues, you can always call their cheerful customer service.


  • Can fit your laptop and other personal items
  • Includes two containers and two ice packs
  • Good for travel and work
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Customer Service Guarantee
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • The zipper easily breaks
  • The water bottle holder isn’t secure

Why Should You Use A Meal Prep Bag?

a child, a women holding a meal prep bag

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 1 in 6 Americans gets sick, 128000 are hospitalized and 3000 die of foodborne disease per year in the USA. If you’re health-conscious and always on the go, you can still prepare your own meals. The main challenge in bringing food on the road is how to keep it appetizing. This is where a meal prep bag can be helpful.

A meal prep bag is fully insulated so it can keep your food fresh. It also comes with various containers to store a variety of dishes and portion the food in proper amounts of nutrients.

The bag is also portable and versatile. You can go to the gym or the office and still can access some nutritious meals. You can even put other essential things, especially if it comes with many compartments.

3 Basic Styles Of Meal Prep Bags


The backpack design comes with two straps that allow you to carry it behind you. It often has a large capacity to carry extra items, like books, notebooks, and even laptops. So if you want a meal prep bag that can carry other things, the backpack style is good for you.

Lunch Box

This specific style often comes with a small handle, making its design very simple. It’s very compact so you can place it in your gym bag. For those who already have a large bag, you can fit this design anytime.

Single Strap

As indicated by its name, this type of meal prep bag has a single strap for transportation. It often has more storage space. However, this design may be less comfortable than the backpack because you have to carry the weight on one shoulder.

What To Look For To Buy The Best Meal Prep Bag?

Buying a meal prep bag is quite challenging because you have to choose from various styles and brands. In the naked eye, they may all look the same but there are other features that are hidden from view. Here are things that you need to know when you’re shopping for the best meal prep bag that suits your needs.

​​​​Storage Capacity

Finding the right size depends on your appetite and fitness goals. If you need one to two meals a day, then a tiny lunch box is ideal. If you need to consume six or seven meals, then a giant bag is going to be adequate.

Also, look for extra pockets. A mesh pocket is great if you want easy access to utensils, bars, and other small items. A side pocket is also good to store your water bottle.


The best meal prep bag should be comfortable because you’ll be carrying it to reach your destination. If you only carry a few things in your bag, you can fit them in a small lunch box. A single-strap bag is great if you drive to the gym or to work.

If you spend a lot of time walking, then I suggest that you use a backpack for ease. In this case, plastic containers might be better than glass containers because they’re more lightweight. For extra comfort, look for padded straps so your shoulders don’t get bruised when you carry the bag.

Durable Construction

Like any other product, durability is the main concern. Check the stitches and zippers. The stitches should be tight so they don’t easily come undone and the zippers should be strong.

The best materials are polyester and nylon. Both fabrics are lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. For extra durability, look for a waterproof design so the surface remains durable even if it gets wet.


When you’re buying the best bag, don’t just look at the price. You need to know the essential accessories that come with the bag. Does it include a gel pack to keep the food and drinks cold?

All the bags I reviewed above include containers to store the food. Make sure the containers come in various sizes for perfect portion control. For ease of cleaning, look for dishwasher-safe containers. If the containers are plastic, make sure that they’re BPA-free to prevent any chemicals from leaching your food.


Oftentimes, the warranty can hint at the quality and durability of the product. The longer the warranty, the more assurance you get that the product will last long. Some of the best products offer a lifetime warranty and even a money-back guarantee to satisfy customers.


My pick as the best meal prep bag is the Evolutionize EDC Meal Prep Bag because it has features that stand out from the competition. It’s a compact bag that offers enough room for three meals, a water bottle, cutlery, and more. It includes three BPA-free containers and a large get-ice pack.

The EDC Meal Prep Bag is ideal if you already have a large bag to fit it in. Compared to other bags, the EDC has the most durable materials. Its YKK zippers are worth noting for their durability, as well as, their super thick insulation.

Have you tried any of these meal prep bags? Let us know your choices in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family if you like it.

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