5 Best Serbian Chef Knife | Top-Rated Serbian Kitchen Knives Reviewed 


Serbian Knife also known as Almazan Kitchen Knife is the best in the world for professional chefs, they are strong, sharp, and extremely durable. The sharpness lasts really long, thanks to its material. These knives are mostly made of Carbon material and that keeps the edge thread of the knife sharp and extremely strong.

Not only that, but it can also withstand a lot of sharpening without edge breaking or getting misshaped.

However, if you want to ensure great chopping and cutting experiences then getting your hands on the best Serbian chef knife is a must. There isn’t much difference between Serbian and other chef knives, looks the same and that can make anyone confused.

Anyways, have a look at these 5 models and make sure you invest on the right Serbian knife.

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Top 5 Best Serbian Knives Reviewed

1. Promithi Full Tang Forged Handmade Professional Kitchen Chef Knife

Starting with the Promithi Full Tang Forged Handmade Professional Kitchen Chef Knife. Incredible cutting efficiency and durability. The build material makes this very knife long-lasting. It is made of stainless steel and is extremely sharp, the sharpness wouldn’t go with time, it will serve for a satisfactory time.

As the name suggests, it is a full tang knife, the handle allows you to hold the knife very comfortably, you can grip better and it won’t slip.

Though it is designed for meat cutting, you can cut through most things with this very Serbian knife. Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bone, rib, etc. The curve from the knife tip to the heel makes slicing or copping easy, you can rock the knife back and forth.

The knife comes with a leather sheath, it actually cases which covers the entire knife. It works as safety cover as well, when storing keep the knife covered with the sheath so there wouldn’t be any accidental cuts. Plus, if you are doing any outdoor cooking, you can hang the knife with the sheath around your waist with the belt. That will be easier to access.

You would want to keep the sheath in a ventilated area for the couple says right after arriving. The leather is a bit smelly. Lastly, the knife isn’t much heavy, and nor it is long. It weighs 1.24 lb and is 0.15-inches thick. The width is 4.92-inches and the length is 6.7-inches.

The Pros

  • Extremely sharp knife.
  • Highly durable.
  • Comfortable Grip.
  • Convenient cutting, chopping, slicing.
  • Best for meat cutting.
  • Comes with sheath.

The Con

  • Few users have experienced handle split after a while of bone cutting.

2. XYJ Full Tang Butcher Knife Handmade Forged Kitchen Chef Knife

With heavy-duty Manganese steel construction, this XYJ Butcher Chef knife has lived up to the user’s expectation. If you are looking for a knife that performs impeccable, here it is! Even after being specially designed for meat cutting, this very knife fulfills every cutting need in the kitchen. Whether it is chopping vegetables, cutting fruits, slicing, boning, you name it, this knife will get the job done.

The best part of this very knife is, unlike others, it was sharpened manually by people who hold over 30-year experience in knife sharpening. The benefit of manual sharpening is, the last way too longer than knives that are machine sharpened.

It is a full tang knife, the handle gives good grip, users can hold it conveniently. The convenient grip ensures the knife remains stable, it doesn’t slip, and you do the cutting, slicing, chopping efficiently. Like the previous one, this knife also comes with a leather sheathe that plays as a safety cover so that no one accidentally comes in contact with the sharp blade.

Since these knives have higher carbon content, you need to maintain them well, otherwise, the performance will deteriorate. After every use, clean the knife and dry it and then store it.

The Pros

  • Sharpened manually.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Suitable for all cutting tasks.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Features leather sheathe.

The Con

  • Some users find it a little heavy.

3. Manual forging Meat Cleaver Butcher Knife

This is another completely hand-forged cleaver butcher knife ready to chop, cut, and slice all the fruit, vegetables, and meat. It is manually sharpened by BlackSmith Master who holds more than 30-years of experience in knife sharpening. And the manual sharpening ensures that the sharpness will last extremely long doesn’t matter how you use it.

For optimum durability and performance, this knife is constructed with top-notch high carbon steel. In case you don’t know, carbon is the best material for knife making because they offer incredible durability. This knife features a wooden solid handle that users can hold comfortably. The way the handle is designed, you will find it balanced to use the knife.

Another versatile thing about this knife is, the front side of the blade is designed for chopping or cutting vegetables, fruits, etc. And the other part which is close to the handle, it is called heel also, that part is for cutting meat. With the heel, you can do little boning as well very easily.

It is a medium-sized knife so it should suit you, the length is 7.9-inches and the width is 4-inches. It weighs around 1 lb, it is lightweight.

The Pros

  • Versatile knife.
  • Hand-forged by professional.
  • Carbon steel construction.
  • Long-lasting sharpness.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Lightweight.

The Con

  • If you are used to short knives, then this is not for you. You might find it big.

4. Handmade Forged Camping Chef Knife

Here comes another top-rated knife of the market that can be used for any cutting whether it is vegetables, bread, meat, etc. It will do the task perfectly. The handle and knife are integrated without soldering that makes it extremely durable, there wouldn’t be any handle breaking issue. Plus, it is heavily constructed with manganese steel which makes the knife highly durable.

Like few on the list, this one is also manually sharpened by professional and natural knife grinder was used in the process. Manual sharpening means, the sharpness will last for very long doesn’t matter how often you use the knife.

You get a comfortable full tang handle that ensures the knife remains stable in your hand. And as mentioned above, there wouldn’t be any handle breaking issue since it is the part of the knife. It is integrated without soldering.

With the knife, you get leather to sheathe that covers the entire knife when not in use. That works as a safety cover so that you don’t end up hurting yourself accidentally. However, carbon steel knives are prone to rust and corrode, so after every use clean the knife thoroughly and dry immediately.

It is a medium-sized knife, the length is 6.5-inches, and the width is 4.13-inches. It weighs around 1.33 lb, the thickness is 5mm.

The Pros

  • Suitable for all vegetables, meat, and bread.
  • Highly durable construction.
  • Comfortable handle grip.
  • Long-lasting sharpness.
  • Comes with a leather sheathe.

The Con

  • You need to maintain it well, otherwise, it can get rusty.

5. Professional Damascus Chef Kitchen Knife

And here comes the last knife of the list, the Professional Damascus Chef Kitchen Knife. If you are looking for a kitchen knife with which you chop, slice, cut vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. then go with this one. It is made of cobalt-added and cryogenically treated VG-20 Japanese Damascus steel. This material is extremely strong and would last for years if maintained well.

This one is also sharped manually at 8 to 12-angle. The reason why we mentioned the angle is if it requires sharping after year, doing in this angle will be efficient and effective. It features a G-20 ultra-premium handle that delivers extreme durability. Not only that, but users will also be comfortable holding the handle as well.

The knife spine is hand polished to that you can handle better.

The Pros

  • Durable knife.
  • Comes with a leather sheathe.
  • Manually sharpened.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Easy to handle the knife.
  • Extremely sharp.

The Con 

  • It can get rusty if not maintained well.

How to Choose the Best Serbian Chef Knife?

serbian chef knife review

There are a bunch of factors that you will need to consider for ensuring you are picking the right knife for the job. We have explained each factor below, these are the factors that separate a good knife from the bad. On top of everything, which knife would be best for you that depends on your own preference as well. However, we have explained everything in detail so that you understand everything.


For getting the right knife for you, you will have to try holding different knives so that you can understand which weight will be suitable for you. Some professionals say that heavy knives give efficient cutting, because of the weighted knife hits harder and cuts through items very easily.

Some people say a lightweight knife is best since that enables you to have full control over that. You can move it or cut it more freely. But we would suggest you go for lightweight knives if you are not very skilled in using knives and you are choosing it for the house kitchen.

Professional chefs who work in restaurants or makes food for a lot of people may be weighted knife would the best option for them. However, it depends on you. If you feel little weight is good for you, then go for it. Or, pick the lightweight one. As long as you are comfortable that will be good for you.


Like before this also depends on the user. Mainly the palm of the user. Hold the knife and try to grip that well. If you don’t feel comfortable, such as if you feel light the knife is heavy at the top, or towards the handle, that isn’t balanced. You have to be very comfortable moving the knife and cutting or copping items. The knife should remain stable in your hand doesn’t matter what you cut.


Chefs prefer different knife sizes, it also comes down to the user’s own preference. Some prefer long knives and some small, some go for the moderate. Longer cutting blade obviously allows you to cut large amounts within a shorter time, at least faster than small-sized knives. But not everyone can cut with long knives and it is risky too, who have never used long knives. Long sizes are suitable for professional chefs. For the house, small ones are best.

There are knives of 10, 8, and 6-inches. If you are picking a knife for home use, then go for the small one or the medium one. For restaurants and others, long knives will be good.


Handle plays a big role when it comes down to picking the right knife. You need to pick a knife that will fit perfectly in your hand. Hold different knives and try to grip them well, go for one that you can grip properly. The knife shouldn’t slip when your hand is wet, it should remain very stable otherwise it would be risky.

Some people like a thicker handle, they find a better grip on that, and some are comfortable with a thin handle. Whatever you like just ensure you can hold the knife comfortably without straining and also make sure you don’t get hand fatigue after using for a long period. With a better grip, you will be able to cut very conveniently for long periods.


It is the shoulder of the knife. The thick metal section exactly where the blade meets the handle. Bolster plays a big role when it comes down to stability and strength. It works as a gripping hand finger guard as well.


The most important part, your knife needs to be sharp right out of the box. Determine the sharpness of the knife by making a cut on the paper. If the knife is sharp enough, it will make a smooth and clean cut without much pressure. If you have the option to chop a few foods, you would try that as well. When you are picking a knife especially for chopping, then it is best to go with a knife that has a curve from the tip to the heel, so that when chopping you will be able to easily rock it back and forth. Copping will be faster and convenient in that way.

What Material is Used in Serbian Knives?

Chef knives are made of different materials but Serbian knives are only used of one material which is Carbon Steel. Extremely popular and durable material for knives. Carbon steel is a combination of two materials, Carbon and Steel. These two are highly strong material on their own and when mixed into one, guess the strength. This material can be forged into a very thinner blade which would be extremely sharp. And the sharpness remains pretty long as well.

Every professional chef prefers this material because of its efficiency, they cut faster with carbon steel knives. However, with goods, there comes bad. Carbon steels are prone to stains and rust, if not maintained well your knife can get rusty pretty soon. Not only that, with time these blades get darken though it doesn’t have anything to do with the cutting performance.

But still, a professional chef’s choose carbon steel knives because they find it worthy. They are ready to do the extra maintenance since the knife serves them well. Most chefs leave the knife for a day after cutting, so that it can restore the oxidizing patina. It is actually necessary, otherwise, the knife will transfer the metallic taste to the foods cut with it.

How to Sharpen Serbian Chef Knife? 

It is extremely dangerous to try cutting with a dull knife. Plus, you cant slice through foods or items easily. If the food is soft, then a dull knife will crush it instead of slicing it. Which is why keeping the knife sharp is extremely important. There are a couple of ways of sharpening a knife properly, explained below!

Whetstone or Diamond Stone

You can sharp knife efficiently with a Whetstone or Diamond Stone. Get one of them, make sure they have fine texture enough to sharp enough. Now, you will find out at which angle the knife was sharped before. You can start sharping at a completely new angle but that will take more effort and time. So it is best you follow the old angle.

Figure the Angle

You should be able to assume the angle by seeing the edge of the knife but still if you cannot figure you can contact the manufacturer. The manual or anything else where you can find info about the knife, check there you might get it.

However, if you don’t figure out, then maintain a 10 to 30-degree angle on every side, it should be good. You might feel that shallower angles will sharp edge better but that won’t last long. Steeper angles will last longer and the sharpness will be on point as well. So go for a 17 to 20-degree angle for better sharpening.

Lubricate the Stone

You will need honing oil, and you will have to lubricate the stone whether it is whetstone or diamond stone. Lubricating it will make the blade passing over the stone easily and prevents steel shavings from getting clogged on the pores of the stone. And increases sharpening efficiency as well. However, do not over lubricate, put a small amount.

Some Stone manufacturers provide lubrication guidelines, you would want to check that before if you find any guideline, go according to that. Some stones come pre-lubricated, while oil damages some stones, so it is important to know what’s the case.

Angle Guide

Angle guides are used to maintain a fixed angle, sharping without it can cause you to sharp in the wrong angle unconsciously. When you use an angle guide, you just focus on pushing and pulling the knife over stone, because the angle is fixed, thanks to the guide.

Without a guide, your focus gets in two directions. You have to try to maintain a constant angle by hand, which is not an easy task to do. And then you to sharpen it as well. So sharping in the exact angle without the angle guide is quite hard.

Grinding and Sharpening 

Diamond stone and Whetstones come in two parts, one part is for grinding and the other part is for sharpening. One side has rough grit, you have to use that for grinding the knife. And the fine grit side is for sharping the knife. In case you don’t know, you will have to grind the knife first, and then you can share it.

Frequently Asked Questions Best Serbian Chef Knife

Are Serbian knives good?

They are one of the best chef knives. Most of the professional chef’s pick Serbian knife for their everyday cutting, chopping, and slicing jobs. Because they are extremely sharp and durable.

How do you sharpen a Serbian knife?

You can use knife sharpener, or honing stick, or stone for perfect sharpening. However, sharping with the stone is what most people go for.

Are Cooling knives any good?

Yes, they are! These knives are very sharp, and they are little weighted, so when cutting it doesn’t require much force. But still, if you find it hard to balance heavy knives, then it might not be a suitable option for you.

What knife does Brad Leone use?

8-icnhesChinese Santoku Cleaver, this is the knife that Brad Leone uses. But he uses some other knives as well.

Why do Chinese chefs use cleavers?

Chinese Cleavers mean Chinese chef knife. Chinese chefs find these knives extremely comfortable to cut, slice or chop meat and vegetables.


We have come to the end! These are 5 best Serbian chef knife you will find in the market, you might find few more but these are what highly used. And users seem to be pretty satisfied with there performances as well.

However, it is still worth testing something new, that is not being used much because of the newness. We have reviewed these models that don’t mean you have to choose from these. Go through the features, users review, then pick one that you find good. And that will be best for you. Anyways, hope this guide helps!

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