Best Sikkina Knife: Best USA Made Knife Of 2022

best sikkina knife reviews

Sikkina is a well-known and high-quality knife manufacturing company, especially you can’t complain about their designing sense and solid materials. They produce multipurpose knives with a lot of options.

If I count down five best, well designed with comfortable handle chef knife brands, then Sikkina will stand at the top for sure. I love their design approach; especially they continuously manufacture unique designs without any fear.

I had tasted 4 of their knives before I reviewed them; let’s have a look at the best Sikkina knife reviews with pros and cons to understand what knife suits you most.

Best Sikkina Knife

Sikkina Sujin Nakiri Heavy Duty Knife

sikkina nakiri heavy duty knife

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More like a butchering knife, this Sujin Nakiri is a very thick and heavy knife. It is made for very heavy-duty cutting. No matter how tough your meat is or how strong the bone is, this knife can cut through all effortlessly.

With its 22 cm blade, it can also slice and cut fruits and veggies pretty well. The manganese steel helps to keep the knife sharp for ages and holds the sharpness for a long time.

This knife is a game-changer for those who like to hunt in the wild and camp in the deep, dense jungle. Its 3.64 pounds of weight and sharpness make it easy to cut and slice wild animals on the go.

The handle of the knife is full tang curved. It fits in your palm very firmly, and there is no chance of slipping from your hand. It is also made from wood and mosaic pins that resist heat, cold, and moisture.

This knife is perfect for heavy-duty work and comfort. It is well balanced and does not slip from the hand when swung.


Knife Length: 33cm (13 in)

Blade and Handle Length: 22cm (8.7 in) and 10.5cm (4.3 in)

Knife Weight: 3.64 lbs (1650 g)

Blade and Handle Material: Manganese Steel and Wood with mosaic pins

What We Like

  • Made from manganese steel.
  • Curved blade edge.
  • San Mai construction.
  • Full tang curved handle.
  • The handle is resistant to heat, cold, and moisture.
  • Very durable and holds its sharpness for a long time.


A little bit heavy knife.

Sikkina Master Lehja Kitchen Knife

sikkina master lehja kitchen knife

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Master Lehja is a short kitchen knife with an extra razor-sharp edge. It’s a perfect knife for both household and professional kitchens. Master Lehja is totally hand-made with tons of tests in the factory.

The knife is a total of 29.5cm or 11.64inches long. It is ideal for cutting veggies and meat. The 17.9 cm blade with its pointy head gives versatility for cutting at any angle.

The blade is made from high carbon steel and holds its sharpness for a very long time. The blade is so sharp that you can cut through tomatoes without any pressure.

The 11.4cm handle is made from oak tree wood which will give you service for a lifetime. The handle is made round and very grippy. There is no chance of slipping from the hand, but it can rotate in your hand if your hands are sweaty or wet.

This knife is perfect for those who have small hands and want a very sharp kitchen knife. You know, working with a sharp knife without a comfortable grip is pretty dangerous. So, this knife is handy for small-hand people.


Knife Length: 29.5cm (11.64 in)

Blade and Handle Length: 17.9cm (7.04 in) and 11.4cm (4.49 in)

Knife Weight: 1.54 lb (700gm)

Blade and Handle Material: High carbon steel and solid oak wood.

What We Like

  • Blade made from high carbon steel.
  • Handle made from oak wood.
  • Razor-sharp and holds sharpness for a long time.
  • Rounded, short, and grippy handle.
  • Very lightweight.


The handle can rotate when your palm is sweaty or wet.

Sikkina Sakai Lightweight Knife

sikkina sakai lightweight knife

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This knife is small and lightweight. Sakai is extremely useful along with its artistic value. The weight balance is outstanding and very useful for doing precise works.

There is no scope for questioning the durability of this knife. The blade is made from high-quality steel and lasts for a lifetime. The specially treated steel also holds the sharpness for ages.

The 5.2-inch curved blade is ideal for slicing and dicing. It chops with the minimal effort needed. But you have to be extra careful because of the sharpness of the blade.

The blade cuts through the softest veggies to the hardest meat easily. The 4.5-inch handle is made from Rosewood which will last for a lifetime. The front of the knife is very light, but the bottom is heavy, and this makes the knife a well-balanced cutting machine.

If you like a small knife and have to do a lot of precise slicing, this knife becomes ideal for you. The well-balanced feature makes cutting for a long time without any wrist pain.


Knife Length: 24.5cm (9.6 in)

Blade and Handle Length: 13.1cm (5.2 in) and 11.4cm (4.49 in)

Knife Weight: 1.54 lb (700gm)

Blade and Handle Material: High Carbon Steel and Rosewood

What We Like

  • Blade made from high carbon steel.
  • Handle made from Rosewood.
  • Comfortable, grippy curved handle.
  • Curved razor-sharp blade.
  • Very lightweight.


Not suitable for butchering.

Sikkina Malta Steel Knife

sikkina malta steel knife

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This medium-sized and medium-weight knife is an allrounder. It does all the work that a knife can do. It is S-shaped and has a unique design to it.

The blade is hammered steel which will last longer than ordinary steel. The arch on the blade gives you the smoothest cut while using it in minimal effort. The sharpness of the blade gives you the ability to slice thinner pieces. The weight of the knife gives you the ability to butcher meat and bones.

The rugged black handle of the knife is quite long and also curved. It provides maximum grip and control over the knife. Three metal screw holds the handle with the steel.

If you prefer a heavy and big knife, this is the match for you. It can do heavy work in addition to the small kitchen work as well.


Blade and Handle Material: Superior quality steel blade & wood handle

What We Like

  • Long heat-treated steel.
  • Curved rugged handle.
  • Arched blade cuts with minimal effort.
  • Maximum comfortable grip and control.
  • Long-lasting sharpness of the blade.


Heavy and long-time use may cause wrist pain.

Sikkina Surudoi Knife

Best Sikkina Knife

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The Surudoi Knife by Sikkina is a hand-forged knife designed to last a lifetime. Surudoi knife is a must-have for any adventurous spirit!  The high tensile strength of the Japanese imported High Carbon Steel blade ensures the blade will not crack or chip when faced with bones.

With blade widths 5.5 cm – 2.2 in, this tool is perfect for cutting through food or even hunting wild game in state parks and forests! Plus with a 57-58 HRC hardness rating, this needle-sharp, pocket-size companion comfortably balances stability and control!

Its artisan blacksmith hammering technique is designed so that this knife sharpens itself no matter how much it has been used and ensures that this is an exceptional knife for any situation. Whether you are chopping herbs, slicing meat, or celebrating victory over your enemies of the kitchen there’s only one thing you need-a Sikkina Surudoi Knife.

What We Like

  • High carbon steel blade
  • great bone cutter
  • long-lasting sharpness


keep your finger safe

How To Find The Best Quality Knife?

There are certain things to keep in mind while buying a knife. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Build Quality

Build quality depends on some crucial aspects like materials, design, and manufacturer. Fast of all, you need to find out the blade and materials quality than the comfortable level of the handle grip. If you don’t feel the handle comfortable, then just forget it, don’t buy random companies’ knives. I think brand plays a vital role because of their trust level and building quality. You have to research whether the knife keeps its build quality for the time to come.


The material of the blade and handle must be considered. If the blade is made from stainless steel or processed steel, or carbon steel, the blade will be perfect. It will also hold the sharpness for a long time. If the handle is poorly made, it will break very easily and can cause some injuries also. As you know carbon steel knives may be rusty over time. So, learn how the way to remove rust from a carbon steel knife.


You have to consider the work you do and the weight of the blade. If you do a lot of heavy-duty cutting, you will need to look for a heavy knife suitable for chopping and butchering. If everyday household work is your need, you need to find a medium-weighted knife.


The cost must be taken into consideration. Cheap knives tend to work fine at first but often fail in the long run. If you do a lot of cooking in the kitchen, you can go for an expensive knife. The price and quality ratio should also be taken into consideration.

Why Should You Buy Sikkina Knives?

Sikkina never compromises in its exceptional design or solid materials. Their main goal is to provide the best budget but high-quality knives. Especially long-lasting durable Razor-sharp blades and comfortable handles make their knifes so awesome. Sikkina’s knives will help you to boost your confidence and cut fast. So let’s know about specific models and uses.

The Sujin Nakiri is an excellent knife for heavy-duty work. It will be great for professional uses. The chefs of the restaurant and hotel will really be benefited from this knife.

The Master Lehja is very much suitable for both professional use and household use. It is comfortable and light. The control over this product is impressive.

The Sakai is a small and cute knife perfect for home uses, I think. It is a bit tiny yet mighty, short yet very sharp. If you are looking for a fantastic knife for the long run in your home, this is ideal for you.

The malta is a semi-heavy knife that can be used for everything. It does not have the firepower like Sujin Nakiri but can do the work to some extent. Malta can also use in restaurants and also in the household kitchen.

In consideration of price, Sakai is the cheapest, and the Sujin Nakiri is the most expensive one. Master Lehja is the second most expensive, and malta is the third most expensive knife on the list.

To wrap it up

A knife is a necessary tool as well as a treasure for a chef. If your knife cuts smoothly, your cooking would be smooth and effortless also. But choosing the right knife is the difficult part.

Sikkina has been one of the top brands to produce quality knives for a long time. Their unique design and build quality have made the knives loveable to all over the world’s chefs. You can trust Sikkina knives blindly.

Personally, I feel the sikkina master lehja is the best knife among the knives I have mentioned above. It is both comfortable and precise. The material is also very high quality, and it is designed for easy useable for all. The price is also moderate.

Always take precautions before using a knife and keep your knife far out from the reach of kids. Always wash your knife after a cooking session for hygiene and long-term use.

I hope this article somehow helps you to choose the best quality sikkina knife. Thanks for dropping by. Stay tuned with Cookingispassio. Happy cooking!

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