5 Best Silicone Pot Holders & Oven Mitts:Updated Buying Guide In 2022

best silicone pot holders

For those who prefer to cook or bake, a potholder is one of the most common and important kitchen items. Most people cook on a stovetop, which is the most common cooking surface. You can cook without using a silicone pot holder just fine but it does make things easier to handle when you are frying or boiling food.

You will also find that silicon pot holders are safer than other types of pots because they don’t burn your hand as metal ones do.  The best silicone pot holders resemble mittens and have an open area in the center where you put your fingers through so they won’t slip out of your hands while you’re cooking with hot oil or water inside. There are many different sizes and shapes too, so choose one that suits what you need!

Earlier, most people preferred to use rubber, cotton, and towel, container holders. But in recent years, people prefer to hold silicon pots, as silicon provides more heat resistance, grip, and comfort than other materials. So, keeping in mind the customer’s needs, I suggest some of the best silicone pot holders.

1. Best User-friendly Silicone pot holder: RED LMLDETA Oven Mitts Silicone Gloves pot holder set

2. Best budget Silicone pot holder: RED LMLDETA Oven Gloves Pot Holder for Cooking

3. Low budget Silicone pot holder: TONMIDE Silicone Pot Holder Trivet Mats set

4. Editor’s Choice: RORECAY Extra Long Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets

5 Best Silicone Pot Holders

On behalf of my personal experience and test results, I introduce the five best silicone pot holders of 2021. Let’s jump into these pot holders’ genuine & unbiased reviews.

RED LMLDETA Cotton Lining Silicone Pot Holders Set

Pot Holders Set of 2 Heat Resistant 480 ℉Non Slip Clear Silicone Printed Comfortable Cotton Lining Kitchen Women Men Cooking Baking Microwave Machine Washable (Rooster, Black Potholders)

From RED LMLDETA 130 products, Cotton Lining silicone Pot Holders Set is one of them. This product has come with great design, qualities, and durability. RED LMLDETA’s one of the best user-friendly potholders; that’s why I picked it on the top. Let’s find out more about this product.

First, come on to the size section. Because if it doesn’t fit on your hand, it will be wasted to buy. This product size is 7inch wide and length 9inch. This size is big enough to cover anyone’s palm fully, and it’s only 3.98 ounces, too lightweight for wearing for a long time.

You can use this potholder for two purposes; you can put your hands on the side pockets to hold cooking tools and can use it as a mat on the table to keep hot food on it. This potholder can resist up to 480°F temperature. So, there is no fear of burning hands or scratching on the table.

This potholder is made of silicone and cotton. There is a cotton fabric layer for comfort on the inner and outer sides, and the middle layer is made of silicone for excellent heat resistance. Silicone is a durable and flexible material, willthat not damage easily by contact with fire and hot water.

In this potholder, they provided different character paintings such as Cats, Crayfish, sheep, etc. These are not only for design or style purposes; there is a technique. They painted characteristics on the silicone coating, leaving space one to another with 0.6mm thickness for excellent grip and holding kitchen gears.

This paint won’t get up to high temperature because each piece of painting stand is 140°C. This square-shaped pot holder has side pockets on both sides for holding hands and protecting your hands from the heat on both sides.

Other features, such as the materials they used, are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Having all this in a potholder, there is no reason to deny this Cotton Lining silicone Pot Holder Set. I think it’s a good deal to purchase holding your hot cooking tools.


  • Multiple colors and characteristics of design
  • Eco-friendly painting and material
  • High heat resistant up to 480℉ temperature
  • Anti-slip design
  • the product tasted 7 times before selling
  • recyclable and machine washable
  • provided side pockets for multifunctional
  • FDA-grade materials.
  • Gives 2 pieces of a potholder


  • Faced Glass plate holding problems sometimes

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RED LMLDETA Oven Gloves Pot Holder For Cooking

Pot Holders Set of 2 with Transparent Clear Silicone Shell and Nice Dog Flower Cotton Lining, Heat Resistant to 500 F Kitchen Oven Gloves Pot Holder for Cooking (Blue Dog , Potholders)

Another fine product from RED LMLDETA is Oven Gloves Pot Holder for Cooking. It’s an oval-shaped product from RED LMLDETA for better grip and comfort of customers. Customers also like their product’s color, design, and quality. You can check the ratings and reviews on Amazon and also buy from there.

The size of this product is 7.5 inches wide and 10inch in length. It’s big enough to cover your wrists easily. There is a pocket on both sides of this potholder for holding hands. This will protect your hands from burning from both sides.

Another thing is that you can use this potholder as a mat on the table. You can put your hot dish on it. This silicone pot holder can resist heat and cold up to 500°F and -50°F temperature. This RED LMLDETA’s potholder is a budget-friendly and perfect product for those who always like to cook in the kitchen.

Quality full TC fabric polyester and cotton fabric and tough silicone used in this potholder to have better grip and hold, also for comfort and excellent heat resistance and the standard sewing attached both materials really well and provide excellent durability.

They provided multiple designs and colors to us to choose from. The characters they painted enhance the beauty of the kitchen and also feel peace while using. The most important feature of this potholder is, on the silicone coating there this diamond texture pattern provides you extra grip and ensures anti-slip protection. The sewing is also standard and durable.

The materials they used are certified, and the quality is also standard, which makes this pot durable and gives heat protection. Another thing is that they taste its quality 7 times before selling. Looking at all of this, you can purchase this Oven Gloves Pot Holder from Amazon without any doubt.


  • Heat resistant up to 500°F
  • Protect cold from – 50°F
  • Fully covered your wrists
  • Variety of colors and design
  • diamond texture pattern for grip and hold
  • easily washable on a machine
  • durable and comfortable for TC fabric
  • tasted 7 times before selling


  • The characters look a little bit frosty

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TONMIDE Silicone Pot Holder Trivet Mats Set

Silicone Trivet Set of 4 – Heat-Resistant Trivets for Hot Pots and Pans – Multipurpose Silicone Trivet Mat, Drying Rack, Jar Opener – Thick Non-Slip Silicone Mats for Kitchen Counter – Grey

Silicone Potholder Trivet Mats set is the most premium product on a low budget from TONMIDEJ. This potholder has a simple design, easy cleaning, flexibility, and many more beneficial functions. With all these features, this pot holder gained popularity among users. You can check this product rating and reviews on Amazon if you have any doubts.

The product may look small to you, but the 7.2inch wide length of this product is suitable to grip and hold any cooking tools or hot dish. Because this potholder is made fully of silicone, that feels a little bit heavy to hold.

The problem with this product is that it doesn’t give you any side pockets to hold your hand in, but this product has some great functions that can beat any other product in this price range.

The material they used in this product is only silicone which I think is good. It is just silicone and much more flexible and softer, which means you can hold any hot dish in any position with comfort. Because this potholder set is made of tough silicone, it will provide you with great heat resistance, and you can also safely use it in the microwave, oven, and freezer.

TONMIDEJ used a trivet mat design on this potholder. The surface of this mat is not flat; it feels sticky and gives extra grip and heat resistance. This potholder is thicker than most other potholders in the market. This can be worked as a coffer coaster, potholder, jar opener, spoon rest, etc.

This Silicone Pot Trivet Mat set is also environment-friendly and non-toxic. They also provide 4 pieces of mats in multiple colors. Looking at all of these qualities, I think this is the lowest budget quality product on this list. You can purchase and try it once.


  • Non-toxic and eco friendly
  • Safe to use in microwave, oven, freezer
  • Easy to clean and water-resistant
  • Can be used as a mat
  • High temperature resistant
  • Provide 4 pieces mat with premium colors and look
  • Flexible and easy to have a grip


  • No side pockets to put a hand on it

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RORECAY Extra Long Oven Mitts And Pot Holders Sets

Rorecay Extra Long Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets: Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Mittens with Mini Oven Gloves and Hot Pads Potholders for Kitchen Baking Cooking, Quilted Liner, Gray, Pack of 6

This RORECAY oven mitts and pot holders set is the most quality full and multifunctional product on this list. If you visit Amazon, you will see many people who bought this product and provided positive reviews, and I am personally using this product. That’s why I am suggesting you try this product.

RORECAY provides 6 packs of oven mitts, silicone trivets, and mini pinch mitts. The oven mitt gloves they provide are 15inch long. This oven mitts & potholder set is long enough to cover up to your elbow easily and protects your hand’s skin while cooking. Because gloves are extra-long they are not suitable for smaller hand people.

The pinch mitts are 4.1inch long to hold any hot plate or tray, and the pot holders come with a 7inch rounded shape which is big and durable enough to keep your hot dishes on it. You can also use it to hold cooking tools or use it as a jar opener and spoon rest.

RORECAY made this product using premium quality BPA-free food-grade silicone, which can easily resist up to 500°F temperature! It also keeps you safe, burning your hand at high temperatures. On the oven mitts, they also used cotton to provide comfort and resist high heat.

They provided a honeycomb pattern design in this product. This design makes sure that the dish you hold won’t slip easily and gives a better grip. Because of the tough silicone, this product is water-resistant and safe to clean in the machine.

The materials they used are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Touching hot water or holding a hot dish doesn’t give heat to your hand and doesn’t smell bad or make your food unhealthy. Another thing is that the cotton and the silicone they use can be recycled, which is excellent for the environment.

This all-in-one pot holder set is perfect for those who love to do indoor and outdoor cooking and baking. If it was given to any cooking lover, she or he would be pleased. If you take my suggestion and if you want an excellent grip and heat resistant quality product, you should choose this oven mitts & potholders set.


  • Resist up to 500°F temperature
  • Extra-long oven mitts
  • Safe to machine cleaning
  • All in one package with a variety of colors
  • Can handle steam and hot liquid
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Flexible and easy to grip


  • Gloves are trash for smaller hands people

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RED LMLDETA Oven Mitts Silicone Gloves Pot Holder Set

Oven Mitts Gloves 1 Pair Heat Resistant 480 ℉ Non Slip Clear Silicone Printed Fox Comfortable Cotton Lining Kitchen Women Men Cooking Baking Barbecue Machine Washable (Fox, Gray Mittens)

RED LMLDETA is a well-respected company nowadays. They have been serving in this line for the last 10 years. Now they know well the demand of customers, and for that, they made this quality full Oven Mitts Gloves Silicone pot holder set. Let’s see what else this product provides us.

These are the extra-long hand gloves from RED LMLDETA. The size of these gloves is 7inch in width and 14inch in length. Cover up to the elbow, fit anyone’s hands well, and ensure better flexibility for better gripping and holding any dish or cooking tools.

This glove pot holder set is made of certified high-quality FDA-grade silicone material. They used this to make the middle layer of these gloves, and on the inner and outer side, they used 180gsm cotton fabric with 600gsm cotton, which makes these gloves excellent heat resistant and comfortable to wear.

Manufacturers choose quality paint to put characteristics on the surface of the potholder. The themes they added, such as foxes, cats, and rosters are not only for looking stylish; these paintings provide a great grip to the cooking tools because they painted these with 0.6mm thickness.

Those paints can handle high temperatures and won’t provide any toxic effect on the food. Another thing the materials they used, silicone and cotton, are also eco-friendly and recyclable. It’s quite an impressive product for those who love to do cooking and baking.

The other thing is that this product can handle 480°F temperature, which will keep your hand safe from burning. The stitching quality is quite good that making this product strong and durable. The plus point is that by putting it on a table, you can also hold a food container on it.

Before selling, they check each product 7 times to maintain the same quality and grip. You can also look at their product ratings and reviews on Amazon, and if you buy this user-friendly Oven Mitts Gloves pot holder set, I hope it won’t disappoint you.


  • FDA quality silicone material
  • Can resistance 480°F temperature
  • Paint thickness 0.6mm
  • Anti-slip and heat resistant
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Tasted 7 times before selling
  • Fits the hand well and provides comfort


  • Glass items holding problems sometimes

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How to Choose the Best Quality Silicone Pot Holder?

In the market, there are tones of brands that manufacture classic and stylish design potholders for us. Some of them are beneficial for us, and some of them are just trash. But purchasing or choosing goods from them is a little bit confusing for us.

If we don’t know what things we should consider while buying. So read the buying guide carefully.


The most important thing to choose is material. I would suggest you choose silicone and cotton materials. Silicone can be flexible, thick, won’t smell bad, and the most important thing is that silicone can resist high temperatures and won’t melt. This will keep your hand safe from heat and fire flame.

Silicone is flexible because it can be folded easily and can be held in any kitchen gear with a good grip. On the other hand, cotton provides you with comfort and durability. For cotton, you feel softness while wearing a potholder and absorb sweat that gives you extra joy while cooking.


While buying, try to measure your hands or the things you want to hold on the potholder. Mat potholders are usually up to 10inches, and the oven mitts pot holders are usually up to 15inches.

15inches potholders are extra-large, they cover up to your elbow, and the medium size covers your wrist. Another thing, if your hand is small, don’t buy an extra-large pot holder, it will lose to your hand, and you may also lose the perfect grip.

Special features

The pot holder’s material should be eco-friendly, and non-toxic. There should be a hanging loop and be easily washable in the machine. A pot holder should have these special features. These will make a potholder a quality full product.


The quality, full-featured product you want and how much you want to spend on a potholder fully depend on you. Because as your demand increases, the price will increase.

But I think if you are not a fully professional worker, you can purchase a potholder set for $30. In this range, the quality and the functions will satisfy you. But if you want a professional type potholder, you have to spend more than $30.

If you take my suggestion, within the $20 budget, you can pick RED LMLDETA Oven Gloves Pot Holder for Cooking, RED LMLDETA Cotton Lining silicone Pot Holders Set and RED LMLDETA Oven Mitts Silicone Gloves pot holder set. Within the $30 budget, you can pick RORECAY Extra Long Oven Mitts, pinch mitts, and Pot Holders Sets.

Who Makes The Best Silicone Potholders?

I can’t just tell you one name who makes the best silicone potholders. In recent years the silicone pot holder market has become really competitive. Everyone tries to serve well to retain the customers.

But some specific brands made excellent silicone potholders. Those are CASABELLA, HOMWE, LIFAITH, OXO, and RED LMLDETA. They are really making good quality silicone pot holders that actually give excellent grip, heat resistance, comfort, and many more helpful facilities.

Are Silicone Oven Mitts Better Than Cotton?

Silicone has the highest heat resistance. It can resist up to 500°F temperature which can take the fire flames easily. Silicone is also flexible and thick, which gives more grip to hold kitchen gears.

On the other hand, cotton provides comfort, and it is easy to clean. But cotton does not provide high heat resistance, and it’s also thick, for that heat can scald your hand through cotton and provide less grip.

For all of these reasons, silicone oven mitts are better than cotton.

Why Do Chefs Use Towels Instead of Potholders?

Potholders are thick. They provide excellent grip and hold. They can resist high temperatures while gripping any kitchen gear or holding any kitchen gear on a potholder; it doesn’t burn or harm other materials.

But towels can’t take high temperatures while holding or gripping, or removing kitchen gears from the oven. The towel can be burned or harm your hand, and chefs have to use the oven a lot for their work. For that, chefs choose pot holders instead of towels.

But nowadays, ordinary people with chefs are choosing silicone pot holders to cook their best or to help with their cooking.


There is a saying that if you want to buy a quality and featured product, you have to invest more. I agree with that, but you can find quality products within your budget if you research deeply. Those will also do the same work easily as the high-budget quality product does.

In this article, I didn’t provide high budget products because I found quality featured products in midrange budget that can be equally compared with high range budget products while researching.

I hope those products I provided in this article won’t disappoint you as they didn’t disappoint me.

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