6 Best Smoker Grill For The Money In 2022

Best Smoker Grill For The Money

Are you looking for Best Smoker Grill Combo? Nothing beats the enjoyment you can ever have in your backyard grilling and smoking with your family. That’s why every barbecue enthusiast I know has a separate smoker and grill at home.

Although it’s a perfect setup, it’s not convenient for those with limited space and budget. If you want the best of both items, you need a smoker grill combo for the money. But the number of products available online can easily confuse you. That’s why I have reviewed those products and here are my top 6 picks and buyer’s guide for you.

Best Smoker Grill For The Money

PK Grills The Original PK Grill And Smoker

PK Grills PK 360 Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker, Cast Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen Cooking Barbecue Grill for Camping, Backyard Grilling, Park, Tailgating, Silv

The PK360 is engineered to exceed your grilling expectations. You’ll enjoy the style of cooking offered by its side-load design, where all the heat stays in front and behind the unit but never on top. You can also reduce smoke with a smart ventilation system. It’s an easy-to-clean stainless steel model that won’t rust or peel. So it’ll look as great as when you bought it. Plus, there are two tiers that allow for more inside space meaning less food has to hang outside over flames or drip onto your grill below! With brands like PK Grills, I know that quality comes first.

This is a fully functional barbecue machine that also comes with an electric smoker attachment, perfect for smoking the rib to perfection. Featuring a 360-degree rotisserie and extra cooking space, it can handle everything from ribs to whole turkeys with ease. It included a 12-inch stainless steel cart that allows you to roll this grill or smoker wherever you need it. Cast iron hood keeps things nontoxic while providing 764 sq/in of cooking area for sizzling steaks and side dishes too! Great way to offer backyard beef dinners without firing up any other gas sources either. Sounds great, isn’t it?

From the BBQ professional to the newbie, PK360 is your all-in-one charcoal grill. With a unique capsule shape combined with 4-point venting, this grill is perfect for both hot and fast (grilling) or low and slow (barbecue) cooking! These qualities make it easy to set up and deliver the goods—as shown from its sturdy cast aluminum construction that won’t rust like steel.

The PK360 will make every BBQ lover a legend with its easy single-hand 360-degree turn for effortless cooking. The thick cast aluminum offers maximum heat efficiency and the 4-point venting system means you’ll have complete control over temperature. Our coal grill has one other superpower too, portability. Unscrew it from its stand, and get out to your next tailgate or camping weekend.

Why is it different? Let’s start with the ashtray. We’ve all been there, managing the nearly-immovable pile of ash and crumpled papers as they suffocate your table or kitchen counter underneath them. Sometimes we end up scraping cooking grates to put out spot fires and then disposing of ash into an impromptu bucket (league championship! who cares!). With no lid on top of the grill chamber, ashes are pulled effortlessly by airflow across to this tray below which one can manage from time to time depending on how fast you happen back at it.

This is the dream outdoor cooking machine for someone who wants to impress their friends and family with an at-home steakhouse. The PK360 has a 10,000 BTU stainless steel burner so you can grill skewered meats without scorching them. Cold smoke-cured meat like cheese or salmon in less than 60 minutes, or uses it just as a natural gas smoker with one of our extremely heavy-duty charcoal grills.

This PK combo grill is built to last because it’s made of thick cast aluminum. The hinges are cast in to prevent rust while the cart is made of aluminum tubes and stainless steel. If you like to go camping or tailgating, simply remove the smoker from its stand and you can take this PK combo grill anywhere with you.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to set up with its detailed instructions
  • Durable and very well made
  • Produces a full barbecue flavor
  • Cast aluminum parts are backed by a 10-year warranty
  • Remarkable 4-point venting system for precise temperature control


  • Limited capacity
  • You’ll have to kneel down to adjust the lower vents

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Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster And Grill

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Char-Broil Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill is the most popular for its all-in-one barbecue cooking capability. Roasts smoke and grills with real wood flavor, while natural juices are retained, for that perfect moist finished product. Simply adjust the temperature and get up to 18 hours of continuous cooking time on one propane tank. It’s large enough for a family of 8!

Take your cooking game to the next level with The Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Grill. TRU-Infrared technology allows you to cook foods evenly, guaranteeing no flare-ups and a more juicy meal. Learn what it is like cooking up something succulent in the roasting basket or how about grilling one of those Sunday dinner ribs? With 180 square inches of grilling area and a smoker box for added flavor, this grill covers all your big craving needs.

You can smoke, roast and grill just about anything evenly without flare-ups. Use the patented roasting tray for cooking large cuts of meat or even a whole turkey, and then use its grilling area to get those perfect sear marks on some juicy burgers or steaks. Speaking of which, The Big Easy Smoker Roaster and Grill is equipped with temperature control between 9,000˚F and 18,000˚F so that you can always cook your meat just right!

The Big Easy is very versatile as it allows you to roast, grill, and smoke all in one unit. It uses TRU-infrared technology which evenly cooks meat without flare-ups and eliminates the need for oil or charcoal. This cooking system works from 9,000 to 18,000 BTU depending on the cooking setup.

To add flavor, put wood chips or pellets on the internal smoker box. Unlike other smoker grills, the Big Easy eliminates the need for a filthy water pan or air dampers.


  • Versatile cooking functions
  • Efficient TRU-infrared cooking system
  • Cooks without drying with no flare-ups
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Has a large capacity for roasting


  • The gauge material is not that thick
  • The smoke drawer is a bit flimsy

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CampMaid Grill And Smoker

CampMaid Grill and Smoker with Carry Bag - Dutch Oven Tools Set - Charcoal Holder & Cast Iron Grill Accessory - Camping Grill Set - Outdoor Cooking Essentials - Camp Kitchen Equipment - (3 Piece Set)

Looking for the best smoker grill combo for the money? You can get the CampMaid Grill And Smoker. This combo kit includes a lid remover/holder, charcoal tray, and flip grill. This is by far the easiest unit to set up, just clip the pieces on and get ready to grill.

CampMaid is the only charcoal grill and smoker that goes everywhere. It may not be a traditional Weber but it gets the job done with ease! Take CampMaid to festivals, gatherings, concerts, anywhere you have the desire for outdoor cooking and enjoyed in open spaces. The sleek design of two adjustable shelves lets you use all 3-size pans or accessories at once or just 1 large pan while storing others separately. Holding up to 8 lbs of food on the top layer, this grill can also accommodate 2 standard size pans below perfect for frying chicken wings alongside your burgers. Everything will cook evenly because of CampMaid’s double-wall insulation technology & cooktop screen which rests 12″ off ground leveling heat for continuous grilling.

CampMaid is not your typical “camping gear”. CampMaid pioneers the way for you to take your cast iron dutch oven and turn it into a grill, steamer, pizzas, or barbeque. Is that too much? Well, carry our CampMaid Kit with you as long as there’s charcoal inside the cover. Its patented design features 3 pieces, a lid rack holder, stove stand-off (with tripod wire), and an extra high Dutch oven support. Its modular design increases your kitchen efficiency while minimizing weight and space requirements.

Boasting versatility, durability, style, and the most elegant moldings you can find only is some grill set. The CampMaid has it all to suit your outdoor-cooking needs. It has the ultimate convenience even in an emergency situation. The CampMaid Grill and Smoker is a true grilling package that includes an aluminum foil drip pan, grill brush, seasoning spices, and the best of all features!

CampMaid Dutch Oven Tools are designed to be compact, easy to transport, and considered lightweight when packing up after a day of cooking. The handy design includes a lid lifter that features ergonomic handles allowing you to easily maneuver your oven from any angle as well as a flip grill that collapses down for more space-efficient storage.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Transforms your Dutch oven into a versatile kitchen unit
  • The price is good
  • Portable and can be used for camping


  • The parts are flimsy
  • Doesn’t fold up easily

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Smoke Hollow 3500-GC1000 4-in-1 Combination Grill

Smoke Hollow 3500-GC1000 4-in-1 Combination Grill, 3-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner, Charcoal Grill with Smoker/Firebox, Smoke Hollow GC1000 Grill Cover Included

If money is not an issue, invest in a high-quality combo grill like the Smoke Hollow 3500-GC1000 which is a hybrid of propane gas and charcoal grill. It would be a great choice. It includes a side burner and a smoker box to add flavor to your food. It comes with an adjustable charcoal tray to control the temperature even more.

The Smoke Hollow 3500-GC1000 4-in-1 Combination Grill is the perfect solution to your grilling needs. It has 3 10,000 BTU stainless steel tube burners and 9,300 BTU side burners so you can cook anything from burgers to steaks with ease. Plus it comes with an adjustable/removable charcoal tray for added temperature control. You’ll be able to cook on 860 square inches of cooking area which is more than enough space for any family’s dinner plans!

This grill will make your life easier and better by giving you everything you need in one place – gas or charcoal cooking areas, cast iron cooking grids on both gas and charcoal areas, smoker box (with included wood chips), side burner, and more! If that wasn’t enough this grill also has wheels so it’s easy to move around when needed too.

With an 860 square inch cooking area, you can grill and smoke a large batch of food. This fits perfectly for large events and parties. Both the gas the charcoal cooking surfaces are made of cast iron for durability and feature a temperature gauge.

  • Has plenty of cooking room
  • Can use both charcoal and gas
  • Has a durable construction
  • The side smoker is easy to access


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Lacks preparation space
  • Expensive

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Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker

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For easy operation, try the Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker. This unit uses smart smoke technology which allows you to leave it after you set the temperature. The automatic electric feed system keeps a constant temperature of 180 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit <F>.

The grilling area is quite large with a 513 sq inch main rack and a 187 square inch warm rack. The cart is built with locking caster wheels to move freely and stay secure while in use. You can use this pellet grill in many ways: smoke, bake, grill, and many more. This combo unit uses pure hardwood pellets to produce heat and smoke, adding a savory flavor.

  • Very convenient to use
  • Offers multiple cooking functions
  • Has a large grilling space
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and 3-years warranty
  • Solid and heavily constructed


  • Not reliable in the long run
  • A bit heavy to move

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Giantex Outdoor BBQ Grill

Giantex Outdoor Smoker with Double Doors, 2 Detachable Grill Netting Smoking Racks, Charcoal Pan & Water Pan, 4 Air Vents, Thermometer, Vertical Charcoal Smoker for Barbecue Camping Backyard Grill

If you want a spacious charcoal grill, then Giantex Outdoor BBQ Grill is a good option. It’s constructed of rust-resistant black coated steel to provide long years of reliable use. It’s safe to use with its wooden handles that prevent your hands from getting burnt. The top lid is built with a thermometer to easily monitor the temperature while grilling or smoking.

This charcoal smoker grill is designed with a front wood shelf to place your grilling accessories and spices. Two wheels are built below to make this unit easy to move. The firebox effectively controls the smoke and heat while the side vent allows easy access to put more coals.

Using the thermometer attached to the door, you will be able to monitor the internal temperature during the bbq process. It has four vents on each side of the charcoal smoker which helps you to adjust the firepower and control the smoking effect.

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  • Convenient front wood shelf to hold grilling tools
  • Has an adequate cooking surface area
  • The price is attractive
  • Quite durable and sturdy
  • Easy to move


  • A bit difficult to put the parts together for assembly
  • The wood handles aren’t aesthetically pleasing

What’s A Smoker Grill?

A smoker grill is a combination of a regular grill and a smoker. It cooks the meat in a long, horizontal compartment, positioned next to the heat source. This makes the adjustment of heat and restocking of fuel easier.

The firebox fixed to the other side generates the smoke that offers that smoky taste and melting tenderness. Using the smoker grill is quite tedious because you have to monitor it often. Of course, when you use an electric smoker grill, it’s a lot easier because everything would be automatic. You may learn the pros and cons of an electric smoker from here.

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Types Of Smoker Grill Combo

best smoker grill combo

Combo grills come in various sizes and shapes. Depending on the circumstance, each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Here are 4 types of combo grills you can choose from.

Charcoal Grill With Smoker On The Side

If you like the traditional way of grilling meat on flavored wood chips, then the charcoal grill with a side smoker is your best option. This traditional grill offers the best smoky taste and it can get very hot <about 700 degrees F> with patience. However, cleaning this unit is challenging. You’ll need a disposable ash pan or tin foil to help with the cleaning.

Propane Grill And Smokers

Propane grills and smokers are relatively easy and fast to use. You can control the operation with just a twist of a dial and it heats up in about 15 minutes. However, these units can be expensive, especially if you hook up a gas line to your backyard.

Pellet Grills And Electric Smokers

The pellet grills are the best option for convenience. These units boast a hands-free operation. They also have the extra benefit of utilizing flavored pellets to add a nice flavor to your barbecue. However, they’re pretty expensive and they don’t have high heat options.

Hybrid Models

If you want the best of both worlds, the hybrid combo grills are your solution. They offer the flexibility of propane and the tasty smoky taste of charcoal in one unit. However, they’re bulky and demand a large cooking area in your place.

What To Look For Buying Your Best Smoker Grill Combo?


Many conventional smoker grills are constructed from carbon steel that tends to rust over time. You can, however, lengthen their lifespan by seasoning them regularly and looking for a form-fitting cover. If you want to avoid rust problems, look for aluminum, stainless steel, or enameled coated alternatives.

Another thing to consider is the thickness of the material. The thicker the material, the better. Look for 10-12 gauge metal because they remain sturdy even with little signs of rust.


The price of a good smoker grill combo can be expensive. To give yourself peace of mind, look for a long warranty. A valid warranty will get you covered in case the unit gets broken after purchase.

The best models offer a warranty of at least five years. Some confident manufacturers even provide a lifetime warranty to ensure the reliability of their units.

Size Of The Burner

The issue with many grill burners is that the size of the burner isn’t proportional to its casting. Some big casted grills have a small burner which leaves plenty of hot and cold spots. What you need is a grill burner with a proportional size to the grill.

Maximum Temperature

The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is helpful in this case as it determines the heat of the burner. However, it’s not an assurance that a higher BTU generates more heat. There are smaller grills with lower BTU that can generate higher temperatures so compare the BTU with the size of the grill.

If you like to cook steaks often, look for a grill with a minimum of 600 degrees F in temperature. Premium grills can reach a higher temperature and even grill fragile items at lower temperatures.

Safety Features

Like any cooking equipment, safety is always a top factor to consider. Look for cool-touch handles so you avoid the risk of burning your hands while cooking. A reliable grill cover can also protect your unit from any harmful elements.

Vents, Dampers, And Access

For accurate temperature control, look for adjustable vents and dampers. It’s also appreciated if the unit can maintain a constant temperature for a very long time. An offset firebox will make it easy to stoke the fire.


You can get high-quality products with a limited budget if you know how to filter them from a bunch of products available online. If you want to get a heavy-duty smoker grill combo for professional use, it will cost you more than $800. A smoker grill combo for home use will cost you below $100.

Final Thoughts

Any of the smoker grill combos discussed above can make a good purchase. But if I have to choose the best smoker grill for the money, I would pick The Original PK Grill and Smoker.

This PK smoker grill can produce the best flavor with its traditional way of grilling and smoking food. It also impresses with its durable construction, portability, and versatility.

Compared to other units, the PK grill has the longest warranty of 10 years. It also has a unique cast aluminum grill construction which looks very classy and expensive.

If you like it reading please take a tour of the other article of Cookingispassio. Happy cooking!

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