5 Best Stiletto Knife: Italian Stiletto Switchblades In 2022

Best Stiletto Knife

Most people pick a stiletto knife for self-defense and collection purposes. But for whatever purpose you choose, it should be solid and well-designed.

Italian Stiletto Switchblade Knives are different from other knives because it is thin and built like a needle; that’s why choosing the best one becomes harder sometimes.

To make it easy, I pick the five best Stiletto Knife. These Italian stiletto switchblades are super cool and a handy tool to carry on. Here is the five best Italian stiletto switchblade knife you can buy.

[Notice: Before purchasing any stiletto knife, make sure it is legal in your state/country. I am the author of Cookingispassio. Would not be responsible for any purchase or any occurrence. Please only use it for self-defense reasons and avoid using it harm anyone or otherwise.]

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Italian Stiletto Switchblades

5 Best Stiletto Knife Review


This knife is a combination of both Italian Stiletto and OTF-style knives. It is very cool and stylish to keep in your collection. The snakeskin design gives it a charming look.

VT DON OTF is a bayonet type 11 inches open knife with a pointy tip. The thumb slider fires the blade in and out. The firing is very smooth and precise.

This knife handle is perfectly covered with black marble stone. The handle is very comfortable and grippy. There is no change of slipping out from the hand.

11 inches overall length and 4.75 inches blade make a perfect combination of the best stiletto pocket knife. This VT don Black OTF features a sharpened stainless steel spike. This spike can perfectly shoot out with fast automatic action.

You can use this black OTF knife in any normal and critical situation like self-defense, glass break, ice pick, hunting, and normal hobbies.

This automatic pocket knife is a perfect example of a modern Italian stiletto, so hurry up and add it to your collection.

What We Like

  • 11-inch overall length.
  • 4.75-inch razor-sharp blade.
  • Bayonet type blade.
  • Black marble handle.
  • Smooth firing action.
  • Perfect Italian stiletto pocket knife
  • Strong spring.
  • Combination of Italian stiletto and OTF.


Sometimes misfires when wet.


This big, pointy, stylish razor-sharp knife is another great knife to add to your collection. The length of this knife is 13 inches long. The blade is 6 inches and made with stainless steel.

The handle is made from Dymondwood with a custom finish. The handle looks not only good but also very comfortable. It fits perfectly in your hand.

The old-school stiletto classic look makes it so attractive that viper-Tech 13″ BIG BOY would be the one if I purchase based on its design.

The blade is razor-sharp and has a pointy end. The spring is very strong. Pressing the button pops the blade from the side. The polish on the blade is a light mirror.

Generally, people carry stiletto knives for self-defense, but hobbies and knife lovers often choose these knives for passion, and it’s a knife you definitely save into your collection.

It has one more massive benefit if you love to hunt and want to carry one more extra, but in short, it would be the perfect one for you.

What We Like

  • 6 inches long stainless-steel blade.
  • Bayonet-style blade.
  • Fully starched 13 inches long knife
  • Razor-sharp.
  • Dymondwood made a handle.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • 180 degrees side popping mechanism.


High chance of cutting yourself while opening.

3. Viper-tech KERSHAW AUTO LAUNCH 12

This small knife is known as the new generation’s stiletto knife. It is pocket-sized, very lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. It is an amazing knife to add to your collection.

The length of the knife is 6.2 inches. The blade length is 2.5 inches. It is made from CPM 154 steel. The integrated finger guard keeps your hands safe.

The handle is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, black anodized, carbon fiber insert front. This is the reason why this blade is so lightweight. The length of the handle is 3.7 inches.

The push-button is low profile. It makes accidental pop less. On the other hand, the pocket clip makes it effortless to carry. The blade is extremely lightweight, only 54 grams. Overall, the knife is rustproof, corrosion-free, water-resistant, and tough.

What We Like

  • Pocket-sized and lightweight.
  • 2.5-inch razor-sharp CPM 154 steel blade.
  • Black anodized aluminum 3.7 inches handle.
  • Extremely lightweight, only 54 grams.
  • Low profile push-button.
  • Integrated finger guard.
  • Pocket clip for carrying.


Extremely small, not fit for large hands.


Another handy and stylish knife from viper tech. This knife’s solid build and the dark and sleek style impressed me; that’s why it is on the list. Let me show you.

The overall length of this knife is 9.5inch, and the blade is almost half of its length. The blade is made of Razor-sharp stainless steel. Also, the shapes on the blade look good and helpful.

This handsome black wooden handle is really solid, and the design provides you great grip. Also, there is an integrated finger guard at the beginning of the handle to protect your fingers from the blade.

This automatic knife fires strong and locks uptight. Also, the knife is not much heavy and fits anyone’s hand really well. Also, the sharpness is really nice. This seems to be great for the price to add to your collection.

What We Like

  • Handsome and classic look
  • Sharpness is top-class
  • Fires strong and lock uptight
  • Real strong spring action
  • Integrated finger guard
  • Lightweight and solid design
  • Viper life warranty


Wooden handle damaged fast

5. Boker Plus 02BO1942 V-42 Replica Devils Brigade Knife

Boker Plus V-42 is a classic straight black knife used by a special service force. They have been Standing on the market with their blades for over 145 years. Let’s know more about it.

It’s a 7inch blade made of SK-5 carbon steel material and, on the blade, there is a black coating for stain-resistant. The tipping point and the shaping are really good. Also, on the blade, there is a thumb-holding space to grip properly.

The handle also looks solid because of the compressed leather discs. It grips well and fits well on hand. Also, there is an integrated finger guard and pointed impact cap at the end.

Other things such as it’s only a 1-pound knife lightweight knife with great sharpness. Also, they include a red spearhead cloth that symbolizes “The worst is yet to come.”

What We Like

  • SK-5 carbon steel material
  • Has separated thumb holding space
  • Great center of gravity balanced
  • Blade is really thick and sharp
  • Handle feels good on the hand
  • Handle, guard, and pommel joined tight


It’s not an automatic knife

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Buying Guide

Nothing much but some of the things you really should notice while buying.

Blade Material

steel is the heart of the knife, so the material of the blade should be the number one priority. For that, carbon steel and stainless steel material are great to choose from.

You can’t have a good knife if your knife hasn’t a high-quality steel blade. Always try to choose a knife that has a rock-solid blade.

Blade size

Blade plays a crucial role depending on your need. According to your need and comfortability, you should select a knife. Obviously, you won’t choose a large knife for basic tasks or a small knife for heavy-duty work. So it’s a basic thing but the most important rule to follow.

Blade Design & Shapes

Blade shapes and designs are really important for comfortable working experiences. The most common shapes are tanto, drop point, clip point, and spear point, but we see needle-like point shapes in a stiletto knife.

The double-edged design and thin blades are great for all kinds of operations and works.

Edge Types

Straight edge blades are the best option for self-defense, hunting, and other survival jobs because it has an edge that ensures you the sharp cuts easily and quickly.


pick a knife whose knife handle fits your hand well. Because hand fitting is really important for these knives, handle material can be plastic or wood; choose one that grips well.

Other’s things

pick a one that has a finger guard, and if you choose an automatic knife saw the knife’s spring and firing quality.

You can also choose from my list those have the same quality that I told you about in the buying guide. But if you want my recommendation from this list, I will go with Viper-Tech 13″ BIG BOY AUTO STILETTO and Viper-tech BLACKHORN STILETTO.

Are Stiletto Knives Double-edged?

Stiletto knives are famous for their double-edged design and thin blades. These features are great for all kinds of operations and perfectly work in survival situations.

Is a Stiletto Knife Illegal?

According to law, most knives are allowed in California, but daggers and throwing knives are illegal. You can’t use switchblades larger than 2 inches blade.


Whether you buy a knife for collection or self-defense, it should be solid, handy, and stylish because that highly impacts your everyday work.

That’s why I choose these five, which have both qualities. Also, before buying, check on your state that it is legal or illegal to use; neither after buying you may get in trouble.

I hope you like those Stiletto Knife and got a perfect one for you. Thank you.

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