4 Best Wusthof Knife Sharpener In 2022

Knives have become an essential part of human life from ancient times. Today we use knives frequently, which makes our knives dull. As a result, knife sharpeners have become as important as the knife itself.

Best Wusthof Knife Sharpeners

There are many companies selling knife sharpeners. For a person buying for the first time gets confusing and difficult to decide which one to buy. So, in this article, I will list 4 of the best Wusthof knife sharpeners. From my experience and opinion, they are the best out in the market now.

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4 Best Wusthof Knife Sharpeners

Wusthof 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

Wüsthof Knife Sharpener - 2-Stage

Wüsthof Knife Sharpener – 2-Stage is a very handy and powerful tool. Weighing only 30 grams, it serves the purposes well. The handle is perfect, and the whole tool is easy to use.

The 2 slots make your knife razor-sharp. No matter how your blade edge is damaged, the sharpener takes care of it effortlessly. This knife sharpener comes with the following features.

2 stage sharpening: The sharpener comes in 2 slots. The 1st one is for the dull edge, and the 2nd one is for fine-tuning the edge.

1st stage: the first slot is made from carbide. In this part, the knife becomes straight. Any chipped or warped area heals. It is especially for dull knives. Making the big adjustment gives the backbone of a knifes’ edge.

2nd stage: In this part, the knife edge becomes sharper. Big chunks go out in the first stage. But in this part, finer tuning is done. With these 2 parts, the knife becomes sharp as a razor blade.

Efficient: Wüsthof Knife Sharpener is small and handy. Its dimension of it is 8.11 x 1.69 x 3.54. It only weighs 30 grams. So, space-saving is another feature of this sharpener. The handle is also ergonomic. Giving a comfortable grip ensures the steadiness required.

What We Like

  • Small and Handy.
  • Works in 2 stages.
  • The 1st stage is carbide, and 2nd is ceramic.
  • Remove the chips and straighten the blade in the first stage.
  • Fine-tunes the edge at 2nd stage.
  • Weighs only 30 grams.
  • Ergonomic handle design.


It comes with very minimal instruction.

Wusthof Precision Edge, 4 Stage Knife Sharpener

WÜSTHOF Precision Edge 4 Stage Knife Sharpener

The precision edge 4 stage knife sharpener is both stylish and useful. The special feature of this sharpener is it can sharpen both standard and Asian-style knives. It has 4 slots and sharpens the knife amazingly. The dimension of this tool is 9 x 1.5 x 3.5 inches. The weight is 318 grams.

2 style knife sharpening: The sharpener has 4 slots 2 for standard knife blades and 2 for Asian style blades. So, every knife can be sharpened with this. The cutting angles of standard and Asian-style knives are different. You can sharpen both styles of knives with this sharpener.

2 stage sharpening method

1st stage: the first stage removes coarse parts of the edge. It straightens the edge. The chipping parts or warped parts are removed. It does the heavy grinding and prepares the edge for fine-tune.

2nd stage: In this part, the blade is sharpened more. Fine grinding is done and gives the edge an ultimate finish. It makes the blade brand new and makes the blade razor-sharp.

Rubber grip and weight: 4 stage sharpener from Wusthof has a rubber base. It makes it non-slippery. While working, there is no change of movement, and it works as a solid vise. On the other hand, the sharpener is weighed around 318 grams. A little weight tends not to move while using and gives you comfort.

What We Like

  • Can sharp both standard and Asian style knives.
  • 4 slots for ultimate sharpening.
  • 2 stage sharpening process.
  • Grinds and fine-tunes the knife.
  • Rubber base and weighted for prevention of movement.
  • Cover for safety.
  • Comfortable handgrip slot for control.


Stone change is needed frequently.

Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener

Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener – Easy Edge Sharpener for Kitchen Knives – Black

The Wusthof electric knife sharpener is a modern device. It’s fully automated and saves you a lot of time. The sharpener has already been programmed. The blade is guided through three levels using three buttons.

The sharpener uses belts for sharpening. With the help of 3 different belts, it becomes the ultimate modifier for the blade edge. Making your knives brand new and saving your manual labor is a great handy tool to have.

Automatic: This is an electric sharpener apart from the traditional manual sharpening tools. All you need to do there is place the knife and press the button. It automatically makes your blade sharp. If you have a rush or need to sharpen many knives, this sharpener becomes very much efficient.

3 stage sharpening: Wusthof electric knife sharpener sharpens the knife in 3 stages. The shape button makes your blade straight and gives the optimal angle for cutting.

Your blade is sharpened by pressing the sharpen button. After the shaping stage, your blade may have some microchipping. In this stage, the sharpener removes them and sharpens your blade to like-new condition.

The refine button sharpens the blade. It sharpens the blade to a razor’s edge. This is where all of the fine-tuning takes place.

Speed, timing, and vacuum: There are 3 different speeds for sharpening the blade. Shaping, sharpening and fine-tuning the blade need different speeds. So all can be done by only one machine.

Moreover, the smart timing automatically detects the condition and times the grinding period. Lastly, the internal vacuum system collects debris from grinding the blade.

What We Like

  • Electric automatic sharpener.
  • Uses P120, X30, and X4 belts for sharpening.
  • Sharps the blade in 3 stages.
  • Preprogrammed and smart timing for ultimate sharpening.
  • Internal vacuum system for debris collection.
  • Time and labor-saving.
  • 3 buttons for different blade conditions.


A little costly.

Wüsthof Knife Sharpener. Black & Plastic

Wüsthof Knife Sharpener

Wusthof knife sharpener is a classic-looking sharpener. Designed by Germany and manufactured in China, it does its job quite nicely. The handle is great. The 2 stage sharpening makes the blade brand new. A 30-degree angle works for every knife.

2 stage sharpening: Wusthof knife sharpener uses 2 stage sharpening process. The 1st stage is the coarse part. It shapes the knife and removes any debris or chipping. The 2nd part sharpens the knife-edge very finely. All over it gives the knife a razor-sharp finish.

30-degree angle: The sharpening angle is 30 degrees. This angle can be used for every knife. That means the sharpener is universal.

Ergonomic handle and base: The handle of this tool is made from non-slippery plastic and has a very ergonomic handle. The handle fits perfectly in hand. Also, it can be used by both hands. The base of this sharpener is non-slippery, making it very effective to use.

What We Like

  • 2 stage sharpening.
  • Coarse and fine settings.
  • Universal and 30-degree cutting angle.
  • 300 grams of weight.
  • Ergonomic handle and can be used by both hands.
  • The non-slippery base for reducing movement.
  • Handy and space-saving.


Needs to apply more pressure from others.

Buying Guide

In this part, I will discuss which features to look for before buying a new Wusthof knife sharpener. This sharpener is the best for sharpening the Wusthof knife that lasts long.

Manual or Electric

There are electric and manual sharpeners out there in the market. You must first understand your needs. If you have many knives and need to sharpen them quite regularly, then you need to go for automatic electric sharpeners.

Sharpening Stages

The procedure of sharpening the knife is an important feature of the knife sharpener. Most sharpeners come with 2 stages. Coarse and fine stage. They are acceptable. Some come in 3 stages or 4. They are quite good at making your blade excellent sharp. Don’t buy a sharper with only one stage.

Handle and base

As we are working with knives, safety is a must. Knife sharpeners must have a comfortable grip. The handle must be designed to keep the hand far from the blade.

The base should be made from rubber or non-slip material. It prevents movement and avoids accidents. Also, a little weight helps to stabilize the tool.


Cost is also an important aspect of buying a new sharpener. Cheap sharpeners do not last very long. Try to go for the mid-ranged sharpeners. Manual sharpeners do not cost that much. The 3 manual sharpeners are mid-ranged and quite good. Little expensive sharpeners are quite good, and they are automatic. They will save your labor and time.

Is Sharpening Stone Better than Knife Sharpeners?

Ans: Sharpening stones give better results than a knife sharpener. But it needs some skills to learn how to use them. On the other hand, knife sharpeners are easy to use and produce acceptable results.

Are the Knife Sharpeners Bad for Knives?

Ans: Good quality knife sharpeners are not bad for your knife. They give you a moderate result. Belt sharpeners are a little risky to use. Grinding for a long time with a belt will heat the blade and change its property. So, avoid sharpening your blade with a belt for a long time.

Does Knife Sharpeners’ Stone Wear Out?

Ans: Yes, sharpeners’ stones wear out over time. We need to replace them. They are not that expensive and easy to change. But the duration of a stone is determined by your use and the quality. You can replace various parts of the Wusthof knife sharpener.


In restaurants where knives are used every second, knife sharpeners are a must. For your house, there is no harm in having them. In the sea of brands and products, the listed 4 best wusthof knife sharpeners are a great option in my experience. There may be a certain sharpener that you like but are confused about whether to buy or not. Try to follow our buying guide to choose. I hope this article was a little help to you in some dimension. Thank you.

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