Can a Countertop Oven Replace a Regular Oven? Facts of Countertop Oven.

Can a Countertop Oven Replace a Regular Oven

Regular ovens provide a better performance, help to improve cooking capability, and are best for large household cooking. The countertop oven is feature-full, cooks fast, is less expensive, and is space-saving.

Both can cook and bake well, but for the familiar look of the regular ovens and their traditional use, people get confused: Can a Countertop Oven Replace a Regular Oven!

Yes, you can replace a regular oven with a countertop oven. Here in this article, I will provide details on which prospective you should replace. So, let’s get all the answers.

Can a Countertop Oven Replace a Regular Oven?

A countertop oven is an upgrade to a regular oven; they are smaller than the regular oven. Counter ovens preheat quickly and hold heat better. On the other hand, a regular oven is a conventional or radiant oven. It is like a traditional oven. Regular ovens are better insulated.

a oven cooking chicken inside

From many prospective, a countertop oven can replace a regular oven. Let me show you the differences so that you can easily make up your mind and replace the convection oven instant-on conventional oven.

Heating: Countertop oven or the convection countertop oven comes with a fan that heats the whole oven quickly and distributes heat in every corner equally. As it distributes heat quickly for that, it will cook your food faster.

On the other hand, the regular or conventional oven heat from the bottom to top or top to bottom, which means the other side will heat more than the side it generates heat for that the other side cooks fast. Also, it takes more time to cook than the countertop oven.

Electricity: As the countertop oven preheats quickly, it holds the heat better and cooks faster, consuming less power.

On the other hand, the regular ovens are better insulated, but heating the whole surface takes more time, consuming more power.

Size: Most of the kitchen’s interior is designed to fit regular ovens; no extra space is needed to keep in the kitchen. On the other hand, you need countertop space for keeping the countertop ovens. Though most countertop ovens come in small sizes, the countertop does not have that height to keep countertop ovens.

Cooking or Baking: Though both can do general cooking perfectly. But the regular oven cooks slowly and heats for a long time, so you can bake and do general cooking better than the countertop oven.

“Regular oven cooks slowly but heat for a long time”

David – A review expert.

Other hands in the countertop oven make the exterior crispy and the interior fluffy and juicy.

Features: In different models of countertop ovens, you will get cooking, baking, keeping warm, broiling settings, and a timer controller. As for the different oven models of regular ovens, you get warm settings and a temperature controller. But on the countertop, you get the better features.

Safety: The countertop ovens are safe for kids as they stay on the countertop, and for the easy, they are safer than regular ovens and ensure unnecessary incidents.

Installation: A regular oven needs professional installation as they are set on the wall or in a cabinet and must be well ventilated and plugged in. On the other hand, you can easily install a countertop oven; you just need to unpack, place, and plug in a countertop oven.

The regular conventional oven provides better performance, helps to improve cooking capability, and is best for large household cooking. On the other hand, the main thing is that you can do almost all the cooking work on the countertop oven as you do on the regular one.

Even the convection countertop oven is more versatile and convenient. It heats better, cooks fast, uses less electricity, and saves space in the kitchen; all these you are getting at less price than the regular oven. So, looking at the features, space-saving, and pricing, a countertop oven is a good replacement for a regular oven.

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Can Toaster Ovens Replace an Oven?

toaster oven

A toaster oven is small in size, energy-efficient, cooks fast, has no installation trouble, is more affordable, and is best for small kitchen spaces.

On the other hand, an oven is quite big than a toaster oven, performs better, improves cooking capability, and is best for large household cooking.
If I compare both a toaster and an oven, a toaster oven cannot cook or heat a large portion of food like an oven. Keeping it aside, a toaster oven will fit on the countertop or in the cabinet, and you don’t require any extra installation; it uses less energy to cook or heat food fast.

Also, A toaster oven is more affordable; within $150, you can get an average toaster, and cleaning and maintenance are easy than an oven. So, these prospective toaster ovens can replace an oven.

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What is the Difference Between a Toaster Oven and a Countertop Oven?

A countertop oven comes with a fan that quickly heats the whole oven and distributes heat in every corner equally, and a toaster oven generates heat from the top and bottom. For faster heat distribution countertop oven cooks faster than the toaster oven.

A toaster oven comes in a small size than a countertop oven. Also, it uses deference, countertop cook, or baking more recipes than the toaster oven. Last, the toaster oven is less expensive than the countertop oven.

So, if you have less budget and less space in your kitchen and if you can compromise with fewer recipes, you can replace a toaster oven instant with a countertop oven.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Countertop Oven?

As an electric item, you should look closely at multiple things. But mainly looking at 3 important things, you can purchase a quality countertop oven.

convection oven-cooked chicken


Before purchasing, determine how much food you will cook and what amount of food you will cook at a time in the countertop oven. Different sized countertop ovens are available; choose as your need.


It depends on how much space your kitchen has to keep the countertop oven. If you have a large, you can choose any model, but choose a feature full under cabinet or compact model countertop oven if your space is limited.


The basic models of countertop ovens start from around $50, and the higher versions cost around $1500. You can choose any feature-full models in this price range on your preferred budget.

Can I Bake a Cake in a Countertop Oven?

bake a cake in a countertop oven

You can bake cakes easily in a regular oven, but in a countertop oven, you can bake only small cakes for its quick heat and fast cooking. Small cakes will bake perfectly for their small surface in the countertop oven.

Other hands, the large cakes have a wider and deep surface so that the exterior will bake perfectly, but the interior will remain uncooked, which doesn’t happen in a regular oven.

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Why Do People Buy Countertop Ovens?

For more versatile and convenient cooking or heating, people buy countertop ovens. Countertop ovens have a fan on their back that circulates the hot air everywhere, helps heat quickly, and ensures fast cooking. Not just the fast cooking, it ensures tastier, crispy, and juicy foods.

For quick heat, this consumes less electricity and saves energy. Also, the countertop oven does not need any installation except for you to do a wall-mount and save space in the kitchen. Countertop ovens give more features at an affordable price. For these great advantages, people buy countertop ovens.

Does a Countertop Oven Use Less Electricity?

A countertop uses a fan on the back of the oven, which circulates the air every in the oven, which helps to preheat quickly. It holds the heat better and cooks faster, consuming less power and ensuring less energy usage. Also, a countertop oven cooks or bakes food more than 30% faster than a regular oven or a toaster oven and uses less electricity.

What Can You Cook in a Countertop Oven?

In a countertop oven, you can cook multiple varieties of food for its great heating, space, and features. You can cook resting ham, beef cuts, muffins, pies, steak, cookies, chips, and toasting bread easily in a countertop oven.

“In a countertop oven on the convection setting, if you use shallow pans, you will be benefited while cooking foods.”

Joshua- A Review Expert

Are Countertop Ovens Safe?

Yes, countertop ovens are safe. A countertop oven comes in a $50 to $1500 price range, mostly the mid to high-budget countertop ovens manufactured with safe materials. But sometimes, external things can make it unsafe.

If you use plastic or paper bags in a countertop oven or leave one of these on the top of the countertop oven, the countertop oven can overheat these things, which can cause or catch fire.

Note: While using the countertop oven, ensure the surface is clean, wear gloves and have proper ventilation in the kitchen.

Can I Plug a Countertop Oven into a Regular Outlet?

Plugging a countertop oven into a regular outlet depends on multiple things. First, the outlet should be single; even if the outlet has space for two, you must plug in only one. Second, there are installed standard 100-volt outlets in most kitchens, which may not be enough for most countertops; if you install a 200-volt outlet, you can easily plug a countertop oven.

How to Replace a Large Oven With a Countertop Model?

You can install a countertop oven without removing or keeping the large oven. Removing the large oven is the best option; you can measure your kitchen space easily. After removing the measure, the place you want to keep the countertop oven. Then choose 2 or 3 feature-full models that fit in your measured space. Lastly, purchase the best on your budget and set up the countertop oven in that suitable place.

Note: While choosing a place, make sure you can easily open the countertop oven door and don’t place it side of the sink; it can damage your countertop oven.


Comparing the regular oven and the countertop oven, you have seen that the countertop oven heat better, cooks fast, uses less electricity, saves space in the kitchen, and is less expensive than a regular oven.

Also, choosing a countertop oven and replacing it with a regular oven is easy. So, I hope you got all the points and understand you can easily replace a regular oven with a countertop oven. Thank you.

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