Can You Eat Fondant? The Answer That Will Amaze You


So, do you consider yourself a fan of eating and baking pastries? If yes, then you must have been served a cake that is covered in fondant many times now. But with that, can you eat fondant?

Ever wondered if you can also enjoy eating the fondant along with the delicious cake you serve? Let us find out the answer here!


What Is Fondant, Anyway?


Fondant is popularly known as a pliable and soft substance that is used for decorating cakes and pastries. It denotes two different types of icing. This can be rolled poured.

The rolled fondant is made of water, shortening, gelatin, confectioner's sugar and corn syrup, which can be shaped, rolled and cut in any decoration.

A less common type of fondant, poured fondant is made of corn syrup, sugar, and water. Usually, it is cooked and poured on the desserts or cakes. This is used for petit fours, éclairs, and other pastries. 

So, Can You Eat Fondant?


Though fondant is not something you would always want to eat, it can be eaten due to its sweet, edible taste. Its sweetness makes it a delectable taste especially for those with a sweet tooth. Although some find this cake and dessert decoration delicious, others dislike its thickness and sweetness.

Often, fondant comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. It is advised not to overeat fondant since the sugar content is extremely high. Your body will surely not like it if you consume fondant in massive amounts.

Just a little fact about fondant: it is not perfect for all designs. Though its gummy compounds produce a good taste for icing, it is appalling for particular design work. Fondant doesn't hold its shape, thus making it difficult for you to finish a homemade dessert or pastry with it. 

Are Fondants Being Eaten Directly Or Peeled It Off?

Quite sure, some of you are divided about this matter. But for me, it might go either way. When using it to cover a cupcake or cake, you can try rolling out the fondant thinly and nicely so the flavor will not excessively interfere.

What Does It Taste Like?


For the past few years, fondant was not able to impress the palate of individuals. In fact, many shared that it has a bad taste. When it was initially mass-produced, it contained some preservatives that left a substance-like taste.

Its growing popularity also allowed for the taste, workability, and texture to improve. Now, many people say that the taste it offers can be compared to that of marshmallows since they are mostly made of sugar. This is why these days you will see that most of the cakes and desserts have fondant onto it.

Not only has it given a unique, impressive design, but a sweet taste as well that our sweet tooth will crave for. After giving fondant a taste, you will definitely choose to cover your homemade cakes with it. 

Tips on Using Fondant


Well, using a fondant is so easy. At first, it might seem a bit hard, however, the more you used it, the easier it is to use and also mold the rolled fondants.

Once using a fondant, consider the following tips:

  • Have a clean and flat surface to work with. A fondant mat would come in handy as for keeping the fondant smooth and dust-free. 
  • You might grease your hands with vegetable oil or something the same and knead the fondant. This would make it pliable and warm.
  • In testing whether you achieve the perfect fondant, try pinching it or rolling it into a ball and look for some cracks. Once there are no cracks then this means that the fondant is ready.
  • You have to make sure that you have some idea of the amount of the fondant that you would use. If fondant is exposed to air, it might dry out and be stiff.
  • And finally, once you determined the needed amount, like a ziplock bag.

Can You Make Fondant On Your Own?

Of course! In fact, homemade fondant is such an easy and fun activity to do! After all the mess of doing your fondant, you'll eventually find yourself smiling widely for a delicious, perfect fondant for your delectable cupcake or cake.

Watch this video to learn the process of making your fondant:

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Final Thoughts

Can You Eat Fondant

For many curious bakers and professional cake designers, making cakes, cupcakes or other desserts and pastries would be quite boring without fondant.

Even brides, especially baking enthusiasts and experts love this soft, delicious decoration as it gives their favorite desserts or pastries a unique taste while creating an appealing look.

Though you can eat fondant, you must limit yourself of its intake since it is high in sugar content, which is not good for your health.

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