Can You Use Pyrex On The Stovetop? You Must Know The Answer

In our daily lives, Pyrex cookware and bakeware are used for cooking, baking, heating, reheating, and serving cooked food. But using the wrong platform or the wrong way Pyrex can shatter or damage.

Can You Use Pyrex On The Stovetop

Can you use Pyrex on the stovetop? Yes, the Pyrex cookware is safe to use on the stovetop but the Pyrex bakeware is not safe to use on the stovetop. Let me describe to you why not use it!

Pyrex Element

In the early days, or you can say originally, borosilicate glass was used to make Pyrex bakeware and cookware. Borosilicate is made up of two ingredients silica and boric acid. Those are tough to break, and they actually can resist thermal shock.

But currently, heat-strengthened soda-lame and soda-lame glass are used to make Pyrex. Soda-lame is also good to use on Pyrex. Soda-lame is mainly used to cut off the price that’s why nowadays Pyrex price is quite purchasable to common people.

Can You Use Pyrex On The Stovetop?

Pyrex can be used on the stovetop but depending on what type of Pyrex product this is! There is Pyrex cookware, bakeware, glassware, and serving dishes.

Pyrex cookware can be used on the stovetop, and the others, such as bakeware, glassware, and serving dishes, can’t be used on the stovetop. Pyrex cookware is mainly made for stovetops, but you can also use it in other places.

How Pyrex Cookware Can Be Used On The Stovetop?

In Pyrex cookware, there is heat-strengthened soda-lame glass which is actually like glass but stronger than glass. It can be resistant to thermal shock and doesn’t shatter while cooking.

There were also used soda-lame glass in bakeware, glassware, and serving dishes, but these do not come with heat-strengthened. It can be resistant to thermal shock for a certain point.

Pyrex can resist temperatures approximately 425-to-450-degree Fahrenheit. The stovetop creates open heat and heat much more than its absorb point, creating a thermal shock on the pot and shattering.

That’s why you can’t use Pyrex’s bakeware, glassware, serving dishes on the stovetop, and other similar things such as electric stove, toaster oven, cold oven, broiler, and grill.

Why Pyrex Shatter?

Pyrex mainly shatters when you create uneven temperature or pressurize two different temperatures in Pyrex; this is called thermal shock, and it can happen in different ways.

Suppose you put Pyrex except for Pyrex cookware on the open heat such as stovetop, electric stove, toaster oven, broiler, and on a grill. In that case, Pyrex will get a thermal shock, and it will shatter because Pyrex can handle 425-450degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Another way, if you put hot water in and then instantly put cold water or move Pyrex from a cold surface to a hot surface, a temperature difference will happen that creates thermal shock and shatters Pyrex.

Can You Use Pyrex On An Oven?

Except on the stovetop or other platforms such as in the oven, microwave & or freeze, you can use Pyrex’s cookware, bakeware, glassware, and serving dishes.

Microwaves and ovens don’t provide open heat, and most of them create temperatures under 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Pyrex’s soda-lime material can handle this temperature easily and doesn’t get any thermal shock.

Also, the same thing goes for the freeze. You can preserve anything at a cold temperature. It won’t damage in minus temperature and keeps food healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Glass Bakeware On The Stovetop?

Ans: You should never put glass bakeware directly on the open heat or high heat. This is because the stovetop creates high temperatures, and the glass is not made for use in that condition, and it breaks.

Suppose the manufacturer provides any information in the description that this glass bakeware is safe to use on the stovetop. Then you can put glass bakeware on the stovetop.

Can You Boil Water In Pyrex?

Ans: you can easily boil water in Pyrex. But boiling on the stovetop or electric stovetop, you have to use Pyrex cookware, and for oven and microwave, you can use both Pyrex cookware and bakeware.

How To Clean Pyrex?

Ans: Pyrex is a daily household usage item for it is safe to use on the dishwasher, and also you can clean it easily using your hand. You just need plastic or non-abrasive cleaners or nylon pads to clean Pyrex perfectly.

What To Do If Pyrex Shatters Or Explodes?

Ans: If Pyrex shatters or breaks don’t panic yourself. First, try to find any injuries; if injuries happen, use first aid. Then wear shoes and gloves. Then carefully try to pick up the big pieces of broken Pyrex by hand, or you can use a broom and dustpan also; it’s safer to use a broom and dustpan, and it will gather big pieces with tiny shards.

After that, use a wet broom or damp paper towel to stick the tiny piece of glass on the wet broom or damp paper towel. In this way, you can clean easily.


When you buy something that is directly related to food, you must be aware and read all the details written on the body of the product. Whether it is safe in stovetops, ovens, microwaves, or food-safe, these should be strictly followed, and then you should use them.

I faced this type of problem earlier; that’s why I know how dangerous it can be used incorrectly or on the wrong platform. I hope you get your answer and understand what I am trying to say.

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