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Top 10 Healthiest Foods to Invest In Your Diet


Who said healthy eating should be boring? Nature offers us a wide array of super foods that are not only very efficient in fighting and protecting from chronic diseases but are also utterly delicious. Think fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes…

Making a selection of only 10 of these nutritive powerhouses is not an easy task, but we have managed to compile a list of top healthiest foods that could serve as a good start towards a healthier lifestyle!

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The Best Masa Harina Substitute: 8 Great Alternatives


Looking for a masa harina substitute? This post will discuss some of the best alternatives to this delicious Mexican ingredient. Check out the items below if you’re out of masa harina or simply want to experiment on other flavors and textures!

Mexican food is a staple in my house. The whole family always looks forward to having our taco nights! This is why I always make sure to have masa harina—the ingredient that I use when I make tortillas from scratch—in my pantry.

What does one do when masa harina runs out? Read on! Below are some of the alternatives that you can use. 

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Need a Cream Cheese Substitute? These Are the Best Alternatives!


Last week, I needed to cook with cream cheese for a potluck, but needed to make adjustments because my daughter doesn’t like it. I did my research to see if I there are alternatives, and I got so many new ideas! Looking for a cream cheese substitute? Read on!

Cream cheese is one of my favorite things to eat and cook with. I simply love the silky texture and mild flavor! this is one of the ingredients that I almost always have at home--I use it in both sweet and savory dishes. What does one do when there’s a need to substitute?

Whether you’re like me who needs to cook for someone who doesn’t like cream cheese, or simply looking to experiment on new ideas, here are some great cream cheese substitute ingredients that taste just as delicious.

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Want the Best Coconut Milk Substitute? Here are 6 Items to Try


Looking for a coconut milk substitute? This article is for people who don’t like the taste of coconut milk but want to cook dishes that call for it, as well as for people who don’t have it on hand.

This type of milk has a distinct flavor, so the items below may not be able to exactly copy the exact coconut taste. However, these things will deliver in terms of consistency and creaminess, so you will still be able to come up with equally delicious dishes!

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The Best Tarragon Substitute: Try These 7 Alternatives!


 Tarragon is an aromatic herb that has a very distinct flavor—but what happens if you run out or simply want to try new ingredients with similar flavors? This post will let you in on different ingredients that can act as a tarragon substitute!

Let me let you in on some great alternatives! Some are already probably available in your kitchen, while others are great new flavors to experiment with.

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Want the Best Dijon Mustard Substitute? Try These!


Looking for a Dijon mustard substitute? This article will give you some alternative suggestions that you can use if you run out of ingredients, or if you’re simply looking to experiment with different flavors.

My search for a Dijon mustard substitute started when I was working on a recipe <an emulsion> that called for a tablespoon of it. I was already halfway through prepping when I realized that I didn’t have Dijon on hand, so I started doing research.

Let me share with you what I’ve learned! If you’re out of Dijon mustard, these are some of the best items that you can replace it with.

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