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Two Effective Ways on How to Reheat Fried Chicken


Do you belong to those who love fried chicken so much? If yes, you might be into buying too much of it, and end up having too much leftover as well. So, in that case, you plan to reheat the chicken. But, how to reheat fried chicken ?

 Well, I will help you do the process correctly. We all know that fried chicken is a staple happiness mainly if it is juicy, crispy and flavorful. So, let us reheat the chicken now!

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How to Cook With Turmeric : All You Need to Know


The bright orange color of ground turmeric is highly recognizable and has been used in cooking for centuries. You're a big fan of turmeric so do you know how to cook with turmeric?

As a staple in Indian, Chinese, and Caribbean cooking, turmeric <curcumin> has been delivering health benefits for centuries. Now showing up in recipes and on menus across the world, people are beginning to understand that turmeric is much more than a spice

The reason for its rise to fame comes from its medicinal properties. Turmeric possesses strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help relieve and prevent many serious health conditions.

Adding a few dashes to each meal may be just what the doctor ordered.

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The Ketogenic Diet and Alcohol: The Ultimate Guide to What You Can Drink!


Are you starting the keto diet in hopes of reaping its many health benefits? Then you're probably wondering if you'll still be able to consume your favorite drinks, mainly alcohol. After all, alcohol has a bad rap for being a calorie-dense drink and can slow down weight loss.

But that depends on the type of alcohol you drink. If you're wondering how the ketogenic diet and alcohol mix, I'll be showing you all about how this drink can affect your weight loss goals and overall health.

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How to Find the Best Cottage Cheese Brands for You


Cottage cheese serves as a reliable treat for the health-conscious, nutritionists, athletes and weight loss enthusiasts. A cheese which contains much lower fat than others <around 2.6g of fat per 120g serving> may not sound so appealing.

However, cottage cheese compensates through a creamy and slightly salty taste. The best cottage cheese brands have developed this product into plenty of varieties to choose from. Do you know all of them and how to eat cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is one of the healthiest and most nutritious light meals you can choose. It’s lighter than cheddar and tastier than ricotta, due to its curds. The cheese’s taste enriches along with its milk content.

Cottage also contains calcium as other cheeses, and it also comes with roughly 11% protein per serving. Let’s look more into cottage cheese and see which the best brands in this healthy field are.

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