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The Best Benefits of Drinking Hot Water with Honey


Below, I’ll list down some great benefits of drinking hot water with honey. I’ll also provide some add-ons that would enhance the drink’s flavor <as well as add more wonderful health benefits>.

Most of you probably know that drinking at least 8 glasses of water is good for one’s health, and that honey is one of the healthiest sweeteners out there, but did you know that when combined, these two can provide a lot more amazing benefits?

A friend introduced me to the hot water and honey drink a few years ago, and I haven’t stopped drinking it since. Not only do I love the taste butit also helped fix some health issues and amped up my immune system! 

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Do Tortillas Go Bad: Surprising Shelf Life You Need To Discover


Do tortillas go bad? Is the question like this ever crossed your mind? Most of us might overlook this kind of query. However, it is considered as a vital question that should be answered especially if you are a fanatic of eating tortillas. You should know about the shelf life of your tortillas for the safety of everyone. 

So, continue reading to discover the shelf life of tortillas you have in your kitchen cabinet.

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Do Pickles Go Bad? The Answer is Right Here!


Do pickles go bad? You might still hear this question though we are all familiar with the fact that pickles could last for a very long time. However, this fact might not give us the assurance that pickles won’t go bad at all. So, learning more about pickles could help us a lot!

Also, I will be including the right way of storing pickles in order to extend its shelf life. Pickles might last for the longest time once stored properly. Continue reading to learn more!

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What Goes With Lasagna? Options That Will Make Your Meal Delightful


So, you have your favorite lasagna recipe featuring mounds of mozzarella or spicy sausage and spinach along with low-fat cottage cheese. But, what goes with lasagna? Do you plan to eat the dish alone? Or would you pick some side dishes that go well with it?

For some, this delicious meal is enough, but wouldn’t you want some side dishes to turn it into a more delightful dinner? Yes, you’ve heard it right! There are many side dishes you can consider to make an excellent meal. And I will give you some options here!

* Lasagna Overview​


Lasagna is a favorite by the majority, whether cooking for a potluck or even just for dinner. It is a layer of sauce, vegetables, cheese and in some cases meat, being sandwiched between sheets of pasta leading to a dish which is so enjoyable to make and eat.

There are certain things to bear in mind when it comes to making lasagna. And these are the following:

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    First, once using fancy no-boil noodles, all bets should be off. Why? Well, results vary based on the brand however for best results you don’t have to skim on the sauce on every layer.
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    You also need to make sure that there is plenty of sauce that would cover every square inch. If not, you will end up with these cracker-crunchy ends and spots. Begin with a layer of sauce on the bottom of lasagna in order to keep the entire thing from sticking.
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    Also, use a good cheese since if you are going to make lasagna, it means you’re going all the way.
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    And regarding meat, only splurge a little and only buy a high-quality kind of meat.
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    For the veggies, if you want to have some, they should be fresh and must not be frozen.
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    And finally, if you want a greater depth concerning flavor, simply brown the meat in the skillet first.

Here’s a video on how to make a lasagna:

* What Goes With Lasagna?

So, after making a lasagna, would you prefer eating it all alone without any side dishes? If I were you, I would find the best side dish for lasagna. So, what goes with lasagna? Here, let me provide you some options to choose from:

1. Try Some Appetizers


You might consider a Caprese salad appetizer in order to accompany the lasagna. Simply cut fresh tomatoes as well as mozzarella then layer these slices on the plate with some fresh basil leaves.

After that, drizzle them with the extra-virgin oil and finish it with a sprinkle of the freshly ground peppercorns.

Or you might also up a plate of antipasto complete with the grilled yellow and red bell peppers, kalamata olives, divided cherry tomatoes and a rolled salami. Serve lasagna with thin and crispy breadsticks and whole grain crackers once you prefer saving the bread for the meal. 

2. Bread Could Be A Great Choice


Well, don’t you know that having the right crispy and chewy bread that goes well with lasagna is so important whether it is a flour-dusted artisanal whole grain loaf or a tangy sourdough? Usually, Italian bread is made with some dairy like eggs or butter and olive oil.

You can simply serve the bread with a dish of olive oil on the side for dripping and grind a bit of fresh black pepper into the olive oil bowl before you serve for the flavor explosion. 

3. Salads Are Right Accompaniments


If you have a warm and cheesy meat or veggie lasagna, then a large green salad is the right accompaniment to consider. Toss romaine, endive, and butter and arugula lettuces along with black olives, cherry tomatoes, and purple onions.

You can top a green salad with the shredded Parmesan cheese and also a creamy dressing then serve it before the lasagna being an appetizer or also alongside the main course. 

4. Desserts Are Final Options


And of course, you can end the lasagna dinner with your traditional Italian dessert. Once a fried cannoli filled with cream and chocolate chips sound a bit too heavy then serve a blend of fresh berries along with the cannoli cream.

You can mix ricotta cheese with the whipping cream, cinnamon and powdered sugar based on your favorite cannoli recipe. Spoon it on the berries prior to serving.

Or you might also consider your hand at creating one of the versions of the tiramisu which is an Italian dessert prepared by layering the espresso-soaked ladyfingers along with sweetened mascarpone cheese as well as chocolate shavings. 

* Final Thoughts

What Goes With Lasagna

Still in doubt whether what goes with lasagna? The options mentioned above must not be ignored as they could make your lasagna dinner more than just an appetizing meal.

Though you can enjoy lasagna even without a side dish, it would be best to consider those foods that could go well with lasagna. 

I hope you got something helpful from this post. Please don’t forget to hit like, share and leave your comments below! Thank you!