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Matcha Cupcakes Recipe – Easy Methods Anyone Can Try


I’ve been using a lot of matcha in my recipes lately. I’ve just recently perfected my matcha cookie recipe, and now I’m moving on to another favorite: cupcakes! In this post, I’m very excited to share my delicious matcha cupcakes recipe!

The great thing about green tea and matcha is that though they have a unique flavor, they are extremely versatile! In Japan, they use matches as flavors in a wide array of snacks and dishes, from cookies <matcha Oreos!>) to crepes, ice cream to chocolate.

In this post, I’ll show you how I do it. The recipe is very easy to make—all you need to do is make sure that you have the right measurements and equipment. This recipe yields a dozen cupcakes.

Quick and Easy Dessert: The Best Matcha Cookie Recipe


Cookies are absolute favorites in my household. Whether it’s the classic chocolate chip or a new recipe that I learn online, the pantry almost always has a jar or pack. For this article, I’ll introduce you the chocolate chip matcha cookie recipe!

I would normally just buy from the supermarket, but the past two years have taught me that cookies made from scratch are way better! It does takes practice and may cost a bit more, but it’s totally worth it!

Below is a unique and flavorful matcha cookie recipe that’s quick easy to make. I’ll provide step-by-step instructions that are very easy to follow. Good luck!

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How to Make Cake Pops: Easy DIY Recipes and Tips


How to Make Cake Pops?  - Let me show you the answer!

Cake Pops have been recently making its way to the spotlight. Cake Pops look like adorable lollipops, but are actually bite-sized cake balls covered with chocolate. It could be a great additional indulgence to a dessert buffet, or a fun, mouth-watering party food.

People can just easily grab them and go without having to sit down with a plate and utensils.

Because of its beauty, deliciousness, and versatility, no wonder why it is a crowd favorite! Cake Pops are fairly easy to make, that even kids and amateurs can make them. Below is an easy basic recipe and some techniques and tips in making Cake Pops.

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How to Make Waffle Fries: An Easy Step by Step Recipe


Below, I’ll teach you how to make waffle fries from scratch. The steps are fairly simple, so don’t worry if this will be your first time to make them.

French fries are an absolute favorite in my household—we eat it with burgers, hotdogs, with cheese, plain, you name it. I would just usually use regular store bought or homemade fries <when I have the time>, but lately I’ve been making a lot of waffle fries.

The kids loved it! These bigger, crispier, and looks more fun than regular fries! If you’d like to up your fries game like I did, read on.

Below, I’ll teach you how to make waffle fries from scratch. The steps are fairly simple, so don’t worry if this will be your first time to make them. Good luck!

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Refreshing Lychee Tea Recipe: How To Make It Perfectly


Iced tea has so many wonderful flavor possibilities; an excellent base for lots of delicious and refreshing drink concoctions. Below is a simple and quick lychee tea recipe — a fruit, refreshing pick-me-upper that’s always a hit with friends!

Also called litchis, lychees have become a regular item in my household ever since I learned about how versatile it is. I would normally just eat them fresh, straight out the rough skin, but my husband and I agree that lychee as a beverage is even better!

The strong and full-flavored black tea and the sweet, refreshing lychee flavors create a drink that’s packed with layers of flavor. It’s very easy to make, too! Simply follow the steps below.

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How to Make Braised Duck With Taro Recipe – Easy Things You Can Do


You have a fresh or frozen duck, but don’t know how to cook it for dinner? If you do, listen carefully, because I’m going to teach you a duck with taro recipe which might delight your whole family.

I have learned this recipe from my grandmother and the first time I tasted it, I was so shocked on the tenderness of the duck meat. The savory sauce really captured my delicate taste. If you’re ready to do the recipe, keep on reading.

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