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Hello, I’m Joshua. Owner of Cookingispassio. If you want to know more about us. Feel free to mail me at cookingpassio@gmail ( dot ) com.

I’m Joshua: A Review Expert

I know my eyes look terrible. (I’m joking) (Year 2021)

In Cooking Passio you can find everything you need to know about cooking, recipes, kitchen tools, etc. My writer Vivian takes care of the Blog, How to, Recipes, and other sections. I am trying my best to give you the best product reviews you need for your kitchen. I am reviewing various kitchen utensils, especially culinary products since 1995. I have experience working with renowned food bloggers.

I have spent almost half of my life watching people review products. I know how people crave for best quality products online and want to have them. To capture the best image of various items I have reviewed, I learned food photography in 2004.

Please, hold your breath. I’m capturing your picture. (The year 2001)

Vivian: A Cooking Expert

If You want to know about Vivian and Her Writing don’t feel shy to look at her writings here. Vivian is the most multitalented blogger I have ever seen. She knows almost everything one should know about cooking. For the past few decades, she is with me as a co-partner in various blogs. I am grateful to have her on my team. Thanks, Vivian.

Thanks for Visiting Us. Stay Safe. Happy Cooking.