Cooking Tips to Cut Calories and Lose Weight

Are you someone looking to lose weight this year? Then you might need to change how you cook. Many people make all the ingredient adjustments they can, but even broccoli and kale will be bad for you if you deep fry them!

Instead, we want to help you come up with some basic ideas on how you can make cooking a bit easier and healthier. Not sure where to start? Then let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can make your cooking a bit healthier and reduce calories.


Slicing and Dicing

Cooking Tips to Cut Calories and Lose Weight

One of the worst things that you can do when you want to lose weight is to get too dicey with your fruit and vegetables. Many people try to make their vegetables into tiny little chunks, cutting and cutting until they are as fine as can be.

This is not the way to do it, though. You see, for every surface that you create, you are merely making more space for the oil to cling onto.

This means that you are simply adding more fat and more calories to the food with every passing slice. Try and make sure that you chop up your vegetables to a fine half-inch, but don’t let them get any thinner than that.

Then, make sure that you dry down your vegetables before you put them in the oil: this helps to stop the oil from being absorbed by the food to quite the same levels. 

Going Lean

Cooking Tips to Cut Calories and Lose Weight

One of the worst mistakes that you can make when buying meat is going for something that is not lean enough.

While beef is often leaner than poultry regardless of the quality afterward, you should always look to buy meats which say they are at least 90% lean.

This is very important, as it can help you to cut out things like dark meat and skin – the kind of stuff that kicks the caloric count through the roof. If you are going to buy meats, try and buy beef, turkey and other lean meats.

When it comes to cooking itself, use a nice olive or canola oil to help make sure the meat stays nice and moist without kicking the calorie count up needlessly.

Avoiding Needless Overcooking

Another positive way to help cut down on your caloric intake is to invest some more time and money into properly cooking up your foods. For example, if you are going to be eating some pasta then you might find that you overcook it to the point where it goes that kind of soggy way.

If you want to make your pasta fill you up for longer, take it off the stove a little bit earlier than before. It will help the pasta to maintain a bit more of a crunch and it will ensure that you feel fuller when you eat some pasta.

The longer you boil your pasta for, the quicker your body will be able to pick up on those carbs and turn it into fuel. This means that you will feel hungrier faster as your blood sugar spike. His means that you should look to try and reduce your cooking times for pasta.

Just go for the shortest time suggested on the packaging, and you should be able to get it just right and cut down on calories whilst making your pasta even tastier than it was before.

Freedom from fattening flour

Another useful little cooking tip that you should definitely use is to change the flour that you bake with. You might think that by making your own bread that you are cutting down on the garbage.

If you use sloppy, fatty materials, though, the same problem will persist. We recommend that you look to try and pick up flour that is less fattening – gluten-free flour costs more but is generally better for you.

Wheat-free flours are very good, and will often make sure that you can enjoy a nice quality of bread without the same rise in caloric intake.

However, be sure to take a look at the actual creation of said flour: gluten-free does not mean free from any problems. Make sure that you buy options made from stuff like brown rice or quinoa – this is much more likely to be give you the fiber that you need.

The more fiber in the bread, the better for our bodies: and the more likely you are to feel fuller, as fiber does that job brilliantly.

Stop Using Non-Stick Sprays

This is a very common mistake, and is seen as a ‘healthy’ way to cook. In reality, it’s just not very good for us at all.

Many people make huge mistakes when it comes to their use of sprays, thinking it’s good for them as it’s ‘low in calories’ – however, most of us spray way too much of the non-stick spray onto the pan.

With a few sprays of this stuff, you could be adding as much as 70+ calories to the meal that you are going to be eating. That adds up a lot. Try and instead use non-stick pans that already cut out the need for a non-stick solution.

Or, better yet, use a silicone mat – these are very easy to use, simple to keep clean and help you to avoid adding an excess of calories to your food for no good reason.

It’s not a major issue, sure. However, it’s yet another reason why you might find it’s a bit tougher to keep down the calories. If you continue to use non-stick sprays, then this is only going to get worse. Do yourself a favor, then, and invest some time into finding a non-stick pan instead.

With all of this in mind, you will hopefully be able to cut down a bit on the excess delivery of calories into your food. If you want to watch your weight a bit more, this should make it a bit easier for you to do so.

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Final Thought

Follow these tips and you will hopefully be able to cut down a bit on the excess delivery of calories into your food. If you want to watch your weight a bit more, this should make it a bit easier for you to do so.

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