Cooking Tips - Amazing Things That Will Make You Become an Expert in The Kitchen

Cooking Tips

Food is important in our lives! This is a fact that we cannot ignore, or deny. With that, you think there is still a person who doesn’t have an idea about culinary? I don’t think there is! Simply being said, culinary is about being aware of anything related to food. With that in mind, the continuous growth of technology plays an important role in achieving success in the culinary industry.

The internet is the best technology humanity has invented. With wide options for resources from the Internet, do you still think that cooking is a big challenge? Well, I do not think so!

If you want to enjoy a certain dish and you do not know how to make it, what will be your next step? Of course, since the internet is just a click away, you can always look for the recipe you want to cook. You might also want to look for cooking tips and more. Indeed, you cannot question the power of the internet when it comes to looking for resources that will address your culinary needs.

Using the Internet, CookingisPassio has the goal of rendering useful and helpful culinary information to readers. It is our goal to share with our readers the most valuable cooking tips, and make cooking more than just a part of our daily lives!


Included as one of the subcategories, you will be provided with the best ingredients you can use to flavor or spice up your favorite dish. You will be surprised that there are numerous substitutes to the all the ingredients you often use. For instance, did you know that there are some surprising herbs that can substitute for rosemary?

Indeed, since ingredients play key roles in cooking your favorite dishes, you would not want to go wrong with which one to grab. So, when looking for the best ingredients you need for a certain recipe, have no doubt that you can always turn to into CookingisPassio.


Aside from learning the best set of ingredients that will suit your favorite dish, proper storage of these ingredients or any food in the kitchen will also be provided by the site. We all know that food should be stored properly not just because we consume it, but it also helps in extending its shelf life.

If you don’t know freeze baked bean, or the freeze Ricotta Cheese, you can find all here. This sub category will help you to properly store your food and extend its shelf life for your consumption.


Looking for cooking tips that will make you master your favorite recipe? Well, we have them here! We know that you have certain questions in mind as you cook a dish or a recipe. And it is our goal to answer those questions. You can always rely on our smart cooking tips, therefore, save your time and money and make cooking easier for you.

You will be provided with essential tips if you plan to thicken BBQ sauce or if you want to reheat Risotto. With professional tips that you can always consider, just a click away, you can always enjoy your favorite dish or even a recipe that you have not tried before.


Yes, we all love food. But, have you tried every food available in the market? If you have not yet tried a certain food like bison or duck , then we can give a slice of its taste. Indeed, certain dishes seem to have a different taste over others and there are factors affecting the reasons why.

If you are ever not familiar with the taste of a certain food, and you want to have an idea what it tastes like, then we are more than willing to give you an answer.

Knowing that wide and helpful resources are made available for you, searching for information has never been this easy. But we are more than just providing you with cooking blogs, more importantly, we are giving countless experiences and insights to you as well.