Difference Between Grill and Smoker – A Detail Review With Real Facts!

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To make BBQ or salmon, a grill or a smoker is essential for your home parties. The work of a grill and a smoker have similarities. But they serve different purposes while cooking.

For a newbie, it might be confusing what type of cooking a grill or smoker does. A long time ago, I had the same question in mind. But over time, after using them for so long, I know the difference very well and will make it clear to you in this article.

So, Let’s jump into the difference between a grill and a smoker.

What Are the Differences Between Grill and Smoker?

Smoker and grill combo.


In a grill, the smoky flavor is added later, so in this, you won’t find the smoky flavor in your food, but the stakes will be juiced inside; thus, the taste will be mouth-watering.

Smoker, on the other hand, the main job is to offer you a great smoky flavor in your food. The food won’t be juicy but rather dry and burned.


Time is short because of the high temperature of the flame. Usually, food on a grill is cooked at a high temperature and for a short amount of time for the flavor to get into the food.

In a smoker, the time is lengthy. It takes several hours to cook, and the temperature is not high, so the flavor gets into the food slowly.


In a grill, the temperature rises far higher than in a smoker because of its use of more charcoal and wood. For grilling, the temperature needs to be high.

On the other hand, it takes several hours for a smoker to cook, so the temperature doesn’t have to be that much in this case. But the hard part is to add charcoal or wood from time to time. But in an electric smoker, just set the temperature and wait for hours; that’s it.

Cold smoking

In a grill, you cannot cold smoke. It can only cook your food at a high temperature.

In a smoker, keep your food under 90F. It takes a lot of skills to get this technique right. Usually, professional chefs do this.


Grills will give you that juicy grilled flavor but not the smoky flavor. A smoky flavor can be added. People call it a healthy opinion because it burns the fats in the meat.

In a smoker, you will find a signature barbecue flavor from it. The charcoal and wood-burning give you an exquisite authentic and smoky flavor.


The two techniques generate carcinogens that researchers claim are good for the body. Also, you would get into more of these foods in your day-to-day life, a kind of addiction to this food.

In a smoker, the long-time cooking method has proven to kill the harmful substances in the meat and prevent cancer. It is taken to a journal of food chemistry.


Grilling is quite an easy job and does not need much attention to cooking. And also, it is a fast process. It’s perfect for family parties in your backyard.

Smoker, on the other hand, needs perfect accuracy and skills in cooking. It takes several hours to cook and pay attention. But in electric smokers, you can just set the temperature and time, and it will do everything by itself.

Water pan

Usually, a grill doesn’t come with a water pan, but nowadays, in electric grills, a water pan is added, so the smoke is filtered and does not ruin the flavor.

A water pan is one of the essential elements in a smoker because, without it, you won’t get a smoky flavor. The water pan helps liquefy the smoke for a better smoky flavor in your food.


The grill cost is not that much because normally you can get a good grill at around 2,000$. There are good electric grills if you are not willing to buy charcoal or wood for fuel.

With an electric grill, you can save fuel money, and it is not that costly.

A smoker is a little costly compared to a grill because of its far better upgrade and more facilities than grills. The same goes for grills. You can also use electric smokers to avoid the cost of fuel.

Different Types of Grills

Mainly a grill is used for cooking small pieces of food in a short time with temperatures that go up to 400 to 500 Fahrenheit. It is used to grill chicken pieces, chops, steaks, and vegetables. The different types of grills are.

Flat open grills

Comes with a lid on the top for a huge amount of space. You can also create fewer cooler zones to keep your food at an average temperature.

Covered grills

Smaller than the flat open grill, the lid can be closed to prevent the heat from going outside while cooking. It is usually 5 or 6 feet long.

Big green egg

It is one of the best grills on the market. The most important part is that it can be used as a grill, oven, and smoker. And it is not that expensive.

Pellet grills

Probably the smartest grill on the list, new in the market, but it is proving to be promising. It takes advantage of technology so you can control your grill’s temperature with an app on your smartphone.

Electric grills

People do not consider this particular grill a grill because you do not make flame or cook under burning flame; it’s just a stove-to-burner powered by electricity.

Different Types of Smoker

They are used for cooking a large piece of meat, ribs, and pork at low temperatures for several hours to cook the food. In a smoker, a flavor wood is added to make smoke and give your food a smoky flavor. The different types of smokers are.

Bullet charcoal smokers

Cheap and best for cooking briskets. It has a water pan above the charcoal where the flames are blocked to give you moisture in your food.

Firebox grill attached to smokers

It can work as a grill and a smoker attached. You can use both at the same time and also individually. It gives you more steam that burns up your food quickly and gives you a good texture.

Electric smokers

Mainly used in shops or restaurants. It is like a cabinet style or bullet style. As the name goes, it is powered by electricity, so there is no use of fuel, gas, or charcoal. It can also smoke cold items.

Cabinet charcoal smokers

A shaped cabinet looks more like a refrigerator. After you open the door, there are two doors: one for the meat and one for the charcoal and wood. It is compact sized and also cheap.

Barrel drum smokers

It has a barrel underneath you put the charcoal and wood, then there is a water pan and on the top your meats. For an outdoor picnic, it’s the best smoker.

What Kind of Smoker Should a Beginner Get?

A beginner should get an electric smoker. Electric smokers are easy to use and serve the purpose finely. You don’t need to monitor the heat and wind flow manually. The electric machine will automatically smoke the meat for you. So, I recommend electric smokers for beginners.

Is Electric or Wood Smoker Better?

In some cases, you may find the electric smoker is better, and in some cases, the wood smoker is better. There are differences in both smokers; after using both, I got some points that will clearly describe the dilemma, and you can decide which one is better for you.

Time and Temperature

You can set the timer and temperature in an electric smoker. You don’t have to go and check whether the flame is still on. The machine controls the whole thing, or you may use it in some models through your mobile app. Your food will cook automatically at that selected time and temperature.

On the other hand, in a wood smoker, everything is manual. After lighting the fire, you have to check from time to time if the fire you have to check it time if the flame is still burning or not. If not, add wood to the fire to get the heat going at the needed temperature.


The electric smoker provides you with the best quality of taste. Since the lid is tightly fastened, no air can enter or leave; the inside baking is completed to perfection.

In a wood smoker, you occasionally add wood and open and close the lid to see if your meal is cooking at the appropriate temperature or not, but you get a smoky flavor and taste fantastic.

Water pan

The water pan is cleaned automatically and drained with a pipe. And when the machine is turned on, it automatically takes water for filtering.

On a wood smoker, after cooking, you need to wash it by yourself, and also, before cooking, add water for filtering.


Costing for just the electricity, no further maintenance cost or anything. On the other hand, the wood smoker maintenance is a little more, but the taste is way better.

Is a Smoker Better Than Grilling?

Some people say that smoking is better than grilling, and some people say grilling is better than smoking. Well, I always prefer grilling better than a smoker. I have used both for a while now, and I consider grilling better than smoking; there are a few reasons for that.

Firstly, it takes less time to cook the food. It may not give you the smoky texture, but you can add it later.

Secondly, the amount of burning of charcoal and wood is less than the smoker’s cost.

Thirdly, you can easily grill stakes, vegetables, chops, etc. it’s size is very compact with good quality materials.

But sometimes, smoking is better than grilling. Because electric smokers have ruled the market, you don’t have to look out to add charcoal or wood to the smoker or the temperature. The machine does everything all by itself. And also, you will get great taste in your food, and the texture is outstanding.

Can You Use a Grill as a Smoker?

Yes, you can easily use a grill as a smoker. First, you have to ensure that your grill has a dedicated smoker box or not. If you don’t, you can use aluminum foil or can purchase a smoker box; make sure the box you purchase is made of stainless steel.
Then take soaked wood or wood chips, pull them with aluminum foil or on the box, and put them on top of your cooking grate. Then power on your grill. In this way, you can smoke any of your food using a grill as a smoker.

Can I Use My Charcoal Grill as a Smoker?

You can definitely use it. It’s a slow process to use a charcoal grill as a smoker. Smoking is the same as using a gas grill as a smoker. Here also, you have to take soaked wood or wood chips and pull it with aluminum foil or on the box, but here you have put these on the charcoal.

For aluminum foil, you can put the soaker wood aluminum directly on the charcoal, and for the smoker box, take charcoal in the smoker box and put the soaker wood or chips in the smoker box. Then sit it on top of your cooking grate and preheat your grill. In this way, you can smoke any of your food using a charcoal grill as a smoker.

What is the Use of a Water Pan in a Smoker?

The water pan is for controlling the temperature of the smoker. It stabilizes the smoker’s cooking temperature. Water helps you to create steam to keep your food hot after a long time. The temperature does not extend over 225F.

Can I Cook Vegetables In a Smoker?

In some smokers, yes, you can cook, but I consider you not to because maintaining a long amount of time in vegetables is slightly mistaken and can ruin everything. So, I will consider not cooking vegetables in a smoker.

Is the Big Green Egg Better Than Flat Open Grills?

Yes, it is better than the flat open grills; it is the best grill on the market right now. It’s a bit pricey, but it won’t disappoint you. After buying this, you won’t even have to think of buying any other grill for many years.


You’ll be able to distinguish between them with ease between a grill and a smoker after reading the entire article. You must now choose the course of action that is best for you. And always check the guidebook before grilling or smoking if you’re new. I also hope you found this information to be useful. Thank you.

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