Do Pickles Go Bad? The Answer is Right Here!


Do pickles go bad? You might still hear this question though we are all familiar with the fact that pickles could last for a very long time. However, this fact might not give us the assurance that pickles won’t go bad at all. So, learning more about pickles could help us a lot!

Also, I will be including the right way of storing pickles in order to extend its shelf life. Pickles might last for the longest time once stored properly. Continue reading to learn more!


So, Do Pickles Go Bad?


Now, for the answer, it depends on certain factors such as the way the pickles are stored, the "best before date" and the method of preparation. In making pickles, you only need to immerse the vegetables in boiled brine water as well as vinegar.

Then, they will be transferred to the jar and tightly sealed. The process of fermentation in the acidic solution would increase the beneficial bacteria. So, if the process of fermentation is proper, then the pickles would last longer. 

You can watch this video to help you make pickles:

Apparently, pickles could last for a longer time even after the expiration date once properly stored. If you have unopened jars of pickles, they could last for about a year or two once kept at a room temperature.

While for the refrigerated and opened ones, they could last for the same duration and past the printed date. If you make pickles at home, you should refrigerate them since you don’t want your pickling efforts to be in vain.

How to Know if Pickles Have Gone Bad?


Again, do pickles go bad? The answer depends on some factors but in general, yes, pickle go bad, but they can last for a very long time. Pickles might lose their crunch with time post the best before date. However, they could still be edible.

So, how can you tell if the pickles have already gone bad? Well, there are few signs which indicate a bad pickle and some are as follow:

  • check
    Check the jar, and once the lid of a jar isn’t flat nonetheless dome-shaped, the pickles might have gone bad. It might be because of the inappropriate sealing of the jar. Similarly, check for any black or brown growth in the jar as it might be a fungus. 
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    The taste and odor of pickles could also be signs. Pickles do smell sour however if they emit a foul odor you need to discard the jar immediately. If you couldn’t smell anything, you can taste it too. Once it tastes spoiled, throw it away. Label the pickles once they are homemade as this would help you decide once it has gone bad or not.
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    Simply looking at the pickles might also help you. Spoiled pickles might have discolored, and slimy liquid or the pickles might feel soft. They don’t turn soggy and don’t look bright too. And there might be fungus or molds grown in the pickle.

These are some of the signs that will help you determine if the pickles have already gone bad.

Storing Pickles the Right Way


Now, let’s proceed to the right way of storing pickles. You should store the pickles properly for them to last longer. Here are some ways of storing pickles properly:

* Plastic Can

You can use plastic can or choose a food-quality plastic which is free from any odor and OVC. It is not recommended to use brass, copper and aluminum containers. Only leave the jar on the counter for the process of pickling to speed up.

The microorganisms will work better once the temperature is hotter. There is also a need for you to use a clean spoon as for removing the pickles. Using a wet spoon might spoil the pickle as it could be contaminated with bacteria. 

* Sterilized Containers

In storing homemade pickles, you need to half-fill a jar with water. Put it in the oven and heat for around two to three minutes or up until the water boils. Then, empty the jar and allow the remaining water to drain on the kitchen towel.

The jar must not be wet yet warm, fill it with the pickles. Bear in mind to sterilize the caps as well. You can pour hot boiling water into the cap to sterilize it and just leave it dry on the rack. And finally, seal the jar tightly. 

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Concluding Thoughts

Do pickles go bad

So, do pickles go bad? I assume you now know the answer and with that, you can already make your pickles last for a very long time. Besides, you can also prevent the pickles by storing them in hygienic conditions along with proper refrigeration and handling them carefully.

Again, storing pickles the right way plays a significant role for pickles not to go bad the soonest.

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