Do Tortillas Go Bad: Surprising Shelf Life You Need To Discover


Do tortillas go bad? Is the question like this ever crossed your mind? Most of us might overlook this kind of query. However, it is considered as a vital question that should be answered especially if you are a fanatic of eating tortillas. You should know about the shelf life of your tortillas for the safety of everyone. 

So, continue reading to discover the shelf life of tortillas you have in your kitchen cabinet.


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Do Tortillas Go Bad: Surprising Shelf Life You Need To Discover

A Brief Overview


For the information of the majority, a tortilla is a Mexican cuisine rendering a thin piece of unleavened bread which is also made of refined and finely ground wheat or corn flour along with salt and water.

Besides, tortillas could also be made using different colors, yet the most common ones are the yellow and white tortillas. Before, tortillas were not made with the same shape having any dexterity in terms of presentation.

But, due to numbers of developments throughout the years, you can now use a tortilla-making machine which makes the said snack into uniform and thin pieces of bread without exerting too much human effort.

But of course, there are specific variations of these tortillas all over the world. 

Do Tortillas Go Bad? How Long Do They Last?


So for the main point, do tortillas go bad? Well, the answer is simple, yes tortillas go bad. But of course, once you store them carefully, they could last longer. It is ideal to store the tortillas in a dry and cold place like a freezer. Tortillas could be spoiled by any moisture due to the growth of mold on it.

For the shelf life of the tortillas, unopened whole wheat, flour, and spinach variations could last a week on the countertop or three to four months in the refrigerator, and of course, they could last up to six to eight months once stored in the freezer.

On the other hand, corn tortillas could last over seven to ten days on the countertop. But they last six to eight days in the refrigerator and they could stay up to six to eight months in the freezer.

And finally, if you have homemade tortillas, they could only last two to three days on your counter, five to seven days in the fridge and six to eight months in the freezer too.

Here’s a video on how to make homemade tortillas:

You have to be wary of the “best by date” that is indicated in the packages of tortillas. Why? Well, simply because it is not considered as the expiry date. It only serves as the date wherein the manufacturer assumes full certainty of its quality. 

Signs of Unsafe Tortillas


Again, tortillas go bad so you should be very careful when it comes to determining a tortilla that has already gone bad. Take note as well that it could be tricky to distinguish between a perfectly edible tortilla and a rotten one.

Once the tortilla gets old, it would start to crunch up and will stiffen bit by bit. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to throw them already. It only means that the tortillas are no longer fresh as how they were before.

Nevertheless, once you see the tortillas developing some spots of mold, then you should throw the entire package of tortillas since eating them might lead to something harmful.

Rancid tortillas could also have a change of texture and color. And this is the most dangerous form of bad tortillas as they show rotting. You shouldn’t have second thoughts about putting them on trash.

Indeed, the best way to determine whether the tortillas have already gone bad could be through your senses and also the preservatives that were used in extending the life of the tortillas. You should always practice proper food hygiene as well as safety techniques. 

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Wrapping Up

Do tortillas go bad

So, for the question do tortillas go bad? the answer is an obvious yes. Of course, such snacks also have their expiration dates wherein you have to determine whether you could still consume them or not. As always said, right storage of tortillas might extend their lifespan, so make sure that you store tortillas the right way. 

In addition, if you have stored your tortillas for a bit longer duration, you can still enjoy its taste by warming them. Well, there are different ways on how to do so. And this video could help you learn how to warm tortillas properly:

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