Does Brown Sugar Go Bad? Amazing Answer That Will Surprise You


In the previous article, I have discussed the shelf life of sugar. And we all discovered that sugar has an indefinite shelf life or simply said, it doesn’t expire. How about brown sugar? Does brown sugar go bad?

Here, we will answer that query. Indeed, sugar, like brown sugar, is a beneficial ingredient that shouldn’t be ignored by everyone.


Does Brown Sugar Go Bad?


So, does brown sugar go bad? Both white sugar and brown sugar has the same shelf life. But, brown sugar might dry out as time passes by since the moisture in it would begin to evaporate making the sugar clumpy and hard.

Still, brown sugar is safe to consume though in such case. With that, it is highly unlikely that the brown sugar will ever go bad or sour. It will not expire even there is an indicated “best use before date” in the original packaging.

Of course, there might also be ways that sugar could go bad however that could be due to poor storage. Take note that though brown sugar has an indefinite lifespan, still it is best that you use it the sooner for it to be fresher and has the higher quality too.

Regardless of whatever kind of sugar it is, it would last for numbers of years once proper precautions are considered.

How to Store Brown Sugar?


Well, storing brown sugar properly is the key to its indefinite lifespan. And the process of storage could be plain and simple. Just remember keeping it in a dry and cool place.

You might store it in the cupboard in your pantry or even somewhere in your kitchen. You only need to make sure that brown sugar is away from any sources of heat such as radiators or oven and water.

Sugar has this ability to absorb water from the environment and moisture is considered as the main reason why sugar would harden to big clumps. Once the sugar is unopened, you could store it as-is or in its original package.

If opened, it is best to transfer it to an airtight container or place the package in a plastic-sealable bag for it to be tightly sealed. And this will be a big help in avoiding moisture and bugs to get into the package.

Just store brown sugar the right way, and an indefinite shelf life is guaranteed.

Restoring Brown Sugar


If in case moisture reached your brown sugar and led to large clumps, throwing it away isn’t the best option. Don’t ever think that the sugar has already gone bad, rather, it only gets clumps.

But restoring brown sugar is possible as well for it to be usable again. And here are the several ways of restoring brown sugar:

  • You can add a slice of fresh bread to the container or bag wherein you keep the sugar and just leave it there for about a day or two.
  • Also, have a paper towel in it separated from the sugar using a plastic wrap.
  • If you opt for a quick solution, cover the bowl of brown sugar using a damp paper towel and microwave it for no more than 20 seconds.
  • Place a dried and washed orange peel in the container and you leave it to the natural oils of the orange to soften the sugar. However, this process might last for numbers of hours.
  • You can also use an electric mixer to restore brown sugar.
  • Clump sugar could be broken with the use of a fork, or you can put it in the bag and pound the brown sugar against the wall.
  • Place an apple wedge in the container or bag then seal it and keep it that way for around two hours.

For a clumpy or if the brown sugar has already hardened, these solutions might be considered. You can watch this video to learn how to soften brown sugar.

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Final Thought

Does Brown Sugar Go Bad

Brown sugar is an essential ingredient in the kitchen so knowing its lifespan is equally important. If ever asked by the question “does brown sugar go bad” you might be confident to give the right answer now.

And that is, brown sugar has an indefinite lifespan, and so it doesn’t go bad. It only gets clumpy and hard but still usable especially once restored. Everything is clear now, right?

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