Does Garlic Cloves Go Bad: 3 Ways to Identify

Garlic is commonly used in every food and stays in everyone’s kitchen. As it is used frequently, you must know the difference between a bad clove and a good clove. A bad garlic clove can give you food poisoning, which can sometimes be fatal.

From my experience as a professional chef, I have noticed it is very easy to store garlic and tell the difference between a bad and a good clove. In this article, you will learn about does Garlic Cloves go bad.

How long do unpeeled garlic cloves last?

Yes, Garlic cloves also go bad. But the self-preservation time of garlic is pretty long. The garlic bulb can store for up to 4-5 months. If you want to store your garlic for a long period of time, don’t break the bulb.

An unpeeled single clove will easily last for 3 weeks. The main fact you need to keep in mind is that you must store the garlic in a cool and dry place.

How long do peeled garlic cloves last?

Peeled cloves will last for 1 or 2 days. But chopped or mashed garlic will definitely go bad within a day. It is wise to always peel garlic at the moment when you are cooking. Peeled garlic lasts for a few weeks, like 2-3 weeks, if it is stored in extra virgin olive oil.

How long do garlic cloves last in the fridge?

Garlic with full bulbs will last 12 months in the fridge. But it is not recommended to store garlic for that much longer. Single cloves with skin on will last 6-7 months in the fridge. Peeled garlic can last 2-3 days in the fridge.

If you store your garlic in an airtight box or container, then put it in the fridge; the garlic cloves will last a little longer. It will also protect your fridge from the smell of garlic.

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How to know if garlic is bad?

There are many ways to know if garlic is bad or not. The methods are described below:

Color: Garlic has more of a whitish color than yellow. Unless you see the bright white color of the garlic, you shouldn’t eat it. Bad garlic becomes more of a yellowish color. Also, cloves with brown spots have already gone bad. Sometimes green roots grow on the cloves. It is not harmful to eat but tastes bitter.

Smell: We all know the smell of garlic. As long as you can smell the spicy, pungent smell of garlic, it is good. It has gone bad when it starts to smell sour and loses its scent.

Texture: Garlic is hard and crispy. If your garlic is soft and slaggy, your garlic has gone bad.

Can old garlic cloves make you sick?

Garlic has a long self-preservation life. But eventually, it also can go bad. As long as your garlic’s smell, color, and texture feel right, you can eat it. But it is not recommended to eat old garlic or any food. Always try eating and using fresh ingredients.

Can garlic give you botulism?

Fresh garlic is beneficial to health. But bad garlic is harmful and sometimes could become dangerous to your health. It can give you botulism. It is a rare but serious illness. The nerves are attacked in this illness and cause breathing problems. Sometimes it can lead to death.

What does spoiled garlic smell like?

Spoiled garlic smells disgusting. The smell is nothing like a garlicky scent. It becomes more like a sour scent. Sometimes it smells like vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What health benefits does garlic offer?

Ans: garlic has many health benefits. It stables your blood pressure. Additionally, it opens your heart blockage. Moreover, it prevents cancer and reduces cholesterol. There is a tremendous amount of health benefits with garlic.

Can I eat raw garlic?

Ans: Eating raw garlic is more beneficial than eating cooked. Raw garlic contains nutrients that vanish while cooking. But you should consume raw garlic in a limited amount.

How to get rid of the garlic smell?

Ans: Lemon water is a very good substance for synthesizing the garlic smell. You can drink it to remove garlic breath. You can spray it in the fridge to remove the odor.


Bad garlic can give you nightmares. If you doubt that your garlic has gone bad, don’t eat it. In this article, I have discussed how to spot bad garlic. Try to follow them, and you will be safe with the blessings of the benefits of garlic.

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