Does Honey Go Bad? Surprising Answer That Will Shock You

why does honey turn dark

I definitely love honey and you should too! Honey is a favorite food of many due to a number of reasons. Aside from its benefits and great taste, honey doesn’t expire or goes bad at all. With this, you will not have to worry if you could store the honey for a longer period of time. If you are still searching for an answer to the question “ does honey go bad ” then you will be surprised as you continue reading this article.

For sure, in the end, you will indeed love to have more honey!

Does Honey Go Bad?

So get ready for the answer to the question, “does honey go bad”. Indeed, this sugary product will never expire or go bad on its own. There is the fact that even jars of closed honey buried in ancient Egyptian tombs are still perfectly safe to be consumed.

Yeah! You heard it right! Honey could sit for the longest period of time, or it could last forever.

Don’t you know that honey is recognized as the only food which doesn’t spoil at all? Shocking, right? But it is definitely a fact. So, if you love honey, you can have as much honey as you want and store it forever.

You may know the fact that honey actually never goes bad. It happens just because of its chemical components. The pH of honey is around 4, which means it is acidic in nature. Formic acid, citric acid, and of course gluconic acid boosts its acidity. Thus it works as an antibiotic. So acidic environment prevents bacteria to form colonies.

On the other hand, honey might crystallize, or it will be cloudy and thick over time. Later, you will learn what to do if the honey starts to crystalize. Still, the fact that honey doesn’t go bad is the best thing you want to hear!

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How Long Does Honey Last?

Again, the shelf life of honey is indefinite. This only means that you could keep it for quite a number of years and it will definitely be fine. However, there is a need for you to be aware that its taste could change a bit over a certain period of time.

Well, this is natural as long as you want the taste of the honey, it will still be fine to be used. In connection to that, there are certain factors that should be considered in order for the indefinite shelf life of honey to be always possible.

And storage is one of the key factors that you should take into account. I’m going to provide you with some storage and usage tips below, so you can always enjoy honey anytime you want it!

Honey Storage And Usage: Useful Tips to Consider

Now, storing honey is considered to be very important. Honey must be stored in a tightly closed jar in a cool and dark place as well. The best places to consider are in the pantry and the kitchen cupboard.

And take note that it shouldn’t be stored in the fridge as it would speed up the process of crystallization. You don’t want your honey to crystallize, right? Because if yes, it would be hard to use it as a sandwich spread.

And for some tips, here are the following:

  • In order to keep the honey from crystallizing prematurely, you should keep the honey at room temperature. It will rapidly crystallize if you store it in the fridge. Anyway, you don’t need to put your honey in the fridge to avoid spoilage as it doesn’t go bad at all.
  • As for ensuring that no honey goes to waste, spray the measuring spoon or cup with cooking oil or simply run it under hot water prior to measuring out the honey. This will make the honey drop right out of the spoon or cup once you add it to a certain recipe.
  • Have you ever experienced a stuck lid? If yes then simply run it under hot water for around a minute to soften up the honey which has hardened around its rim. And the lid must loosen right up once you turn it again.
  • Helpful tips, right? If you do love honey, then these tips are very important to consider particularly if you are in doubt about how to store honey properly.

Crystallized Honey: What to Do Now?

Are you one of those people who have no idea what to do once the honey crystallizes? Worry not, as there are certain ways that you could easily learn! But first, bear in mind that honey really crystallizes and it is indeed normal!

Storage conditions and the kind of honey are the factors that lead to the pace of crystallization. Raw natural honey might crystallize a lot faster compared to a commercial one. But again, take note that you shouldn’t associate the crystallization of honey with the idea that it has already gone bad. Crystallized honey is definitely just fine!

In connection to that, you could simply and easily liquefy crystallized honey. You only need to put the opened jar in warm water then stir it. Or you might use a microwave by microwaving it in short intervals while stirring it in every interval.

Once crystals are dissolved, it’s done! And of course, expect that it might crystallize AGAIN! You could revive it again but once done few times it could contribute to the change of color and loss of taste.

Final Thoughts

Come to think of it, honey doesn’t go bad, isn’t it great? If looking for food that doesn’t even spoil or expires, honey is your best choice!

You will not ask “does honey go bad” at all now that you have learned the shocking fact that it could last almost FOREVER!

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