How to Find the Best Cottage Cheese Brands for You


Cottage cheese serves as a reliable treat for the health-conscious, nutritionists, athletes and weight loss enthusiasts. A cheese which contains much lower fat than others <around 2.6g of fat per 120g serving> may not sound so appealing.

However, cottage cheese compensates through a creamy and slightly salty taste. The best cottage cheese brands have developed this product into plenty of varieties to choose from. Do you know all of them and how to eat cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is one of the healthiest and most nutritious light meals you can choose. It’s lighter than cheddar and tastier than ricotta, due to its curds. The cheese’s taste enriches along with its milk content.

Cottage also contains calcium as other cheeses, and it also comes with roughly 11% protein per serving. Let’s look more into cottage cheese and see which the best brands in this healthy field are.


How to Choose Cottage Cheese


Cottage cheese contains washed curds which give it a sweet acid-free taste. You recognize cottage because it’s neither aged nor colored. Here’s how to differentiate main styles of cheese, to easier determine the best cottage cheese brand for you.

  • Main cottage cheese types differ due to the milk content, which determines their fat levels (2%, 4% or more).
  • There also are small-curd or large-curd products which differ due to preparation techniques.
  • If pressed, cottage cheese becomes farmer, pot cheese or queso blanco.
  • There are also dry/sweet, or wet/creamy cheese products available on the market. The last usually works well in recipes, while the first one fits salads successfully.

Traditionally, cottage cheese was homemade. Legends say that farmers made cottage cheese out of old milk kept in the back of a wooden stove. Techniques have advanced and now we can choose from cottage cheese varieties, and cottage-cheese based dips and sauces.

As milk products usually contain sensitive bacteria, we do not encourage homemaking cottage cheese. You don’t need to choose a cottage cheese brand or type and stick to it.

While some products work well when you lack the time to cook, others are best consumed fresh. Also, other cheeses may become the basis you need for your own recipe. Below you can find the most delicious, well-ranked and best cottage cheese brands.

5 Best Cottage Cheese Brands You Will Love


* ​​​​Lactaid Low Fat Cottage Cheese

I have chosen Lactaid as one of the best cottage cheese brands because its low-fat product contains lactase enzyme instead of lactose. This means that those with intolerance to dairy products can also consume it.

The light cheese is easy to digest and comes with 12 grams of protein in every pot. It’s also gluten-free and has small curds. 

* ​​​Daisy 4% Cottage Cheese

Daisy comes with a medium-fat cottage cheese and a 24 oz <680 g> jar that doesn’t empty so easy. This is a naturally rich and creamy cheese which only contains organic ingredients without competing with other organic brands. 

This cheese works as a replacement for ricotta and makes a tasty addition to your lasagna. However, you can also eat some Daisy cottage cheese for breakfast.

* KNUDSEN Cottage Cheese

Light products can come in big jars too, KNUDSEN is here to prove it. The brand has developed an impressive 32 oz (907 g) jar with small curds and 2% milkfat. It also contains vitamins A and D. You can use this cheese in recipes and still have a serving or two leftovers for the next day.

The product is so charming that it adjusted its nutritional info to a 2,000-calorie diet. So, if you’re on a weight loss program, you can modify quantities. 

* Borden Fat Free Cottage Cheese

There are times when low-fat just isn’t enough anymore. Borden has developed a fat-free cottage cheese which is creamy enough to work well in dips, pancaked and salad dressings. It was made of pasteurized cow’s milk and has a mild flavor.

The cheese is sold fresh and usually delivered quickly so that you can enjoy its creamy texture and soft taste. 

* Breakstone's Cottage Doubles

Breakstone’s is famous for having a wide and delicious variety of cottage cheese-based products. Many of them look and taste impressive. It also contains doubles based on cottage cheese and fruit syrups. My favorites are pineapple, strawberry and blueberry mixes.

The doubles contain 2% milk fat and sum up 100 calories per serving. The cheese is made of California cow’s milk and it’s certified as Kosher food product.

Ideas for Using the Best Cottage Cheese Brands

Find the best Cottage Cheese

Around 71% of the Americans love cottage cheese, even though they can’t always identify it. However, the above brands popular for both Americans who know a lot about cottage cheese and health-conscious products enthusiasts.

You can serve cottage cheese using one of the below ideas or add it to your own recipe:

  • Make a sandwich with cottage cheese and herbs on toast bread.
  • Top the cheese with fruit and honey, as a sweet dish.
  • Use cottage cheese as a replacement for mayonnaise in chip dips or tuna salad.
  • Make your lasagna lighter by replacing ricotta with cottage cheese.
  • Add a bit of non-fat cottage cheese to your daily smoothie.
  • Go further by adding cottage cheese to baked muffins or cakes.
  • Try to experiment by replacing regular milk with cottage cheese in your recipes.
  • Use cottage cheese to create delicious bruschetta and serve to guests.
  • Stir cottage cheese into pasta, as it gets creamy when warm and works well with pepper.
  • Add the cheese to baked potatoes with some homemade salsa sauce.

If you are interested in other smart tips, refer here: Smart Tips

Final Thoughts

Cottage cheese is a delicious serving that managed to hold onto its popularity for years. Farmers make it, big manufacturers sell it, buyers integrate it into their weight loss diet. The best cottage cheese brands are found in most of the American fridges. Though a natural cheese doesn’t last long, it surely is worth the money.

Cottage cheese is versatile, so it lets you play with recipes and ideas. The internet is also abundant of researches about this cheese’s health benefits. Find the best cottage cheese brand and product for you and eat healthy!


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    Best cottage cheese is “DAISY”. Very tasty and very healthy.
    The “tasty” comes from its taste and the “healthy” comes
    I am convinced that the shorter is the ingredients list the healthier it is. NO ADDITIVES IS THE HEALTHIEST.

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