How Long Do Potatoes Last? Amazing Answer You Need To Know


Have you ever wondered how long do potatoes last? Whether you roast, bake or mash it, it still possesses the desirable and satisfying taste. Often, when something goes wrong, you crave for a comfort food such as potato. There’s so much to enjoy about it, and most of you can’t just get enough of it.

This is why it goes to on the top list regarding the principal wanted vegetable crop and the most important staple foods worldwide. Varied potato recipes are overwhelming like waffle fries or potato fries. Let’s get to know more about this fantastic food.


How Long Do Potatoes Last? Amazing Answer You Need To Know

Potato Overview


You could enjoy potato as much as you can because you could choose from a hundred of its variety. Each could vary in color, flavor, shape, and starch content. Moreover, it could be categorized into a new potato and mature potato.

Matured potatoes are those large ones you have typically seen and potatoes are referred as new and smaller ones if they are harvested before they become mature.

Since this potato contains a neutral starchy taste or flavor, it’s the best complement for a variety of meals. A potato has creamy and rich texture, but it still depends on how it’s prepared.

Do Potatoes Go Bad?


With various benefits of this potato, you may surely want to store vast of it in your kitchen not knowing how long it will last. So, do potatoes go bad?

The same with almost all crop vegetables and the same with how you wonder if sweet potatoes go bad, potatoes might go bad, even improper storage could lead to rot. With this, it’s ideal to buy potato that’s only sufficient and not more than what you need in a day or week.

Though you can have means to prolong its life and consume it safely, you should not be confident and comfortable that it will last until the day you need it. But still, knowing how to store properly and knowing whether a potato has gone bad or not is a distinct advantage.

How could you tell that a potato is not already advisable to be eaten? For you to identify this, you just need to look for a variety of signs indicating that it’s gone bad.


Potatoes went bad if you observed the following:

  • Discoloration
  • Soft spots on potatoes
  • Potato mushiness
  • It begins to develop a rotten or unpleasant odor
  • Developing molds (molds on potato often happen when potatoes are wet)
  • The potato is starting to shrink or dry out
  • When the potato starts to soften or shrivel, you should not anymore consume it. It’s better to discard it. On the other hand, never eat moldy potatoes.

How Long Do Potatoes Last?


So how long do potatoes last? Though there are varied ways to extend its shelf life, there’s still a limitation on how long you should keep it and safely eat it. As a potato fanatic or lover, you should be well-aware of it.

If it’s stored in your pantry, potatoes could last for about three to five weeks. On the other hand, if you have it in your refrigerator, it could survive for about three to four months. But still, several factors are interrupting its life span or shelf life. Some of these factors include the following:

  • The method of preparation 
  • Potato storage 
  • The potato variation
  • The climate’s humidity

For the more definite answer to the question how long do potatoes last, the following are the expiration or estimated shelf life of potato varieties with consideration to its storage:

  • New of red potatoes could last for about three to five weeks in your pantry and three to four months in your fridge.
  • The potato fingerlings like the crispy fingerling potatoes, on the other hand, would last for about two to three weeks in your pantry and two to three months in your fridge.
  • For white potatoes, you could extend its shelf life for about three to five weeks when you placed it in your pantry. In your fridge, it could last for three to four months.
  • The sliced potatoes such as your ultimate comfort food Waffle Fries could last for about a day or two when you store it in your refrigerator. But if you store it in your freezer, it could safely keep it for about six to eight months. A good deep fryer could help you come up with the best fries ever.
  • If you’ve bought certain instant potato packages that are dried, you could prolong its shelf life for about a year in your pantry. But if you store it in your fridge, it could just have four to five days life span.
  • If you baked or cooked potatoes, you could prolong its shelf life for five to seven days in your fridge. But if you store it in your freezer, it could last for six to eight months.
  • The mashed potato could also last for about six to eight months in your freezer especially if you are able to come up with the best mashed potato recipe. But if you put it in your fridge, it will only have four to six days to prolong its shelf life.

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Final Thoughts

how long do potatoes last

Preserving the shelf life of food would not just save your money. It will also save your time and effort. The potato is one of the top vegetable crops that captivated your heart that’s why learning the truth behind the question “how long do potatoes last” is extremely advisable.

And for additional help, you might want to find out how to store potatoes so watch this.

Hope you learn something about the shelf life of potatoes? If you have further questions in mind, just message us and if you like what you read, hit like and share!


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