How Much Juice Is In One Lemon? Discover Important Things Here!


If planning to use lemon juice in certain recipe or in some other uses, learning how much juice is in one lemon is a great help that you should consider.

Are you familiar with those recipes that would require the use of lemon juice? However, do you have any idea whether how much juice is in one lemon? There is a need for you to learn this simple fact in order for you to decide whether how many lemons you might need for any given recipe. Here, you will unveil the truth behind the juice that you could extract in just one lemon.


Nutrition and Health Benefits of Lemon

Before we continue learning how much juice is in one lemon, why not discover the nutrition and health benefits that lemon could provide. The taste of lemon is acidic however they are alkaline-forming in the body. And this is the reason why it is considered as a perfect option in terms of restoring the normal pH level of the system.


In addition, because of their high content when it comes to flavonoids and Vitamin C, the immune system will be a lot stronger in fighting infections like flu and colds.

There was also a study in 2008 which discovered the antibacterial activity of lemons as for annihilating bacteria which could cause some diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and malaria.

There are also limonoids compounds that are found in lemons aiding in fighting cancer. And also, it has Vitamin P that helps in treating high blood pressure. Indeed, there are numbers of health benefits that could be gained from lemons.

Selecting and Storing Lemons

Now, if you are buying in most supermarkets, you should choose thin-skinned lemons along with finely-grained texture peels. There is a need for the lemon to feel heavy for its size, no signs of over maturity and fully yellow in color. Wrinkled, mushy and dull are some characteristics of old lemons.


Lemons would remain fresh at a room temperature for almost a week. Just store them away from direct sunlight only in a cool place. You might as well refrigerate them in the refrigerator to make it a lot crisper for around one month.

And if you freshly squeezed a lemon juice, you could freeze them in the cube trays. Right after that, you could transfer the cubes to a freezer bag. And a cube is equivalent to a tablespoon of juice. Aside from learning how much juice is in one lemon, you should also learn how to select and store them.

So, How Much Juice Is In One Lemon?

Did you the general rule stating that a standard-sized lemon could yield three tablespoons of juice? So, if a certain recipe calls for the juice of a lemon, you could simply substitute it with three tablespoons of a bottled juice. Once the recipe is in need of six tablespoons of lemon juice, then consider the use of two lemons as well.

How Much Juice Is In One Lemon

However, there could be variations when it comes to the sizes, and there might be differences based on what kind of extraction you need. Unless you are into cooking a looser recipe intended for a salad dressing, a great recipe must identify how much juice is in one lemon.

The Process of Extracting Juice from Lemons

How Much Juice Is In One Lemon

As for extracting juice from lemons, you could either use a fork or a citrus juicer. To prepare the cold lemons for juicing, allow them to sit at room temperature or once you are in a pinch, just drop them in the bowl of warm water for a couple of minutes. You might also extract more juice through rolling the lemon under your hand on the table.

Prior to slicing it in half, you have to wash the skin under a running water allowing you not to impart any bacteria to the juice. You might use a fork to squeeze it manually or a citrus juicer as well.

Using a Fork


Having a bowl underneath, simply hold a half of the lemon then stab it with a fork. As you are squeezing the lemon, use your other hand in running the fork up and down. Through this method, it would allow you to squeeze all the juice right from the membrane of the lemon and will let you know whether how much juices is in one lemon.

Using a Citrus Juicer


There could be two types of citrus juicer which you might use in learning how much juice is in one lemon, and they are the reamer and the handheld press. Once you are using a handheld press, you have to cut the pointy end of the lemon as for getting a good leverage. After that, load the lemon into the juicer with the cut side down.

Squeeze the handles of the juicer over the bowl. Once there is no more juice pouring down the said device that is the right time to unload the lemon pulp then load it with the other half as needed.

Once using a reamer, roll the lemon into the unit slowly. Give the lemon a spin in order to extract as much juice as you could. This equipment comes with a built-in bowl allowing you to remove the top lid off to use the juice in the bowl.

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You now have an idea whether how much juice is in one lemon! Aside from that, you are as well provided with some important things associated with lemon juice. Indeed, if your recipe calls for a lemon juice, then you have to know whether how much amount you will use.

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