How To Eat Celery? 10 Different Ways to Eat Celery

Celery is highly nutritious but not most people go for it. Certainly, celery is not much appetizing when we talk about other vegetables. If you do not like celery, then you will reconsider it after reading this blog on “how to eat celery”.

Celery or marshland plant has numerous health benefits. People use stalks and leaves of this vegetable all around the world for cooking purposes. Some people use celery seeds as spices. This vegetable has high vitamins, few calories, and various minerals.

If you do want to lose weight, celery can do wonders for you! So, know about various ways in which you can eat celery right here.


How to Eat Celery?

How To Eat Celery

Undoubtedly, celery is healthy and wholesome food. Despite this fact, most people keep this nutritious vegetable out of their kitchens. They incorporate celery when preparing soups or wings.

Celery can be appetizing and also desirable if you prepare it in new yet creative ways. In this article, we are going to introduce you some different ways to prepare celery. You will know about these recipes below but before that, you need to know about reasons why there is a need to incorporate celery to your diet.

Reasons to Eat More Celery

How To Eat Celery

Celery only comes to mind when people want to make soups. Most of the people do not know about various benefits of eating celery. Here, we are listing some reasons that will change your mind regarding eating celery.

After reading these benefits, we are sure you are going to incorporate celery into your diet. Let’s get started with reasons to eat more celery.

• Highly Nutritious

t is truly incorrect to say that celery is a net-zero calorie food. Some people believe that celery burns calories more than it produces itself. Let me clear the air here. One rib of celery contains around 20 calories. It is highly fibrous and burns a few calories.

• Prevent Cancer

Celery contains phytochemicals, which are also known as coumarins. These compounds effectively help to prevent cancer while enhancing the action of white blood cells. In addition to it, coumarin compounds to aid in easing migraines and the vascular system.

• Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Celery comprises a compound called 3nb <3-n>-butylphthalide) that helps in lowering down the blood pressure. It also helps to lower down cholesterol to some extent. The compound 3nb also helps in relieving pains in cases like gout, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

• Replenish Electrolytes

Celery is really beneficial for athletes who lose a great amount of water from their body as sweating through vigorous exercise sessions. An athlete can go for celery in place of artificial-flavored drinks. The juice of celery acts as an electrolyte because of the high levels of sodium and potassium in it.

10 Different Ways to Eat Celery

How To Eat Celery

One can eat celery in various different ways. Celery can be cooked as stuffed, vegetable tray, curls, etc. you can be more creative and prepare celery in new ways to make it tasty and even more nutritious.

• Drink

For most people, celery works amazingly in drinks like Bloody Mary cocktail. If you have not given it a try yet, now is the time to do it.

• Side Dish

Celery is popular as a side dish. Many people prefer celery alongside wings and other meat dishes. It is a perfect side dish to add a creamy and crunchy texture to meals.

• Add to Salads

Celery makes a great ingredient for yummy and healthy salads. You can add celery stalks and leaves to salads to enjoy a healthy and crispy bowl of salad.

• Stews & Soups

You can incorporate raw or cooked celery in soups. Most people eat celery in this way. So, you can try this too. Add thin celery slices to chicken pot pie, jambalaya, beef stew, and other vegetables to bring a crisp texture.

• Braising Celery

For a smooth and soft meal, braised celery in canned tomatoes or vegetable stock. Before that, cook celery at a lower temperature on stovetop or oven. Add breadcrumbs, butter, and crumbled cheese for a buttery or cheesy finish.

• Raw Celery

Too lazy to cook anything, celery comes to your rescue. You can eat celery both raw and cooked to enjoy its various benefits.

• Dessert

Go for this classic celery recipe. To prepare this, you need peanut butter and raisins. Now, stuff stalks of celery with these two ingredients and enjoy an appetizing dessert.

• Add to Sandwiches

Add crunchiness to sandwiches made with potato salads or chicken with celery. Just cut slices of celery and add it to sandwiches along with mayonnaise.

• Add to Dips

Make a rich dip by adding stalks of celery. For this, take feta cheese, creamy hummus, or Parmesan with garlic. Celery will add crunchiness to dips.

• Use as Parsley

If you run out of parsley, you can use celery as a substitute. Use celery for any sauce and to add a sweet flavor to meats to balance out flavors.

Is It Safe to Eat Raw Celery?


Yes, it is absolutely safe to consume raw celery if rinsed off properly. As a matter of fact, raw celery is beneficial for health. Celery contains good amounts of folate, minerals like potassium, and vitamins such as Vitamin C, A, and K. This fibrous food is good for diabetic people due to the low glycemic load index.

Raw celery encloses negative calories. This means that one cup of raw celery includes 17 calories but in order to digest it, you need more calories than that. So, raw celery is perfect for those who want to lose weight.

Risks Related to Eating Celery


When you are talking about raw celery, it can last no longer than 4 weeks. Once the celery shows signs of rot and sour smell, you should immediately throw it away. If you consume something like this, then you will encounter foodborne illnesses.

Moreover, as you know everything in excess leads to problems no matter how healthy it is. Do not go for celery as the main food. If not, you will intake higher amounts of pesticides, suffer bowel problems, and lower down other nutrients in your body. To cope with these problems, just take about 12-inch stalks as single serves on a daily basis.

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Final Thought

So, it is really important to incorporate celery into your diet. Celery has huge benefits for your health, which I have listed in the above section. In case, you do not like celery or do not want to eat celery, do not worry! You can go for various substitutes available for celery.

These substitutes include carrots, water chestnuts, asparagus, jicama, fennel, bok choy, and broccoli stems. If you incorporate any of these ingredients, you can enjoy the flavor and texture of celery in the best possible way.

On the other hand, you can try out the above-mentioned recipes to prepare celery in a more creative way. Using creative recipes, you will feel more like eating celery. Now, enjoy celery like never before!

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