How to Grind Saffron? 100% Authentic

Saffron is derived from a flower better known as ‘saffron crocus’ which is basically used as a spice in cooking to enrich the quality of the food. This magical spice is a bit costly as it is a rare spice and takes about 1,000 flowers in order to harvest just one ounce of saffron. Saffron is a very nutritious spice as it contains protein, vitamins, fat, and a few carbohydrates and minerals. The deriving process of saffron is not as easy as it sounds. To make it properly edible, people usually grind it and use it to add flavor to the food.

Bring out the Best of Saffron:

Saffron can be considered one of the most expensive spices. But it doesn’t hinder Saffron’s demand even for a bit because of saffron’s rare delicacy. So it is important to know how to process(grind) it. There are generally two main ways to grind dried stigmas of Saffron. And those are: Using a grinder, Or Using Mortar and Pestle

Using a Grinder:

Using an electrical grinder may help to grind saffrons. You can just put saffrons into a grinder. Then light up the grinder and BOOM. The stigmas of saffron will be ground in about a couple of seconds. If you’re in a hurry then this method is the most logical and effective way. But there may occur some issues considering the product’s quality.

Using Mortar And Pestle:

Using a mortar and pestle is a traditional way to grind saffron and ironically the most effective and the best way to grind it. This process will surely help you bring the best flavor out of saffron. First, put the amount of saffron you want in the mortar. Then push the pestle against the bottom of the mortar and stir the pestle gently don’t withdraw the force that you’re putting on the pestle. Continue it for about one minute and then you will get a smooth, red, and beautiful saffron powder which will increase the piquancy of your dish.

Which is the best method?

Suppose you’re questioning which of the following methods is better than the other. In that case, I’d personally suggest you go with the second one because it will assuredly help to bring forth the royal delicacy of saffron. Though the quality of the powder depends on the quality of the stigmas of your saffron even saffron of below-average quality can deliver a great result if it is processed correctly. On the other hand, the process may seem a little lengthy in proportion to the quantity of saffron but trust me it is worth the labor you’re putting in.

Does Saffron expire?

If you keep your saffrons in air-sealed storage and keep them in a room temperature area they will not lose their flavor for at least six months. Because the saffron will not expire but it will lose its raw flavor if you keep it in an open space.

Do you chop Saffron Threads?

To use saffron and increase your dish’s delicacy you’ll need to grind it and sprinkle it in your dishes.

Can Saffron be eaten raw?

No, it can’t be. Because saffron has a bitter and complex hint in its taste which makes it is awful to eat it raw. And because of its taste, it is used very little in cooking because too much of it will ruin the food’s flavor.

Which country’s Saffron is best?

Iran is thought to be the best Saffron producer in the whole wide world. Around 95% of saffron production is caused by Iran. Iran’s Saffron quality is so good that this country’s saffron is also the most expensive saffron.

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