How To Keep Donuts Fresh? Essential Facts You Need To Know!

how to store donuts in refrigerator

You cannot distinguish between a fresh donut and a stale donut unless you eat both. If you didn’t, let me tell you, I don’t find stale donuts tasty at all. Hot and fresh donuts taste just amazing and as long you can keep the freshness of the donut it will taste good. But do you know how to keep donuts fresh?

It isn’t a tough job, but a little bit tricky. I personally don’t prefer storing donuts for more than 2-3 days because then doesn’t matter how hard you try the taste will drop.

However, since you are here to learn how to keep donuts fresh. You are in the right place. So without further ado, let me walk you through the secret way of keeping donuts fresh!

How To Keep Donuts Fresh?

As I told earlier keeping donuts fresh isn’t that a tough task. But before you should find out what types of donuts are you trying to keep fresh.

Types Of Donuts & Storing Method

how to keep donuts fresh

There are a bunch of different types of donuts but the most common three donut types are Yeast raised, Caked, and Cream-filled donuts. Each of these donuts is made differently, they come with different ingredients, so the storage methods would be different.

How To Store Yeast Raised Donuts?

Putting Yeast raised donuts inside the zippered plastic bag is the best way to store yeast-raised donuts. However, there are other ways as well which we will get into one by one.

You can store this donut inside an airtight container as well. Put that inside the container and then leave that at room temperature. Apart from the plastic container, you can use plastic wrap as well but in that case, you will have to ensure you wrap that completely so that no air can get inside.

Some people do use aluminum foil paper to wrap the donuts but to be honest, that isn’t effective. Because the goal is to keep the area airtight, whether you put in an inside container or zippered plastic bag. You cannot make foil paper completely airproof, air will get inside anyhow. Once air gets inside that will dry the donut, so do not use that.

After wrapping or putting the donuts into an airtight container, you can either store them at room temperature or you can store it in the fridge. Storing in the fridge will be the better option because the donuts will get firmer which won’t happen at room temperature.

In the fridge yeast-raised, donuts can stay fresh 3-4 days, not more. If the storing time exceeds the donut won’t remain chewy and soft. On the other hand, at room temperature donuts cannot stay fresh for more than 1-2 days.

When storing in the room there is one most important thing that you need to keep in mind. Do not store the donuts anywhere in the room where they can be exposed to direct sunlight. It will melt the frosting or icing. Plus, sunlight will make donuts stale faster which is the last thing you want.

Sunline will cause it to dry which wouldn’t taste any good. If the donut is wrapped in, sunlight heat can cause mold on it, making that inedible. So keep the donuts in a shadier corner of the room if you want the fresh taste when you eat.

How To Store Cake Donuts?

Compared to Yeast Raised donuts cake donuts are easier to store. If you wrap in the same way as I mentioned above about yeast-raised donuts, at room temperature Cake donuts will remain fresh for 4-5 days. In the fridge, they will remain fresh for longer. But make sure where ever you keep the donut that should be completely airtight.

The reason why cake donuts are lasting is their crumb and texture. Yeast-raised donuts are fluffy and they are light, plus they contain very less moisture which is why they dry faster.

On the other hand, cake donuts are very moist and that keeps them fresh for longer periods. However, like yeast-raised donuts, cake donuts also cannot stay fresh in sunlight. The heat will cause it to dry and if wrapped, that can cause mold as well.

How To Store Cream-Filled Donuts?

Storing-filled donuts are different from storing yeast-raised and cake donuts. Filled donuts are filled with creamy things like jelly, or whipped cream which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The cream-filled jelly has more moisture compared to other donuts which will help it to remain fresh for a long time.

But if not stored properly, a filled donut will become completely inedible. Because more moisture will cause mold to grow very fast. Another thing that wouldn’t work in the case of filled donuts is storing at room temperature. Jelly will sit at room temperature so it is best to store filled donuts in the fridge.

Storing in the fridge will prevent mold from growing, and it will also ensure that the jelly and the donut remain fresh. That being said, you can store filled donuts at room temperature for one day but not more. But if the donut is filled with whipped cream or pudding, then you must have to store it in the fridge otherwise they will spoil very soon. The freezer temp should be under 40-degrees.

How To Reheat Donuts?

After you pick the donuts from the fridge, are you going to eat that straight? Maybe no, right? You can get the taste of a fresh donut by reheating it properly. Doesn’t matter whether the donuts were stored at room temperature or in the fridge, reheating will bring a good taste. It makes the donut softer and brings back the firm texture.

The best way to heat the donut is by using a microwave since it delivers moist heat and that makes the donuts tendered and soft.


This is how you can keep the donuts fresh. But always keep the time limit, do not store donuts for more than 3-4 days, after that it will start losing the freshness which you won’t like. Make sure to store the donuts in a shadier corner of the room. Remember, sunlight is the great enemy of donuts. I hope it will help you to keep your donuts fresh.

Don’t forget to write your experience of keeping donuts fresh in the comment section. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned to

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