How to Use an Electric Wok

How to Use an Electric Wok

The electric wok is a small kitchen appliance with a bowl-shaped pan and an electric heating base underneath. For easy cleaning, the bowl detaches from the base. An electric wok allows you to cook anywhere there is an electrical outlet.

Most appliances have a wattage rating of around 1500 W. Temperature controls are included in an electric wok, allowing you to adjust the temperature to suit different recipes. Because the bowl has thick walls and a huge capacity, there are fewer spills.

Why You Should Buy an Electric Wok

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The following is a list of reasons why you should choose an electric wok:

If you reside in a location where gas is not available for cooking, your wok cooking options are severely limited. Because an electric burner cannot create enough heat to transmit it through the walls, flat bottomed woks built for electric stoves do not reach the desired temperature needed to make a quality stir-fry. Gas burners may produce more heat and are more suited to stabilizing a wok with a spherical bottom.

An electric wok is quite portable, and you can set it up to cook outside. This is especially useful on hot summer days because the wok can generate additional heat inside the house.

An electric wok is the ideal kitchen tool for making Asian-inspired stir-fries and tasty vegetable dishes if you enjoy Asian cuisine. In less than 5 minutes, you can have a nicely prepared supper.

During cooking, an electric wok is secured in place. While stirring the ingredients, you do not need to hold the handle or move it around.

The interior is comprised of nonstick materials and is extremely easy to clean. For dishwasher washing or easy storage, the unit detaches from the base.

A good electric wok reaches a high temperature quickly and keeps it there throughout the cooking process.

Temperature settings that are easily adjustable provide you additional cooking flexibility because you can regulate the temperature according to your recipe. Without fear of overcooking the vegetables, you can sear the beef and then reduce the heat to add the vegetables.

What Can You Cook in an Electric Wok?

You can cook anything in an electric wok that you could in a regular wok, including stir-fries, braising, deep-frying, steaming, sauces, and soups. Woks are commonly associated with Chinese cookery and other Asian-style cuisines, but they may be used for almost anything.

An electric wok can be used to make flawless scrambled eggs, potato chips, and a variety of crunchy and fresh-tasting vegetables, among other things. When it comes to high-temperature cooking, only use oils with a high smoke point, such as avocado oil. This device may assist you in eating better and consuming more vegetables.

How to Use an Electric Wok?

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Step 01. Start the wok. Set the heat to high and wait for the wok to heat up.

Step 02. In a heated wok, pour 2 teaspoons of cooking oil. Grab the wok with an oven glove or a hot pad and rotate it to evenly coat the sides in oil.

Step 03. Add the meat part of your dish to the wok while keeping the temperature on high. Because electric woks can easily contain a whole chicken or a roast, you may be creative with what you cook in them. Cook on high until all of the meat is browned.

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Step 04. If you wish to stir fry your vegetables, simply put them on the wok and stir constantly over high heat. Stir fry sauces can enhance the flavor of the food while also producing a pleasant aroma when they sear on the edge of the electric wok.

Step 05. In a wok, slowly roast your chicken. Reduce the heat to medium once the outside of the whole chicken has browned. Close the vent and place the lid on top of the wok. Roast the chicken for 45 minutes per pound in this manner. The outcome is tender chicken that falls off the bone.

Step 06. Consider using the electric wok to make a pot roast. Add potatoes and carrots after a big piece of red meat has been browned. Reduce the heat to medium and cover the wok, but leave the wok vent open. To enhance the flavor of your roast, add a cup of wine.

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Step 07. As a steamer, use your electric wok. In the bottom of your wok, pour a small bit of water. Place a bamboo steaming basket filled with rice or veggies inside the pan. Bamboo steaming baskets are ideal for use with an electric wok since they do not catch fire. To make steam, heat the wok to high. To give your meat an extra kick, use chicken broth.

“Use a wooden spoon or chopstick to stir if you want to keep your electric wok looking new for a long time.”

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