Delicious, Fool-Proof Ways on How to Reheat Pulled Pork


Do you have a pulled pork dish that needs reheating? This post will talk about five easy ways on how to reheat pulled pork without drying them out!

These are some of the easiest and most sure-fire ways on how to keep your pulled pork moist and delicious. These methods were gathered from friends and family—I hope they’ll be able to help you too. Check the methods below, and see which ones are best for you!


What is Pulled Pork?


If this is your first encounter with pulled pork, let me give you a brief introduction. Pulled pork is basically a pork dish that is slow cooked in low heat until it reaches the point when it’s falling apart and tender to be pulled into strips or broken down into small or individual pieces.

There are so many different ways on how to cook pulled pork—the most common ones are smoking and slow-cooking and broiling. The dish can be enjoyed in a sandwich, on top of rice, or on its own!

Want to know how to reheat this delicious dish? Read on!

How to Reheat Pulled Pork Using an Oven

Things You'll Need

An oven


Simply use the same oven where you cooked your pulled pork in! If you’re taking your dish to a friend’s house, however, you simply need an electric/gas oven that can reach 200F--this is a very low setting, so you should not have any problem.

An Oven-Safe Tray

An Oven-Safe Tray


You can either use aluminum or tempered glass—whatever you have available at home.

Apple Juice


One essential advice I received from a friend is this: if you already know that you’ll be reheating the pulled pork, save some. This is whether you’re making it in advance or heating up some leftovers.

You will be needing the apple juice for the reheated dish, so the pork does not end up dry. You always need to make sure that your pulled pork is moist!

Adding apple juice to pork is common in Southern cooking. The enzymes in the apple juice tenderizes the pork, and adds a nice sweetness and tanginess to it.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1. Put The Pulled Pork in The Pan.

After preheating your oven to 200F, place your leftover pulled pork in the oven-safe pan. Spread it around evenly.

If you were able to save some of the juices, include half of them in the pot. The way I do it is this: I divide the juice in half. One half will go with the pulled pork, and the other half will be poured in the last 30 minutes of the reheating process.

I’ve read that some people would wrap the juice in foil while the pork is being slowly reheated, so you can do this too. This way, you can melt the sauce easily, for drizzling once the pork is warm. The pulled pork comes out moist and delicious!

Step 2. Slow-Cook The Pulled Pork.

When you’re reheating pulled pork using an oven, make sure that you’re ready to wait a few hours. It’s not going to wait for 10-12 hours <or however long you slow-cooked the pork>, but it’s still a few hours, so be prepared!

Step 3. Wait 2-3 Hours.

The pulled pork needs 2-3 hours (depending on the quantity) in the oven, at 200F. You can increase the temperature to 250-300F if you feel that the pork is already looking like its old self.

Once you’re satisfied, you’re ready to serve!

How to Reheat Pulled Pork Using a Steamer

Things You’ll Need

A Steamer Basket

A Steamer Basket


Steamer baskets are usually available in the kitchen supplies aisle in the supermarket, so it shouldn’t be hard looking for it if you don’t have this yet. It’s affordable and versatile, and I suggest you get one.

A Pot


Because your steamer basket will easily adjust to your pot, any regular cooking pot will do!

Apple Juice


Any type of store-bought apple juice will do. Get the one that’s organic and 100% natural.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1. Add Apple Juice to The Pot

Put about a cup of apple juice in the pot. The amount depends on how big your pot is, and how much leftover pulled pork you’re reheating. You can also opt for ¼ cup water and ¼ cup apple juice so the flavors are less strong.

Step 2. Add The Leftover Pulled Pork

Add the leftover pork to the steamer basket, then place it on the pot with the apple juice. Bring to a simmer, and steam for about 5-10 minutes. Once moist, you’re ready to serve!

The great thing about reheating pulled pork using a steamer is that the meat will remain tender and moist. It also takes just a few minutes, so it’s great for those who don’t have hours to slowly reheat using an oven.

Step 3. Drizzle The Pulled Pork With Juice

Some liquid from the pork will be dripping to your apple juice/apple juice mixture. This will have a wonderful flavor that you can use to drizzle on your reheated pork once it’s done. Another great way to add moisture!

Just make sure that you taste your food while you mix the juice in. You don’t want to overpower the dish with strong apple flavors!

How to Reheat Pulled Pork Using a Crock Pot

Things You’ll Need

A Crock Pot or Slow-Cooker

Crock Pot


This one I learned from asking a friend who likes to barbecue, as well as good ol’ online research. If you have a crock pot/slow cooker and plenty of time, this is a great method to follow.

A Crock Pot Liner Bag

Crock Pot Liner Bag


Crock pot liner bags are usually available in supermarkets or online stores like Amazon. These bags will help you have an easier clean up afterwards.

Apple Juice


This is an optional ingredient. A crock pot on low heat will make sure that your meat stays moist, but if you think that it needs more juice, you can add a splash of store bought/boxed apple juice to restore juiciness!

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1. Put The Pulled Pork in The Crock Pot

Place the liner bag in the crock pot, and then add the pulled pork. Make sure that the lid is tightly sealed! This way, you’ll keep all the great juices in pot.

Step 2. Set Your Crock Pot to Low

Use the lowest setting in your crock pot. This should take about 2-3 hours.

If you think that your pulled pork is too dry, you can add a splash of apple juice to moisten it. This will make sure that your meat does not end up dry. If you were able to save some juice, add them all to the bag!

The great thing about this is you can simply leave your crock pot on “warm” setting and just let people help themselves. The meat will remain warm without drying!

How to Reheat Pulled Pork With Boiling Water

Things You’ll Need

A Pot




A Vacuum Seal Bag

A Vacuum Seal Bag


Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1. Seal The Leftover Pulled Pork in The Vacuum Seal Bag

Fill half of the pot with water, and bring to a boil.This is almost like sous vide, but cheaper. When I tried this out, I just needed to buy myself some vacuum seal bags, and I was all set!

Step 2. Bring The Pulled Pork to a Boil

Once the pulled pork is in the vacuum seal bag <make sure it’s absolutely tightly sealed!>, place it in the pot with boiling water. Boil it for about 2-3 minutes, and you’re ready to take it out of the bag and serve.

Final Thoughts

How to Reheat Pulled Pork

Cooking pulled pork is no joke—you’ve already spent at least 10 hours in the process, so you’d sure want to still have good quality pork when you reheat them.

Did this tutorial help you? I hope you learned a thing or two! Learning about the right processes in these types of food will sure come in handy.Let me know what you think in the comments below! If you have any suggestions, I would be more than glad to listen, too.

Now that you know how to reheat pulled pork, you can start spreading the word!


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