Top 5 Best Serbian Chefs Knives: Review And Buying Guide


If you work in the kitchen hustle and want to save some more time in cutting, chopping, or slicing meat, fish, or even vegetable, we are presenting you with the best Serbian Chefs Knives which is one of the best choices you have ever made. Some of us may in need of proper tools for smooth and enjoyable kitchen work as they are new in slicing and chopping work.

You can avail various types of knife, like electric knife, sushi knife and meat cleaver. (You may check these articles.) But I bet you, Serbian Chefs Knives is the best of all. So let me take you on a tour of the top 5 best Serbian Chefs Knives which I and our research team have found extremely handy and useful kitchen tools.

What are the Best Serbian Chefs Knives?

A Serbian Chefs Knives is a special type of round-headed knife that is well known as Almazan Kitchen Knife. This knife is fully made by row cast iron thus it is heavy and can be used as a cleaver. You can use the Serbian Chefs Knives on tough foods like meats and squash. It is very much sharp to slice delicately as well.

This time I have collected a series of opinions that are very useful to discern which are the best Serbian chef knives. First of all, I hope it can be useful and it can save you headaches or inconvenience. The list has been compiled with care, carefully weighing the advantages and characteristics of each product.

 Top 5 Best Serbain Chefs Knives

01. Butcher Knife – imarku 7-inch Kitchen Chopper Knife Full Tang Serbian Chef Knife

This butcher chef knife is made of manganese steel, the handle, and the blade is integrated without soldering, which is firm and durable to eliminate broken handle.

This Serbian chef’s knife can be used not only to cut meat but also to cut vegetables, bones, ribs, tube bones, etc. You can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks of slicing, dicing, and mincing by cutting.

The kitchen cleaver butcher knife is a great beauty, impeccable performance this strong design with good strength, durability. It comes with a unique leather knife sheath case to protect the knife blade, beautiful and more safety; it can be attached to the belt for easy carrying when using outdoor.

This one is a perfect knife for all your cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing. This knife was a match made in heaven. It has a perfect size, weight, and very sharp.


  • High Carbon Clad Steel Chinese Knife
  • Multipurpose
  • Full Tang Wooden Handle
  • Safety & Easy To Carry
  • Easy Care


  • To avoid the tiny smell of leather sheath you have to hang it in a ventilated place for some days.

02. Full Tang Butcher Knife Handmade Forged Kitchen Chef Knife High Carbon Clad Steel Butcher Cleaver

This butcher chef knife is made of manganese steel, the handle and the blade are integrated without soldering, which is firm and durable to eliminate broken handle

The cutlery knives are sharpened manually by workers with more than 30 years of experience by using natural knife grinders mined from Mount Emei. Compared with kitchen knives made with mechanical ways, the service life of such knives is longer.

Ergonomic Full Tang handle can prevent the blade comfortable to grip and non-slip effect. The butcher knife kitchen comes with a unique leather knife sheath to protect the knife blade, beautiful and more safety and can be attached to the belt for easy carrying when using outdoor. Such a knife shall be wiped dry after cleaning. Some cooking oil may be applied to it if it is not used for a long time. And it shall be placed at a dry place for storage.


  • High Carbon Clad Steel Chinese Knife
  • Handmade Forged Technology
  • Full Tang Wooden Handle
  • Convenient To Carry Out
  • How To Maintain


  • There may have a tiny smell of the leather sheath, please hang in a ventilated place for some days when you receive it.
  • As it has maximum carbon content so make sure that acidic or alkaline substance cannot stay on the blade for a long period.

03. Manual forging Kitchen Knife Chef’s Meat Cleaver Butcher Knife 

This product has an ancient forging, adhere to the ingenuity, hand-forged by the blacksmith master, with fine steel and good ductility.

Selected high-quality and high-carbon steel is used in manufacture. It gets repeated forging. So it becomes a high-quality product having high hardness and sharp blade.

The solid wood handle makes it very user friendly. Rivet reinforcement ensures its top quality.  I bet you that it is not easy to deform. It is very much comfortable to handle. The best facility you may get is the front 3 / 4 is used for slicing and shredding, and the back 1 / 4 is used for chopping chicken and duck.


  • Hand-forged
  • Carbon steel material
  • Wood handle
  • Front for slicing and back for chopping


  • Make sure to store it dry.

04. Handmade Forged Camping Chef Knife Full Tang Butcher Knife Outdoor Meat Vegetable Cleaver for BBQ Hunting

This butcher chef knife is also made of manganese steel, the handle, and the blade is integrated without soldering, which is firm and durable to eliminate broken handle. Suitable for Vegetable, meat, and bread, good choice to be your go-to knife.

The cutlery knives are sharpened manually by workers with more than 30 years of experience by using natural knife grinders mined from Mount Emei. Compared with kitchen knives made with mechanical ways, the service life of such knives is longer.

Ergonomic Full Tang handle can prevent the blade comfortable to grip and non-slip effect. The kitchen cleaver butcher knife is great beauty and well balance, impeccable performance this strong design with good strength, durability.

The butcher knife kitchen comes with a unique leather knife sheath to protect the knife blade, beautiful and more safety, and it also with a belt loop that can be attached to the belt for easy carrying when using outdoor. A good outdoor knife for BBQ, hunting, and camping


  • High Carbon Clad Steel Cleaver
  • Handmade Forged Technology
  • Full Tang Wooden Handle
  • Convenient To Carry Out


  • Apply some cooking oil on it if it is not used for a long time and placed at a dry place for storage to avoid rust.
  • Hang it in a ventilated place to avoid the smell of leather sheath.

05. Professional butcher knife, Damascus Chef Kitchen Knives for Cooking, Outdoor Cooking Meat Knife 

Included with every Cinlinso Series blade is a matching Saya (sheath) with a traditional pin and string locking mechanism which is ensuring your investment and your fingers are protected.

A professional butcher knife is manufactured with ultra-sharp, cobalt-added, and cryogenically (In physics, cryogenics is the production and behavior of materials at very low temperatures.)  treated VG-20 Japanese Damascus steel cutting core at HRC 58-60 hardness. It is 6.5 in. Vegetable cleaver boasts unrivaled performance and incredible edge retention. The quality that makes it different is the incredible hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

Ultra-premium G-20 handle is military grade with life-long durability. Carefully hand polished, the ergonomic handle shape is engineered for superior hand control, agility, and comfort. Hand-polished blade spine for smooth handling.

Cinlinso Professional butcher knife comes with a lifetime warranty. This butcher is crazy; it cuts through pork rib bones like butter! One of our reviewer’s statements is – “I also cut chicken leg bones like nothing. I originally bought a smaller Japanese butcher but it couldn’t go thru pork bones, this thing crushes everything in sight. Its super heavy duty and can probably cut thru metal.”


  • Professional Cleaver Sheath
  • Engineered to Perfection


  • Stay aware of its sharp end all the time.

Buying guide of the best Professional Chefs Knives sets of 2020 

There have some distinct characteristics of knives that can help us discern the quality of the one we are selecting is and how much it adapts to what we were initially looking for.

How is the knife-edge? Jagged or smooth?

There are mainly two types of blade associated with a knife, a smooth edge or serrated edge. In case of cutting food, the smooth edge gives more control and precision thus making it a favorite in the kitchen. On the other hand, the serrated edge allows greater strength but is not very common among cooking knives.

Handling and weight

Before selecting a knife one must study the handling quality and weight. The lighter the knife, the greater possibilities we will have to control it easily.  A light knife makes it easy for everyone to use, regardless of their practical cooking skills.

Leaf surface

The leaves can vary depending on what they are needed for. Thicker blades are usually used in the knives with which the meat is to be filleted. Otherwise, it happens with the knives that are used to peel some fruit, which must have a blade of more moderate proportions.

Ergonomic handle

When the knife has an ergonomic handle it is a relief for people who work in the kitchen for long hours. With this technology, the instrument molds to the hand more easily, providing comfort and preventing cramps from constant use. This quality is used and appreciated by all manufacturers of kitchen knives.

Materials of kitchen knife blades

Before acquiring a kitchen knife it is good that you know the difference between the most common materials in which the blades of these utensils are made.

  • Stainless steel: stainless steel is a type of steel with high resistance to corrosion.
  • Carbon steel: This type of steel can rust when exposed to certain weather conditions.
  • High carbon stainless steel: This type of steels stands out for its high durability, its resistance to rust, and its strength.
  • Stainless steel alloy steel:  These materials are also well known and reputed for their strength and ability to withstand time.
  • Ceramic:  Knives designed in this material can maintain their edge for a much longer time since they are immune to most corrosive agents that attack steel.

Where to buy professional kitchen knives?

When it comes to good quality knives, the best place to buy them is  without thinking twice. In fact, see our comparison, and all our recommendations are from that wonderful online store that came to make life easier for us. There you will find offers, you will find recommendations and the most valued according to the opinions of customers, in the same way, you can consult to buy them at where you will also find them from simple kitchen knife sets to professional knives … a little bit of everything. Take a tour of these online stores to enjoy these beauties.

Kitchen knives, their names, and what each one is for?

This is important because many people do not pay due attention to it and use any knife to cut anything (they are not blamed either since not everyone explains from a young age or in our growth what is the proper use of the set of knives), no, you must use the correct knife for each occasion (ok, if you have the complete cutlery), that is, one of bread to cut bread, the one of meat to cut meat and so on.

In our previous section, we talked about some kitchen knives and their uses that appear in our recommendations, but here we will see a little more about them and others to learn more about them:

Paring knife or lace

It usually has a blade of about 9 to 10 centimeters and with a very sharp tip. It is perfect for peeling vegetables or fruits or any small cut you want to make; keep it away from children to avoid accidents.

Onion or chef’s knife

Also known as chef’s knives. Its blade is usually a little wider from about 20 centimeters to 30 centimeters, which is when you have pieces of meat or fish that are larger than they usually cut. It is very versatile, you will be able to chop, vegetables, greens, meat and fish.

Pestle knife

With a curved and thin blade of its own to remove the bones in a piece of meat, such as a chicken or other meat that you want to bone; It requires a certain force to be able to put the knife to good use on the piece and not to mistreat it by making accurate cuts.

Slicing or fillet knife

If you want a long blade knife that makes fine cuts and is very clean, this is the one for your meat and fish, very flexible; It is ideal for preparing well-filleted salmon dishes and all the entrees you want. You can also use the salmon knife, especially for this.

Ham knife

It is ideal for cutting ham or large pieces of meat. If you want a perfect cut or sliced, go buying a ham knife so that you have precise cuts; ideal for your breakfasts, hors d’oeuvres, or whenever you want to taste a good piece of ham.

Bread knife or serrated knife

With an elongated and strong blade but unlike the previous ones, it has a serrated edge (small serrated knives are used to cut tomato) to be able to cut the crust of the bread without problems. Arguably, this knife derives the kitchen knife for butter, which is precisely used to take butter (or other creams, such as cream cheese, etc.) and spread.

Santoku knife

The Japanese version of the onion knife used in the west by chefs, the shape of its blade has a flat base, a rounded tip, and a length of between 12 centimeters and 20 centimeters. It is a very versatile knife because you can cut, chop or slice as many vegetables as fruits, meat, or fish, whatever you want.

Other knives and their uses

  1. Vegetable knife. It is small with a strong blade and a very smooth edge. It is used exclusively for cutting and peeling vegetables and fruits.
  2. Steak knife. Thin-bladed but very strong. Also used exclusively for cutting steaks, cutlets and roast meats.
  3. Ax-type kitchen knife. To break the meat bones more easily.
  4. Cheese knife. Only to cut soft or soft cheeses and thus avoid sticking to the sheet.
  5. Carving knife. It is used in combination with the carving fork to carve and cut meat cleanly and efficiently.

Each and every one of them can also be bought second hand.

More about kitchen knife sets

You already know the names used in the kitchen and what each one is for, so you have to know the other variants with which some of them are known according to the material and forms of which they are made or the story they tell.

Antique kitchen knives

There are copies up to 2 and a half million years old, a long time. They were hand-forged from the stone to give it the characteristic figure of the knife; it was made with obsidian stone and other materials such as wood, bone and other materials that could perish in time.

Set of handmade knives

Those made by hand forged without the need for molds. They are usually very expensive, but it applies more to people who are collectors and appreciate art; can be customized.

Professional kitchen knives for children

Because they also like to cook, to show a button the kitchen contests where children participate, is a living example of that. They must be exclusive for children because those in common use (for adults) are usually very dangerous for them. Knives for children must have the following characteristics: rounded tip, handle according to the size of children’s hands, non-slip materials and optimal sharpening to facilitate cutting of food.

Left-handed knife set

They do exist, and practically their functionality is that their edge is on the right side, compensating for the movement each time you go to cut. It works perfectly and even a right-hander can use it, but taking care to cut himself.

Good knives for beginners

This applies to people who are going to study cooking and want to learn to cook or use knives. Well, for that there are knives for beginners, they are lace, onion, and sawmill.

High-end knives

They are all considered as professional or gourmet kitchen knives and can be of any type that we mention throughout our article, only with the difference that the quality and finish of the cut will be different.

Titanium chef knives

They do not stick to the magnet and have the following advantages: corrosion-resistant, 100% stainless, wear-resistant, increased cut durability, ultra-light, flexible, unbreakable, antibacterial, and non-allergic.

What set of professional knives to buy?

It depends on what exactly you want to use them for, what use you are going to give them, how the handle has, etc. if it is for simple kitchen things, you have the option of buying a simple game or another with all the toys and so on. The important thing is that it has a good handle and a good blade, without that, you will only buy a toy knife or ornament; as tips to give you an idea, the knives that keep their edge the longest are those of steel and carbon.

If you want something more professional you can find one that comes with a kitchen knife-carrying sleeve. Check out our comparison to see which good knife you like the most or that suits your needs, according to our buying guide.

How to sharpen my knife set?

Each person who truly values ​​each item or device in their home will take good care of it, especially if it is the fruit of their effort and work, cutlery is no exception. In this case, the kitchen knife sets require a constant edge or sharpening every so often so that you can have a better experience when using it.

There are many ways to sharpen knives, there is the stone that sets bring exclusively for that (chaira), sharpening. You can use a large stone that tends to be in kitchens, an endogenous solution since it does not have a sharpener (to replace the diamond stones), you pass the knife through the roughest area and that’s it, you already have your sharp knife so that cut your meals comfortably, plus it is safer because it requires less effort when cutting.

It is not necessary to change a set of kitchen knives as often; therefore, here we give you some alternatives to sharpen your knives if you do not have any of the above options. They are as follows:

  • Use a ceramic mug. With an angle of 20 ° place the knife on the base of the cup (turned) or the bottom edge and start sharpening both sides of the knife.
    • Join knife with knife. There are people who are afraid to do it, but for those who consider this viable option they can try. Join the blade of one of the knives against the other and now, on both sides.
    • Use a glass bottle. Oddly enough, yes, use the tip of a bottle to sharpen the knife.
    • Use the corner of a rustic wall. It is as if you did it with the “endogenous” stone that I mentioned above, a very practical solution.

How can I ensure that my kitchen knives do not lose their edge so quickly?

Our kitchen utensils must be treated with care so that the edge of the knife lasts and you do not have to sharpen it for a long time, follow these tips:

1. Do not cut on hard surfaces. You can nick or damage the knife.
2. Don’t put too much lateral pressure on the knife. This way it blunts faster.
3. When you cut any fruit or acidic food, clean the knife very well after you use it. You can corrode the material of the knife.
4. Save them separately. Contact with other knives tends to nick them, hitting each other (that’s why in the sets, they are separated).

How to keep a chef’s knives clean?

Follow this simple recommendation and you will see that apart from being clean, your knives will last much longer to use.

  • Use a neutral or low alkaline detergent, avoid products that have chlorine because you can damage the steel removing the natural shine of the knife
    • Do not use abrasive, metallic or synthetic cleaners.
    • It is better to wash them by hand and dry them, then store them because it is not recommended that they be left in the dishwasher for a long time exposed to hot water, if you use cold water, it is also recommended that you use it, wash, dry them with a cloth absorbent and save at once.
    • Place them down in the dishwasher.

Knife set repair

I suppose you have wondered what to do with that knife that you like so much, but that is old or worn (this time we are not referring to a knife that has a sharp edge, but when you see that it has no remedy). Since you have identified the “ugly” knives, begin to remove the rust to restore the blade, the handle, and well now, sharpen again.

The rust can be removed with hot water and citric acid by immersing the blade (this time you can use strong sponges), the handle can be changed (if it is better wood, with steel wool and as a final touch a little linseed oil ) and if you see that the blade is still working, restore it with rough stones and you can have a new knife to sharpen later (do not abuse, after so many restorations you will not be left with any other than buying a new one because it will lose the edge of a knife as such).

Done, you already have your knife like new to reuse it. Super easy and simple to do at home (using adhesive tape on the edge to avoid cutting), if you are afraid, there are people who specialize in this that can help you.

 Final words:

Hope our information about the Best Professional Chefs Knives and various type of knife and their uses will help you to find your desire both personal or professional kitchen knife. If you want to get more about kitchen tools and of course various recipes please visit

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