The 5 Best Popcorn Kernels: Now, Make Your Top-Most Pick!


Are you planning to buy popcorn kernels? We have carefully selected the best popcorn kernels and a buying guide for you to make choosing a lot easier!

Who does not love popcorns? May it be at home, park, movies, parties or anytime snacks, it is a hit! Popcorn kernels is a regular in the pantry. It is the quickest snacks that we can offer that we are sure to be loved by guests.

On top of it, popcorn kernels have lots of antioxidants to offer so, therefore, healthy food for all. I wonder what popcorn kernel is your choice? Whatever it is, here are our best popcorn kernels carefully selected from among the best!


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What Are PopCorn Kernels?

Best Popcorn Kernels

I used to think that we can turn any corn into popcorn provided I know the process of doing it. Imagine my awe when I knew that popcorn comes really from a different variety of corn called Zea mays everta.

This is the only kernel capable of expanding into becoming a popcorn, unlike the corns we usually buy from the market to eat as corn-on-the-cob street food. There are 2 types of these variety namely the butterfly and the mushroom types. Now, it is being sold as Popcorn Kernels worldwide!

What Are The Factors That You Need To Consider Before Buying a Popcorn Kernel?

Here is what you need to think over before buying. If you want to buy the product that is worth every penny you got, pay attention to these.

Type of Popcorn

What is the type of popcorn you like to buy? Are you particular in appearance? Is it for business or just for your snacks at home or party? If you like to have specific shape and size, and texture for you to enjoy, there are two types and see what it is that suits you:

* Butterfly Kernels

Do not be confused, butterfly kernels are also called snowflakes kernels!

Best Popcorn Kernels
  • Business purposes - this is the one for you. It does not have a common shape with a lot of delicate wings coming out from the kernel. It will easily fill any serving size, so more profit for you. Compared to mushroom kernels, they are more tender to the bite, fluffy to look at and has a lighter weight. The kind you see being sold in public places like carnivals, movies, and football games.
  • Economical - If not for business, then certainly serving this type would be economical. More popcorns, lesser cost!

* Mushroom Kernels

popcorn kernels
  • Kids friendly - This type is more firm and round in shape like a ball. Much larger compared to butterfly kernels, it is also not easily gets broken and shattered from finger grips. Kids would love this type.
  • Best for coating and flavors - Since it is round, coatings can easily stick. So if you plan to make a tastier popcorn with your own choice of caramel, cheese or chocolate coating, this is what you are looking for.

The Type of Popping Equipment You Have

Consider the equipment you have back home, do you have a microwave, hot air poppers or the stove?

* Kernels That Are Best For Microwave

You got to need some grease for a microwave popcorn. You can use oil or butter so you need the type of Kernel that can absorb easily. Round kernels or mushroom type is best for this.

* Kernels That Are Best For Stove Top

Stove top method is very hot so you need the type of kernel that can endure it. Round kernels or mushroom type is best for this since it can absorb the oil well, resulting to a better-cooked popcorn from inside and out!

* Hot Air Poppers

popcorn kernels

A completely different method, air poppers use hot air to pop the kernels. This is the easiest and most convenient method so far. You do not need to use any oil for the kernels so I guess, a butterfly or mushroom kernel won’t make any difference, both would be perfect!

In addition, if you are very particular in your popcorn size here is a chart for your buying guide:

The 5 Best Popcorn Kernels For Your Top-Most Pick

As a popcorn lover, I have made it a point to buy the best popcorn kernels the market has to offer. Good enough, I have come up with my own favorite list that I would like to share with you.

So how about that? Is all about popcorn clear to you now? Do you think you are now ready to choose and buy one? Do not worry, the 5 best popcorn kernels in my list are all proven to be worth it.

I have carefully selected them to meet your different needs. I know it is hard to pick for your choice, but remember the points our buying guides have mentioned. So let us move on for our review!

Snappy Yellow Popcorn

This 1st entry has maintained its fine reputation since 1940’s for a healthy, low-fat, high-fiber choice! This yellow popcorn is easy to store, and you do not need to worry upon opening the container since you can easily seal it back again. You got to try some!

  • Money back guaranteed, if you have complaints on the one you just bought, they can send you another one!
  • Quality is excellent, great!
  • Last a long time after it popped, you can save it for next
  • Cheaper compared to other brands
  • Taste good, lots of flavors
  • The container is easy to open and free from all the mess, good for tidy freaks!
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Kernels popped up uniformly, goodbye to burnt
  • Crunchy
  • 98% popability
  • Soft and rubbery taste
  • Chewy and dry in my mouth

Country Harvest Popcorn

This 2nd entry is available in serving portions packs. They are pre-measures to suit the amount of popcorn you need for every serving, it totally eliminates waste and saves your money.

You do not need to measure so, less mess and no clean ups! This comes with the salt and oil packed separated for your convenience and better results.

  • Pops well, 98%
  • Great buttery taste, flavorful
  • Seasonings are very good, like it when it is individually packed, we can control the volume
  • Good value, worth it
  • Affordable fits my budget
  • The best movie popcorn, for real
  • If you use all the salt in the pack, it is really very salty
  • Not practical for volume use

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Our 3rd entry are yellow kernels that are premium popping at its best! It offers you a yummy popcorn that is crispy in the crust and soft in the inside. You can make it on your stove top or air poppers. This light and fluffy popcorns are gluten-free and whole great at the same time, making it the best treat your special ones would certainly adore!

  • It has big kernels, easy to fill a bowl and stuff my mouth!
  • Really good! Tasty and flavorful
  • Fun to pop and eat
  • Taste just like movie popcorns for real
  • Super fluffy and soft in the mouth
  • Expensive, not worth it
  • Chewy like gums in my mouth

Bob's Red Mill White Corn Popcorn

Having a healthy lifestyle? Our 4th entry is gluten-free, and for all vegans out there, this is 100% whole grain and rich in fiber. You can use this through the microwave or the stove top. Coming from the very best crops of the kernel, it is fluffy and crunchy when it pops. No worries, this does not contain any saturated fat or trans fats for you to better enjoy the best munch snacks of all time!

  • Awesome, fluffy, white and very tasteful, fun to eat
  • Almost a 100% pop rate efficiency
  • It does not leave big kernel husks stuck in your teeth, no more embarrassing moments
  • Healthy choice, good for health
  • Cannot find it in any local stores; hard to find, so I need to buy it online

Trader Joe's Organic Popping Corn

Do you want a snack that is high in fiber? Low fat and less salt? This entry is one of the best! Tested to be proven organic and natural, it has an outstanding record of popability and freshness all the time!

  • This popcorn is very crispy and fresh!
  • No stale and grainy aftertaste when popped in your mouth.
  • Cheap, affordable to your budget
  • 98% kernels pop
  • It tasted mediocre and paper like in my mouth
  • Does not have that addictive taste that I had with other brands

Friendly Tips and Facts For a Better Popcorn

  • Cook the kernels uniformly so that all of them are popped and lesser chance of burning.
  • If you want lesser waste, read the popcorn instructions and follow them accordingly.
  • Store the popcorn kernels the proper way. Make sure that it is sealed air-tight and will maintain its freshness.
  • The age of the popcorn kernels and its freshness are big factors in its popability.
  • Do not compare. Popping success differs between brands so take note of it.
  • Choose the right kernel type that best suits you.
  • The kernel size does not really influence how the popcorn expands.
  • It is best to use liquid coconut oil or olive oil; It does not leave much residue in the popcorn kettle.
  • Use glazes to give your freshly popped kernels more color.
  • Yellow popcorn has lesser calories than white popcorns.
  • White popcorn is smaller than yellow ones.
  • You get full fast eating yellow popcorn compared to yellow ones.
  • If you are into business, you can invest in colorful paper cups to make it more attractive to the public eye.
  • In addition, you can arrange the paper cup full of popcorn on top of the counter to better catch the attention of the buyers especially kids. No need to rush also, since there is already prepared cups to give!

By now, you have learned a lot about popcorns and some tips on how to make it better. How was the review? Did you have a better view of the best popcorn kernels available in the market? Do you have your final choice already?

I bet, it took you a hard time choosing. All of the above are the finest selection, so whatever it is you picked, it would still be a win!

My Best Pick - The Best PopCorn Kernels

Snappy Yellow PopCorn


There you go, do you have any objections? Don’t we have the same taste? I am very confident that this popcorn suits every need on my list. I do like the rest also but this one, it is the best! I believe that this type suits my budget and at the same time meets my taste of delicious popcorn to eat.

I do not like a mess, and I want everything organized, so I guess the container is a very big advantage. And yes, it is healthy, and money back guarantees. Who does not want that?

How about you guys? What is your best pick? All the above products were carefully selected to suit your every need as a buyer. Just remember, all of us is unique, so naturally, we have different choices.

What are you waiting for? Buy now! For all your popcorn-loving friends, share to them this new review and tell them about the best popcorn kernels ever!


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