What Do Beets Taste Like? Health Benefits and Risks That Will Surprise You!


What do beets taste like? This is a question that most people might ask especially in case they haven’t tried eating the abovementioned vegetable. But, what does it really tastes like? 

There are rumors about the taste of this crop so let us learn some facts behind the flavor of beets. Along with that, I’ll be providing you the health benefits and the risks out of consuming the beets.


What Do Beets Taste Like? Health Benefits and Risks That Will Surprise You!

What Do Beets Taste Like?


Due to tons of misconceptions and myths about beets, many wonder about the real taste of these crops, unlike the popular taste of sweet potatoes. There are others that would say about how beets are being poisonous, nevertheless, others would say that beets could offer numbers of health benefits. 

So, what do beets taste like? You might be one of those people who wouldn’t like/love the smell of the beets, but why do you think so? Well, it might be due to the GEOSMIN which gives off an unpleasant odor to your nose.

However, to tell you honestly, others love such kind of smell. With that, you can’t really judge this vegetable simply by its aroma and bear in mind that the real flavor of a beet shouldn’t be compared to dirt.


Actually, beets could be quite sweet. In fact, they were turned as a possible source of sugar wherein they produce sucrose like sugarcane. And take note as well that the real taste of beet will depend on how it is prepared.

Some chefs might use beets as salad garnish and natural coloring because of the health benefits they provide. there are different recipes which use beets as an ingredient, either cooked or uncooked. 

But, how to clean and prepare the beets? 

Of course, the first thing that you want to do is to ensure that you pick, clean and prepare beets for cooking. There is a need to choose the beets that are firm and avoid those with a spongy feel. You should look for beets with leafy and dark green tops. 

And finally, store the beets in the fridge up until you are going to cook them. From that, you’ll know the answer to the question what do beets taste like?

Health Benefits of Beets


Talking about the health benefits of beets, I will provide you some of them that might surprise you. Consider the following:

  • The pigment which gives color to beets is referred as the betacyanin that is an antioxidant protecting cell. 
  • Though beets offer a high level of sugar, it is as well free from fat and very low when it comes to calorie-count, making it an excellent choice for those with diabetes. It could keep the blood sugar stable.
  • Beets also have Vitamin C that is also an antioxidant, providing resistant to the body against fungal and bacterial infections.
  • You can even consider beets regarding preventing colon, lung and skin cancer since the betacyanin antagonizes cancerous cell growth. In fact, studies are showing that this betacyanin could slow down the growth of prostate and breast cancers too.

Who wouldn’t want such health benefits? So beets shouldn’t be neglected!

Risk of Eating Beets


On the other hand, if beets could offer numerous benefits, there are health risks associated with beets too. These are the following:

  • Beets could change the color of your stool and urine. Why? It is because of its color wherein the red compound isn’t broken down by the body. 
  • Others would say that beets are good for constipation, but for those who are suffering from a kidney stone, it isn’t recommended that you drink beet juice.
  • Indeed, beet juice is referred as a powerful medicine. However, it is highly concentrated and so could slow down oxygen. With this, people might experience vomiting right after drinking a beet juice.
  • Beets aren’t advised to be consumed by pregnant women since it could affect the growth of fetus.
  • And worse, drinking beet juice could lead to a possibility of losing your voice as it tightens the throat. You can still avoid this if you are to drink the beet juice with other veggies because too many beets aren’t good for the body.

With these risks, it is quite confusing whether you are going to consume beets. Nevertheless, being extra careful must be observed to avoid such dangers, instead, reap the health benefits mentioned earlier.

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what do beets taste like

There you have it! Is it clear to you now? Are you satisfied with the taste of beets? The information I have mentioned/brought up above could help you learn important things about beets, of which mainly is its taste that has become controversial for numbers of people. 

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