What Do Capers Taste Like? Things You Should Know by Now


Wandering makes you wonder a lot of things. For example, you may have heard or eaten capers, yet you don’t know what exactly it is or what’s its purpose as food and the likes. So, what do capers taste like? What exactly it is and the benefits it gives?

There are certain things you should know so continue reading throughout the post.


What Are Capers?


Capers came from caper plant, which is a small flowering bush that typically grows along the coastline of the Mediterranean. You may often see it protruding and clinging to mountainsides, wall or structure’s cracks. The capers refer to the unopened buds of the plant.

This is being harvested <by hand> every morning preferably during a sunny or dry season. Their sizes determine how it will be used in cooking or preparing dish. Also, it is being sold considering its size. 

The capers that are smaller in sizes are the best ones and the most expensive because it gives more delicate flavor and texture. If you get 7mm capers, then it’s nonpareil, which means “no equal’. 

What Do Capers Taste Like?


Capers, most especially the nonpareil ones, are known for its texture and unusual flavor. Caper typically has a salty taste and partly sweet. Italian and Greek widely used this as an ingredient in their cuisine.

Due to caper’s salt component, it is usually being added to an entree, salad, and pasta. You could also taste this in French and Mediterranean dishes like spaghetti puttanesca and salade Nicoise. 

Capers are salt bombs that appear in kernel size having a lemon hint. Its brine or salty taste best compliment to creamy dishes serving as cutting ingredient to the creamy richness of the dish. Also, it adds distinct acid flavour to the classic dishes and sauce of pasta.

Other taste of capers that your tongue may detect are sour and bitter taste. Its sourness make it a good substitute for lemon. Since it is a bit bitter, it’s better to rinse it well before adding it to dishes.

How to Use Capers?


The capers are the pickled buds of a flower. These are picked from the plant before the bud’s blossom as a flower. Afterward, capers undergo drying through sun heat. Then, it is packed in salt or brine.

In the market, you could see them packed differently. It could be pickled in oil, brine or vinegar and you can found capers stored in shelf bottle. Before using it as an ingredient in some cuisine or dishes, it is better to rinse it first. 

This will remove the excess brine or salt from the capers. They could be prepared in varied ways such as frying and garnishing it to foods like pastas or other dish containing salad, smoked salmon and cream sauce.

Health Benefits of Capers


Capers are not just popular for adding distinct, bold yet vibrant flavor to food. It becomes more appealing due to the health benefits that it contributes.

Below are some of the vital nutritious content that you may get in eating capers. 

* ​Fiber

If you are constipated, these would work great for you because it is high in fiber. The human body could not digest the fiber nutrients. This will make you feel full easily, which is an important thing in your diet. Aside from that, fiber could help you avoid cardiovascular disease and other risky diseases.

* ​Iron

These are also rich in iron, which helps in transporting oxygen inside your body. This makes sure that the red blood cells of your body can carry sufficient oxygen for the welfare of your body tissues.

If you completed the iron requirement of your body each day, your body will function and perform well in your daily activities. One tablespoon of capers is equivalent to 0.14 milligrams.

* Vitamin K

Capers are also healthy for the growth of your bones because it contains fundamental vitamin <fat-soluble>. It is also beneficial for cell growth as well as nervous system and cartilage development. 

Every tablespoon of this is equivalent to 2 micrograms, which is equal to two percent recommended vitamin K intake each day.

But there are important considerations for this. If your diet requires less sodium content, then you must not take too much of capers. It may increase your blood pressure. Getting cardiovascular disease could also be possible. 

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Final Thoughts

What Do Capers Taste Like

Capers is one delightful addition to a dish because of its several health contributions. But despite those, you should bear in mind that this contains high sodium that's why you should consider consuming it moderately.

Hope you learn something today. Leave your message if you have further questions. Happy reading everyone!


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