What Do Scallops Taste Like? Know It Here

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So, have you ever tried scallops aside from your favorite seafood like salmon, shrimp, crab, calamari, oysters, and more? If you want to prepare a unique or something new dish for your family or loved ones, then scallop recipes are the best ones to try. You can make plenty of different dishes out of scallops and discover their unique taste over other seafood out there. So, what do scallops taste like?

What Are Scallops?

Let us first define what scallops are. Scallops are bivalve mollusk and are related to mussels and oysters. So, they look like small and squishy white disks once they are ready to be cooked. But, in their original form, scallops are marine bivalve mollusk. Or in simpler words, they are small sea creatures with hinged shells.

What Do Scallops Taste Like

They are found almost across the world, and these sea creatures could grow up to 9 inches. And there are also various species of scallops such as the smaller and bite-sized bay scallop and the iconic large-sized sea scallop.

The abductor’s muscle is the part of the scallop that we usually eat, or this is the body part that is used for opening and closing the valves of the shell.

The same with other shellfish items out there, the procedure of breaking down its original form as well as extracting those delicious edible parts would take a bit of time and also know-how.

Types of Scallops

There are mainly 03 types of scallops. They just differ in size. You need to know the different types of scallops.

Sea Scallops

Sea scallops are large scallops that often measure two inches in diameter, and they are the most common types of this seafood not just because they are more numerous, but they are also available all year long. These are the scallops you find in the restaurant that costs more than bay scallops.

Bay Scallops

These scallops are mostly available from October to March, and they are a lot smaller and sweeter than the sea scallops along with being more aesthetically pleasing. Bay scallops are used in sweet dishes, soup, stews, and even in a salad.

Calico Scallops

Calico scallops are available from December to May and are usually harvested in the Southern Atlantic and US Gulf coasts. Though they have a similar appearance, their shells are perfectly sealed meaning they have a milder flavor than the other types.

What Do Scallops Taste Like?

And now, what do you think is the taste of these scallops? Most individuals would call scallops the “candy of the sea” because it tastes unique sweet and is rich in flavor as well. Sea scallops are a lot sweeter than bay scallops.

What Do Scallops Taste Like

Of course, like other seafood, they have the smell of saltwater and also a fresh taste. The texture is also described to be a soft fleshy texture. If you are among those people who are picky regarding eating seafood, you will still enjoy the mildly sweet flavor of these scallops.

Apart from that, many would say that scallops could be as soft and chewy as a marshmallow but with a seafood flavor. With this, scallops are considered to have a moist and tender flavor wherein they could be tasty by themselves without having to combine with other spices.

Finally, the real taste of scallops could be determined if you cook them the right way or you opt to eat them raw. Mostly compared to the texture and flavor of the shrimp, scallops could also be pretty mild, neutral, and smooth. Just don’t overcook them as you will have a harsh and rubbery scallop.

So, what do scallops taste like? Well, in general, the scallops have a mild flavor that is not too fishy as other types of shellfish out there.

What Do Scallops Best To Cook With?

For you to enjoy the taste of the scallops, why not partner them with other flavors? So, to enhance your eating experience, here are some options to choose from:

Scallops with Butter

This will add a silky richness to any seafood dish which is unparalleled with other ingredients. The Lemon and butter scallops recipe is a good dish to try as well.

Lemon in Scallops

Fresh lemon juice is considered a staple for any other kind of seafood, and it could help in giving scallops an acidic and wonderful jolt. You might try the lemon and garlic scallops recipe to enjoy the taste of this seafood.

Garlic in Scallops

Though used only in small amounts, garlic has a strong tang that is indeed a great way in order to appreciate the scallop’s tenderness.

Bacon with Scallops

You know the fact that bacon could go well with almost everything, right? The smoking saltiness of the bacon is considered a fantastic pairing for the soft taste of these scallops.

Wine in Scallops

Some chefs like to cook scallops with wine, particularly, the white ones as for bringing out the most delicate flavor and also building a new dimension of taste.

Steak and Other Proteins

You think it’s so complex to combine steak and scallops, but if you do, you are guaranteed juicy and mouth-watering entrees.

To provide you with more explanation to the question “ what do scallops taste like ” trying some recipes and combining these items to your scallop is indeed an ideal option to consider.

How to Choose Fresh Scallops?

Want to have the best-tasting scallops? Eat the freshest one. Let’s see the signs of fresh scallops.

Fresh scallops are firm and plump. They also have a creamy white hue. Be aware of matt-white scallops. They might be poisonous. The pinkish or orange tones of scallops are the healthiest. You can eat them raw. Frozen scallops can be eaten if you freeze them for at least a day.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, preparing a seafood dish is among the favorites of the majority since you might enjoy a mild, fresh, tender, and sweet taste once biting a piece of it.

The information mentioned earlier will help you find out the answer to the question “what do scallops taste like” along with essential facts you need to know about scallops.

And learning some of the best scallop recipes will also be guaranteed.

If you have something to say about this article, please don’t hesitate to write it down in the comment section below! Stay tuned with Cookingispassio. Happy cooking everyone!

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