What Does Asparagus Taste Like? Essential Things You Need To Know

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Among the vegetables that many people are popular with, asparagus is often ignored. This article will help you learn important things about the said veggie, particularly the answer to the question “what does asparagus taste like?”

Some of the most common vegetables that would cross the mind of most people are cucumbers, kale, carrots, spinach, and broccoli. So with that, asparagus is not all the time recognized. And it is also the reason why its taste is a bit foreign for some. Aside from knowing its taste, learning more about the health benefits of fresh or frozen asparagus could be a great help as well.

But First, What Is Asparagus?

Asparagus is considered one of the first veggies that will show up in the spring garden and also a sign of an upcoming season of bounty. It is also a nutritious vegetable that is packed with great loads of fibers and antioxidants. Asparagus is also most of the time used in home-cooked meals and for weight loss diets.

What Does Asparagus Look Like?

The spears of asparagus are normally bright green pencil-sized stalks having a small and compact head that narrows to a point. Most of the asparagus that is sold in stores or at farmer’s markets is green still there are as well purple and white varieties.

What Does Asparagus Taste Like?

Indeed, asparagus has this very distinct flavor that is hard to describe accurately. It has its earthy taste which is the same as the broccoli however slightly more salty and bitter. People also compared the taste of the asparagus to the green beans however they have a stronger and a lot more noticeable flavor.

What does asparagus taste like

But, the thing about this asparagus is that it has the ability to absorb some other flavors once cooked with different foods making it a fantastic side of the dish for almost any kind of meal. Perhaps, trying this asparagus along with the best food that goes well with it could definitely provide you with the actual taste of asparagus. There is also a wide number of asparagus products out there that you might consider to know what it tastes like. There are crispy ones, and there are fresh ones too.

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Food That Goes Well With Asparagus

Due to the fact that asparagus has a distinct flavor, it could go well with foods that are a bit salty or those that have a plain taste. Some of the best options are the following:

  • ​Ham and cheese
  • BaconSome other vegetables like olives, chickpeas, and tomatoes
  • LambChicken
  • Hollandaise sauce
  • Sharp cheeses
  • Meat
  • Pasta
  • Rice

And there are ample numbers of other foods perfect to go along with asparagus giving you its unique taste. If you think of cutting or chopping vegetables, fish, and meat. Check this best Serbian chef knife.

what does asparagus taste like

How To Cook Asparagus?

Now that you have learned some of the best foods which go well with asparagus, you also want to learn some of the most common ways of cooking it. The best options are as follows:


This method will preserve the taste of the asparagus, but its texture would be a bit softer. Simply put the asparagus spear in the steaming basket then cover. Let it cook for around three to four minutes. Blanching. This process would involve tying them to bundles and boil them only for a short period of time before plunging them into the ice-cold water. This will also preserve the flavor at the same time would give a deliciously crunchy texture making it a lot easier to store or freeze in the fridge once there are leftovers.


This is considered a fantastic way to increase the characteristic flavor of the said vegetable. All you have to do is prepare your asparagus into a mixing bowl, and drizzle it with olive oil (you may use any oil that you already have), then sprinkle them with parmesan cheese, and salt, garlic, and pepper.

Or you can just add garlic, onion, lemon zest, salt, pepper, or however you want your asparagus to taste. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F ( or 220 degrees C). After that, line a tray with baking paper. Lay your asparagus spears and let them roast in the preheated oven for 12 to 15 minutes, depending on their thickness, until they are just tender.


Blanching asparagus involves tying them into bundles and boiling them in a pot of water with a tablespoon of salt for a while. And filling them in a large bowl of ice-cold water will keep their flavor while giving them a deliciously crunchy texture. On top of that, this will also make it easier to store in the freezer or fridge if you have some leftovers.


Heat up the pan and drizzle it with olive oil or some other kinds of oil. Put the asparagus spears chopped or whole and then cook up until they have absorbed most of the oil. To enhance its flavor, you can also add some salt and pepper. This way of cooking your asparagus will give them another kind of texture while infusing a new flavorful taste.


Indeed, asparagus could frequently be found in Asian cooking. Simply chop the asparagus, heat up a wok then toss it in and stir in the pan for around a minute up until it is cooked. You must remember to add it towards the end of the process.

These are just among the most common ways how you could enjoy the great taste that asparagus could provide. But, if none of these seems to be satisfactory on your part or you are not in the mood for cooking then you could always eat the said vegetable raw. They could go great with feta cheese, salads, green and black olives, and a lot more. You might as well watch this for ways on how to cook asparagus.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, asparagus is a very practical and versatile vegetable that could be eaten either cooked or raw. It also goes well in different ways, and you could enjoy it as a significant part of your healthy meals. Once you haven’t tried asparagus, then go ahead and buy a bunch. You will definitely love the fact of what asparagus tastes like and the health benefits of asparagus.

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