What Does Cardamom Smell Like? Spicy Truth Revealed!

what does cardamom smell like?

The smell of cardamom is not that straight or simple to describe; rather, it is complex and a mix of many tones. At first, it smells nutty and mildly sweet, but as you deeply inhale your lung smelling, you will feel a bit of a smoky and spicy tone. It will take many words to describe what does cardamom smell like?

Cardamom also smells different in various dishes and quality. In my personal feelings, it smells sweet when used in food dishes like curry; on the other hand, it smells a bit spicy when used with other spices like ginger, cloves in drinks like tea.

What Does Cardamom Smell like?

what does cardamom smell like?

Cardamoms Smell In Plain Dishes:

Cardamom has become an essential spice in dishes, especially in Asia, more specifically in South Asia. When it is used in small quantities in plain dishes, you can mildly smell cardamom. It will be challenging for an ordinary person to detect the smell.

It smells a bit sweet with its uniqueness in dishes. Its flavor is quite delicate yet essential. Using it in sweet dishes makes them sweeter with its aroma all over the kitchen.

When used in a little spicy food, the smell becomes more like a hard, nutty, and spicy one. It’s like capsicum, where you will smell sweetness along with the aroma of green chili.

Using a large quantity of cardamom in dishes makes the smell and aroma unbearable to some people. It becomes irritating if used in large quantities.

Cardamom Smell In Drinks:

As I said earlier, cardamom makes sweet dishes sweeter it is also applying for drinks. It is commonly used in the Indian subcontinent in tea or “masala Chai” making it sweeter with its unique aroma.

It smells sweet as well as spicy at the very same time. When used in stews and soups, it releases a strong flavor giving the smell and taste a boost. If anyone uses the black cardamom, it releases a strong smoky aroma.

Cardamom Smell In Perfumes:

The smell in perfumes becomes more fruity. Smelling it for the first time will make you think of grapefruit or lemon. It is very different than the smell of cinnamon and cloves. It has a very mild complex odor and makes the environment more like a heavenly place.

It is widely used in perfumery as a tone enhancer also. When it is used with a base oil like essential oil or alcohol, the fragrance enhances exponentially. It is also used as a composite in the perfume industry. When used with amber or sandalwood, its smell becomes more mysterious.

Cardamom Smell And Taste In Mouth Freshener:

In mouth freshener or candy, cardamom smells sweet with its unique flavor. Some mouth freshener uses its smoky aroma more. So those who like strong flavor use and like it more often.

Some brands like to use its sweetness and nutty flavor. On the contrary, it gives a versatile smell and fragrance.

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Types Of Cardamom And Their Smell

The Smell Of Black Cardamom:

what does cardamom smells like

Black Cardamom has a stronger flavor than green cardamom. Its flavor is smokier and spicier. There is a mildly sweet and nutty flavor to it. The use of a small amount gives enough flavor for dishes.

Those who like strong and hardcore smell and flavor like it more. It is perfect for use in stews, soup, curry, tea, etc., which holds a strong flavor.

The Smell Of Green Cardamom:

what does cardamom smell like

Green cardamom is mild and delicate. It has a more percentage of sweet and nutty aroma. The base tone of this cardamom has a slightly spicy flavor. We need to use more quantity for solid flavor, but a little would make the fragrance comfortable and pleasant.

It is more used in sweet dishes. Adding a enhance in sweetness with its unique flavor makes it an essential spice in every kitchen. Sweets, milk dishes, Puddings, cakes, etc., are the common dishes where green cardamom is used.

The Smell Of White Cardamom:

White cardamom is actually green cardamom with its skin bleached. It is like a green one but has a very mild aroma and flavor. It is commonly used in the African continent.


Cardamom is a very complex spice, and because of its composite flavor, the price is high. It is one of the most expensive spices globally, and in 2020 it was around 266 dollars a pound.

Describing a smell by writing is always hard, and if it is like a composite smell, like cardamom makes the water more deeply. But I have tried my best to describe to you my personal experience. I hope this will help you to find out the answer to your question” What does cardamom smell like?”

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned with Cookingispassio. Happy cooking!

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