What Does Durian Taste Like? Know It Straight Here!


Are you familiar with what does durian taste like? Maybe yes, or maybe not! For those who don’t know the taste of durian, I will help you through reading this post all throughout. Along with its taste, there are various facts about durian that you need to know as well.


What is Durian?


A native of Southeast Asia, durian is considered the king of fruits. It is incomparable to both smell and taste, as well as famous for its big size, thorny and thick shell, intense aroma and strong taste. Whether raw, fried or served with rice, durian can give you a fantastic flavor profile your palate would definitely crave for.

The smell of durian is repulsive, which is similar to that of old cat pop, smelly feet, burning radish and gasoline. That's why it has been banned in public transportations, hotels and other public places. Although for some, its smell is pleasingly sweet.

What Does Durian Taste Like?


In spite of the durian's pungent smell, many love this fruit due to the sweet taste it gives. Some describe the taste as creamy, rich and bittersweet. The flavor has been compared to bitter treacle, diced garlic, butterscotch, custard, and caramel poured into whipped cream.

The texture is incredibly soft, and the flavor profile is rounded. It can work with a mild base such as coconut milk and rice. Also, it pairs well with chocolate, bananas, mangos, cream cheese, vanilla ice cream, and ginger.

Tips to Enjoy Eating Durian


Durian lovers can appreciate the fruit's flavor when fresh. But, there are other delightful ways you can try to make your durian a must-have ingredient in your kitchen!

* ​​​Durian Coffee

Start your day with a hot or cold cup of durian coffee. The taste is more prominent, with a slight smell and hint of durian. For coffee lovers out there, this is one unique experience you wouldn't want to miss.

* ​​Durian Candy

Also called durian yema, durian pastillas, durian chocolate or whatsoever, this dessert is perfect for those who want to try the taste of durian without having to go through the whole experience of eating the fruit.

* Durian Egg Tart

This is quite similar to cheesecake, but with a different look and texture. People who've tried this claimed that it has a better taste than the ordinary egg tart. 

* Durian Cream Puffs

If you want to treat your whole family or friends with a creative, tasty snack that will impress them, why not make durian cream puffs? The preparation methods are just simple, can be done only in a few minutes!

* Durian Muffin

It is just like any muffins out there, though the only ingredient you will use is durian. You can use either frozen durian or fresh durian, choose what you prefer most.

* Durian Cheesecake

The mouthwatering, creamy durian cheesecake will surely save your dull day. The cheese mixes well with the flavor of durian. Get or make yours now, and you'll not regret it.

You can watch the video below:

* Durian Cheesecake

When eaten uncooked, the durian seeds may be risky to your health. The best alternative is to roast, boil or fry the seeds in a palatable taste. The texture may be similar to yam or taro, but stickier.

Health Benefits of Eating Durian

What Does Durian Taste Like

Durian is popularly celebrated for its extensive list of health benefits, including lowered blood pressure, strengthened bones, and improved digestion. 

* Improves Sleep and Relieves Depression

The fruit has amino acids called Tryptophan, which is useful in curing and alleviating depression, stress and anxiety appetite

* Anti-Aging

Durian has a wide range of antioxidant properties that stem from its organic chemical form and vitamin. This helps decrease the number of free radicals inside our body.

* Cures Anemia

The copper and iron, as well as high levels of folic acid, helps in the production of red blood cells, which eventually helps in treating fatigue, anxiety, migraine and cognitive malfunction.

* Improves Bone Health

The trace metals (calcium and potassium) included in durian makes the bones stronger and prevents bone-related diseases.

* Prevents Cancer

A good amount of antioxidants in the type of Vitamin B complex, C & E protects the cells from damage.

For a long list of the benefits of eating durian, watch the video below. 

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Final Thoughts

Hate it or love it, durian offers a sweet, creamy taste despite its pungent smell making it as the best answer to the question what does durian taste like. Add it to your favorite recipe and reap healthy benefits later!

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