What Does Durian Taste Like? Reveal The Tasty Truth

what does durian taste like

Durian is a very strong-flavored fruit with a strong smell. There are many opinions by different people on how a durian tastes. Some find it very pleasing, and some find it disgusting. The texture of Durian is creamy and cheesy.

The taste of Durian is quite similar to ripped jackfruit. The smell is very cheesy and a little bit sour if you smell it deeply. Biting it first fills your mouth like mozzarella cheese. On the basic taste, it feels sweet with a bit of sourness. What does Durian really taste like? It needs more discussion.

What Does Durian Taste Like?

Durian Tastes in Curry

What Does Durian Taste Like

Recently we have had many dishes with Durian which were not that popular some years back. The dishes are mainly from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Durian is often used in curries that need to have a somewhat creamy flavor. It can be used as an alternative to cheese. In curry, it tastes somewhat like mozzarella cheese. Its flavor is thick, creamy, and a little bit sour.

It is mainly used in sweet dishes. Chicken with Durian is an excellent combination.

Over ripped Durian doesn’t taste that much good in curry. Usually, unripe Durian is often used. Its texture is like potato, and its taste is like cheese.

Unripe Durian does not emit that much smell, which becomes intolerable to some people.

Durian in Sweets

There are many sweets with Durian. The ripped ones are specially chosen for sweets. The dishes are often stuffed into flour and fried.

The taste of Durian in sweets is very much cheesy. Often they are very sweet dishes but not sweet like muffin cake. There is a little bit of sour flavor with it.

The smell of Durian is unique in dishes. There will be no one who bites sweet made from Durian and can’t identify this fruit. People who can handle the smell of Durian will like the sweets as well.

Durian in Drinks

I haven’t found any drinks flavoring durian. But there are many juices and smoothies made from Durian. They are tasty as well as nutritious.

The juices made from Durian taste very thick and creamy. It’s like blended cheese. The flavor of Durian is very strong. Drinking juices made from Durian makes your whole mouth full of the taste of Durian.

It can be added to other juice and can be made into shakes. Mixing a little bit of Durian into other juices gives some background flavor and durian smell to it.

Durian In Scents

I haven’t found any perfume or scents flavoring durian. It makes sense as its strong flavor and smell are not appreciated by many. So companies do not take the risk of making perfumes of durian scent.

But you can find fruit flavor essence. Durian essence can be an excellent product as it will add only the smell to your dishes and will not add any taste.

Those who like the smell of Durian can use the flavor essence. People with weak digestion can’t digest Durian. They can use flavor as an alternative. It is heavily used in countries like Thailand.

Types Of Durian And Its Tastes

There are many types of Durian in the world, and their taste is different. Some species are very common, and some are rare. For a quick glance, look at the table below.

D101Mildly sweet, butteryCommon
D13Fragrant, sweet, stickyCommon
Tekka Sweet, floralRare
D24 Sultan Bittersweet, creamyCommon
Golden phoenix Sharp, bitterUncommon
D1Mildly sweetCommon
Mao Shan Wang Bitter, creamy, stickyCommon
Black Pearl Slightly bitter, creamyRare
Black Thorn Intense, bitterVery Rare
D17Fairly bitter, softUncommon
Red Prawn SweetCommon
Hor Lor Mildly sweetUncommon

Health Benefits Of Durian

Durian is very rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains Carbohydrates, Protein, Ash Total dietary fiber Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Total ascorbic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, and vitamin C. B-6 Folate vitamin, total vitamin B-12, vitamin A, and RAE Cryptoxanthin, beta, cholesterol IU, Retinol carotene, beta carotene, alpha cryptoxanthin.

There are so many vitamins and protein in it that you call it a kind of fruit. Durian has a rich content of fiber which helps to maintain your stomach and digestion. The vitamins help you to fight against cough and cold.

It is also very useful during pregnancy. It helps with fertility. It helps to fight against cancer. Those who suffer from insomnia can consume it.

It has anti-aging properties and helps to overcome depression. It is also used in many medicines. Overall, it is a nutritious and healthy food.


You will find different opinions on how a durian tastes. Some like it very much, and some hate it. Many hated it first but loved it later.

The main taste of Durian is creamy, cheesy, and bittersweet. But different types of Durian taste different. Some are sour, and some are sweeter. It also differs from person to person.

On the contrary, it is a very nutritious fruit. Everybody must eat some amount rather than raw or in dishes.

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