What Does Eel Taste Like? Exciting Things You Need To Know


As a fish lover, you tend to try almost any kind of fish, right? How about an eel? If yes, what does eel taste like? Can you explain the exact taste the moment you first tasted an eel?

Did you liked it? For some, eel offers a strange taste, but if you continue eating it, you will love its taste eventually. Here, I will help you answer that question and learn more about eels. So, continue reading fellas! 


What Are Eels?


Let us first learn what eels are. Though they look like snakes, eels are fishes. They are elongated fishes which might range from two to four inches in size. And due to their weird shape and size, many are too awkward about eating them.

There could be different types of eels but two of the common ones are the freshwater and the saltwater eels. They have varying textures too. The saltwater eels are a lot cheaper than the freshwater ones since they have tougher skin and flesh. 

And of course, eels offer a vast array of health benefits too. So, knowing the answer to the query what does eel taste like could mean having this possibility of reaping the said benefits. 

What Does Eel Taste Like?


So, going back to the main issue here, what does eel taste like? For the majority, eels taste really good. The meat has a soft yet firm texture allowing you to experience a nice chew and it doesn’t offer any fishy aftertaste.

Both the saltwater and freshwater eels taste good though the former ones have tougher meat and thicker skins.

There are issues about being bland of eels, but it is actually not. It only has a light taste like the taste of the squid meat but a pinch of sweetness. And eel meat is absorbent with seasoning and sauces making it feels delightful. 

Nevertheless, the taste of eels might also depend on the way how eels are cooked. Salmon is one of the closest comparisons but not the smoked one from among the other seafood out there like scallops. Later on, we will discuss some of the eel dishes that you might love to try. 

Cleaning, Skinning and Preparing an Eel


Regarding this matter, eels might be a bit challenging and complicated. Why? Simply because it is thin and slippery, so there is a need to be careful once using sharp knives.

For a guide on how to skin an eel, you will need sharp knives, screw or pins and wooden chopping board.

And the steps to follow are as follows:

  • Secure the head of the fish on the chopping board with the use of the sharp screw or pin. 
  • Slit the skin of the eel around the neck area. You have to make sure that it’s just skin deep. And now, cut a bit further around providing something to grip on once you begin pulling it out with pliers.
  • Pull out the skin slowly with the use of pliers. Once there is meat that comes off and clings to the skin, get the knife and trim it carefully.
  • And finally, pull the rest of the skin off.

Watch this video to help you:

Various Eel Dishes

Still curious what does eel taste like? If yes, here are the various ways of cooking an eel to further savour its taste:

Eel Nigiri or Sushi


This is considered as the most common way for the Japanese to enjoy eels. It has a ball of pressed rice along with a strip of deboned eel fillet placed on top. First, eels are grilled with the tare sauce then put on top of the rice ball.

Indeed, the rich flavour of this fish will goes well with the sweet flavour offered by the pain rice. 



There could be a lot of processes involved in this kind of cooking style. The fish is filleted and deboned then cut into a butterfly-like shape then skewered and finally grilled. During grilling, the eel is brushed with the sweet soy sauce.

Most Japanese would consider this cooking method since it unleashes the rich and deep flavour of the fish. And also, a grilled eel would feature a crispy texture which everyone would love. 

Eel Crackers

Planning to eat drinks with alcoholic drinks? If yes, then this one is the best choice. It is prepared by deep frying the bones of the eels up until they are already crunchy the same with crackers. This dish would offer a salted and light flavour which matches the rich flavour of the alcoholic drinks.

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Final Thoughts

what does eel taste like

With the information above, have you discovered what does eel taste like? I assumed you did! From among the fishes out there, trying eel could be an exciting experience providing you a delightful taste. Of course, different dishes will allow you to explore the offered taste and texture of the eels a lot more.

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