What Does Lobster Taste Like? The Amazing Answer Is Right Here

why does lobster taste sweet

Lobster tastes strong than prawn. Of course, you’ll never find the answer to the question”what does lobster taste like?” if you haven’t tried one. Since lobster is often viewed as a delicacy, it is eaten in almost different cultures along with exciting history as well.
There are wide numbers of people all over the world that have tried eating lobster, and so they already have an idea about the taste of lobster.

On the other hand, if you haven’t tried eating one, telling me how does it taste like could be challenging. Nevertheless, having the knowledge or a bit of detail about its taste could give you an idea even before eating a lobster. So, here we go!

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What Does Lobster Taste Like?

And now, what does lobster taste like? You can determine the taste of the lobster by looking at different angles. In general, lobster offers a unique and different flavor. In fact, you might be getting two in one.

What Does Lobster Taste Like

With lobster, you can get the sweetness of the lean meat at the same time enjoying the crispy goodness of fiber of the tendons. This might also be one of the reasons why many would consider lobster to be very expensive. With regards to flavor, it could be likened to the crab. It has a sweeter and a bit lighter taste than the crab.

You should also learn the taste of the lobster by its texture. It is somewhat like a shrimp and crab. But compared to shrimp, lobster is not that chewy. If compared to the crab, it is not flaky. So, lobster could almost melt inside the mouth.

You should also consider the fact that lobster during winter is a lot more special. Why? It is because during this season lobster is full of roe. This roe is being located at the back part of the lobster, and it feels very soft and chewy. And also, it tastes very fatty too.

However, in most cases, the answer to the question of what lobster tastes like varies too. Why? That is because its flavor might also depend on how and what you cook with it.

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Is Lobster Expensive?

This might be the first thing you would ask if you plan to try eating a lobster. Could it be that expensive? Well, it depends on where you are buying it.

Yes, lobster could be the priciest item on a specific menu if you are in an expensive restaurant. However, in certain parts of the world, it could be the same as chicken and can be more affordable as well.

The price of a lobster depends on two factors, and these are how big the harvests are and the amount that people are willing to pay. Yes, in cities wherein lobster is a peculiar delicacy, it could be expensive though the harvests are good.

On the other hand, in coastal or small towns wherein there is easy access to lobsters, it could be a lot more affordable. And might be double for those in islands with warm climates wherein lobsters grow and reproduce fast enough always to be immediately available.

How To Cook The Lobster?

Do you plan to cook lobster at home? Well, be aware that it isn’t an easy process at all. Here’s an example of how to cook two 1-pound lobsters.

Bring eight quarters of water to a boil in a 20-quart kettle or canning pot with a lid. And make sure to salt the water.

As the water comes to a boil, rinse each lobster. Grab the lobster behind the eyes then rinses under cold water. Quickly plunge them into the boiling water and of course, cover the pot.

Set the timer to 15 minutes. If the lobster turns bright red and if the tails curl under, this means that the lobsters are cooked already.

And to remove the meat from its shell, flip the lobster on the back and twist the body and tail in the opposite directions under the tail comes off. With the use of kitchen scissors, cut the tail membrane that will expose the tail meat. And after that, remove the black vein in the tail then pop out the meat.

You can remove its claws by twisting them off. Breaking the claws can be done with the use of a nutcracker. And pull the meat out of the claw gently.

Finally, with the use of a nutcracker, you should open its body and pull out the whole meat with a small fork.

Food Pairing: What To Serve With A Lobster?

Typically, a boiled lobster is served with clarified butter. Some of the most common side dishes include asparagus, green beans, corn, risotto, pasta, and rice. Boiled lobster is common, but lobster meat is as well great in most dishes.

Among the restaurants all over the world, the most popular ones are lobster bisques, ravioli, macaroni, and cheeses. It is also typical meat in most salads. Lobster dishes might even come with at least a vegetable. There are countless options to choose from.

Final Thoughts

So, if you want to have an idea of what does lobster taste like, taking note of the above-mentioned information is essential. And of course, trying to buy one and taste it by yourself is indeed a great thing to do. You will belong to those people who have already enjoyed the unique taste of lobster.

Stay tuned with Cookingispassio. Happy cooking!

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