What Does Tarragon Taste Like? Know The Real Taste!

what does tarragon taste like

Tarragon is known worldwide for its unique flavor and taste. You can recognize the fresh Tarragon by looking at its long fresh leaves and tiny light yellowish or green flowers. It is very important to choose fresh Tarragon because only fresh Tarragon provides good taste and flavor.

This herb is mainly used for cooking, that’s why people want to know its taste. Using this on the food, tarragon tastes like vanilla and licorice. Combining with foods, Tarragon’s mint aroma flavor makes dishes extra delicious.

Tarragon does much according to its size. For that, people also call this herb a little dragon. There is other’s uses of this Tarragon. You can use this as anticipated and health-beneficial medicine. These herbs, vitamins, and minerals are also good for the body. Let’s what does the Tarragon tastes like and other things.

What Does Tarragon Taste Like

The tarragon plant comes from the Asteraceae family. Sunflowers, asters, and daisies are also members of the Asteraceae family.  This Tarragon has small flowers that look like sunflowers. For that, some people also call it the younger brother of sunflowers.

There are three types of Tarragona plants in the world. Due to the fact that these three grow in different parts of the world. Thus Tarragon’s taste also varies. Then let’s see how different these three Tarragon flavors are from each other and how this Tarragon tastes.

what does tarragon taste like

Types Of Tarragon

Russian Tarragon

Russian Tarragona mainly grows in North America, Siberia, and nearby areas of Eurasia. On there, many people know Tarragon as Estragon. This plant can grow up to 35 inches tall.

This Tarragon has a slightly strong taste. But as it matures, Tarragon loses its flavor and smell. Again, after so many things, Russian Tarragon tastes a bit like licorice and smells like grass.

French Tarragon

French Tarragon grows best in temperature regions. For that, this Tarragon is mostly seen in western Asia areas. This Tarragon grows fast and grows up to 24 inches long.

This French Tarragon is harsh and bitter, but this carries a sweet anise flavor. For that, French people use this almost all of their dishes.

Mexican Tarragon

Mexican Tarragon may seem familiar to most people because of its little tiny yellowish flowers. However, this Tarragona is mainly farming in Central America and Mexico. This plant grows both summer and spring and grows up to 18-24 inches long.

This Tarragona carries a flavor like French Tarragon. For that, instead of French Tarragon, Mexican Tarragon is another option.

Earlier I told you that the varieties of Tarragon provide you different tastes. On that basis, I can tell you that Tarragon tastes mostly like fennel and licorice and smells like grass and anise. Most people like these tastes, but some people also dislike their taste.

Fresh Tarragon vs Dried Tarragon

Fresh Tarragon is full of flavors and aroma. In addition, fresh Tarragon will provide you with a unique sweet anise taste, and that will taste better than dried Tarragon in dishes. Fresh Tarragon gives dishes an attractive look for his long green leaves.

Dried Tarragon weak the flavor of the Tarragon. This won’t give you the same effect as the fresh Tarragon provides. Dried Tarragon is a version of the powder Tarragon; it mixes with the dishes and won’t get visible to anyone.

According to dish quality, you have to use a half teaspoon of dried Tarragon instead of one tablespoon of fresh Tarragon for having a nearby taste ratio. However, if you use too much dried Tarragon or fresh Tarragon, that dish may become bitter.

Fresh Tarragon will not be available in all seasons or all places, or even if it is kept in the fridge, Tarragon loses its actual taste gradually. At that time, you can use dried Tarragon instead of fresh Tarragon.

what does tarragon taste like

Cooked Tarragon Taste vs Raw Tarragon Taste

The best taste is found in cooked Tarragon. This tastes like a little bit of turpentine and minty and smells like eucalyptus. To have the best flavor, you should use Tarragon towards the end of cooking.

Neither for overheating, can ruin the taste of Tarragon, and will make your dish bitter.

There is also another way to get the best flavor of Tarragon; you can use raw Tarragon. Raw Tarragon is used after the end of the cooking. Raw Tarragon doesn’t weaken the taste of Tarragon and keeps the attractive flavor and aroma. It tastes and smells like licorice and anise.

I would suggest you use Tarragon after cooking as raw Tarragon. This is the best and most effective way to keep the Tarragon’s taste and health-beneficial immunities.

How To Get The Best Flavor Of Tarragon

There are several ways to get the best flavor of Tarragon. First of all, you have to measure how much tarragon leaf needs according to the dish quantity. I will suggest you use less amount of tarragon leaf for safety.

Secondly, you have to pay attention to when the tarragon leaf should be used. According to the dish, you should use Tarragon before or after the end of the cooking.

Like solid recipes, Tarragon should be used before the end of cooking, and for liquid recipes, use Tarragon after the end of the cooking.

Thirdly, don’t try to use the whole leaf of Tarragon. Instead, always try to use the chopped leaf of Tarragon. In this way, the flavor inside the leaves comes out very nicely and gives you a unique aroma from other herbs.

Following these steps while using Tarragon, you will know the actual flavor of Tarragon.

Tarragon Taste With Various Recipes

Chicken and Salmon: Tarragon combines well with chicken and salmon. Tarragon enhances the taste of salmon and chicken which gives you a unique aroma flavor, which makes chicken and salmon more delicious.

Bearnaise sauce: Tarragon leaves are the common ingredient of bearnaise sauce. Tarragon is used as an herb in bearnaise sauce and makes this sauce more attractive and gives a beautiful aroma.

Salad and vegetables: Tarragon mixes well with salad and vegetables. Combining with these gives an extra flavor to this and tastes really nice.

Vinegar: In vinegar, Tarragon is used as the main component. Tarragon vinegar gives you an herb flavor and mild kick, which can be used in salad and simple dishes, and this makes that dish attractive, and this will taste well.

Tarragon Combined With Other Herbs

Tarragon with Chives: Tarragon pairs well with Chives, and this combination of the herb is used in a wide range of dishes and tastes really great.

Tarragon with Mustard seed: Tarragon pairs with mustard seed quite well and tastes really good with most of the recipes.

Tarragon with Parsley and Chervil: Tarragon combines really well with these two herbs. Combining these three creates a healthy and tasty sauce. Using on salad, potatoes, and chicken tastes and smell you really well.

Tarragon with Coriander: Tarragon with this nutty coriander makes a great combination for cooking seafood, and this also tastes quite nice.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Use or Let My Tarragon Flower?

You should let the flower off. Flowers take the nutrition and energy from Tarragon’s body and resist Tarragon from growing fast during the growing season. So, the wise work to remove the flowers from Tarragon.

Substitute of Tarragon?

Because fresh and dried Tarragon is used as an herb. For that, there are a lot of substitutes for Tarragon. Those are- Chervil, Angelica, Dill, Fennel, Basil, Anise, Oregano, Marjoram, etc.

Should I Use Tarragon Stems?

Tarragon stems can be very rough, so remove the leaves from the stem. To remove the leaves, grab the leaves with a hand, grab the stem with the other hand, and just pull down slightly to remove the leaves.

Is Tarragon a Delicate Herb?

Tarragon is an herb that is known for its sweet flavor and taste. This delicate herb is used widely on dishes and sauces to increase the taste and flavor of dishes.

How Long Does Tarragon Remain Fresh?

At normal temperature, it won’t remain fresh for a long time. You can pull off the leaves from the stem, put those leaves in a plastic bag, and store it in the refrigerator. In this way, this will remain fresh for up to 10-14 days.

Final word 

Now you know the answer to the question ” What does tarragon taste like? Do you agree taste varies from person to person? That’s why others may not like the taste of Tarragon that I like. Again, Tarragon will not give the same taste in all dishes here, the taste also varies.

I have tried Tarragon with different dishes and also received reviews from others. To them and me, it tastes otherwise sweet and delicate, which is really awesome.

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