What Is Beef Consommé? Let Your Curiosity Take You To The Tasty Truth!


" What is beef consommé? Is it similar to that of beef broth? " Maybe you're hearing the same question - and this article will absolutely satisfy your curious mind. So, enjoy reading fellas!

Heads up meat and vegetable lovers! Now, you can savor your food while taking care of your health as well as the health of your family. I'm glad to introduce to you - the beef consommé – a protein bomb that won't disappoint your palate!


What Is Beef Consommé?


Beef consommé is a full-bodied soup made from seasoning and broth or beef stock that gives an intense flavor. It has been a long time main soup <mostly around 5th-15th centuries> and has been traditionally served sipping cold or hot.

Many use it along with mushroom or beef broth to make French dip sandwiches, occasional Japanese or Thai dish, and onion soup. 

Beef Broth vs. Beef Consommé


Some mistakes beef consommé as a beef broth, so let's discuss what makes the two differ from one another.

Consistency is the major difference between beef consommé and broth. The consommé is remarkably thicker than beef broth, which makes it more ideal for stews and sauces. Taste is another difference between the two.

Consommé is known for its flavorful and richness in taste, while the broth has a bit weakened and bland taste. Though, both are satisfying and comforting. Beef consommé can be made from nearly all animals, like fish, chicken, veal, and duck.

What Are The Uses of Beef Consommé?


Some food lovers add beef consommé to beef carbonara and beef stew for a fuller and more flavorful taste. There are other ways you can add with consommé to enjoy its full-bodied, delectable flavor.

Often, it is served with garnishes – varying from cut vegetables to egg yolk or sherry to shaped custards. For me, it is best enjoyed as a hot cup or bowl of soup, especially when shared with your partner, family or set of friends. How about you? 

To get an idea, you can watch the video below for an awesome and delicious beef consommé recipe. 

How to Prepare Beef Consommé 


Seems like you've decided to try beef consommé for your next family dinner or gathering, yet still don't know how to make one. No worries! Here's how to prepare.

* Things You will Need:

  • Chopping board and knife
  • A large bowl and a clean linen towel or cheesecloth
  • Wooden spoon 

* ​Ingredients

  • Beef stock or canned beef broth (if you don't want to get through the hassle of making the broth)
  • Carrots, tomatoes, and leeks
  • Bay leaf and peppercorns
  • Parsley, thyme, white onions, and garlic 

* Step by Step Direction

  1. Make a beef stock from heated beef bones. Let the beef bones to boil in water. 
  2. Lower the heat and get rid of foam-like scum's or visible fats within the surface.
  3. Now, add the white onions, carrots, and leeks to the steaming stock.
  4. Throw in some thyme, bay leaf, parsley, garlic, whole peppercorns and whole tomatoes.
  5. Remove the fats in the surface and then strain the beef stock.

The secret to making a good beef consommé? It is allowing the soup to simmer for longer. You may also stir the soup continuously or frequently to remove the raft and impurities.

You can substitute beef broth or stock for veal stock if it's not available in your local store. Veal is a type of meat which is caught from young calves.

Remember, your goal is to make a clear soup or liquid. Although preparing beef consommé requires a lot of patience and time, the cooking result will be worth it. Trust me! 

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Final Thoughts

What Is Beef Consommé

Beef consommé is such a delectable addition to any table. Especially during the winter season, this soup can be your tummy's best friend. With the right ingredients and by following the preparation process, you can assure to cook great beef consommé that your family, friends, and guests will surely crave for.

Hope you like this article. Don't forget to share it with your friends, too! Have thoughts or questions in mind? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Enjoy a delicious, healthy sip of the bowl!


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